T-Mobile Simple Starter plan gaining 2GB LTE data add-on for $5

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 25, 2014

T-Mobile Simple Starter plan

Remember T-Mobile’s Simple Starter plan that debuted in April with unlimited talk and text and 500MB of LTE data? Well today T-Mo announced that it’s expanding on that offer by allowing customers to buy more data if they need it.

Starting Sept. 3, T-Mobile customers on the Simple Starter plan will be able to up their LTE data allotment from 500MB to 2GB for an extra $5 per month. The base Simple Starter plan is $40, so the expanded data option will set consumers back $45 per month.

While 500MB of LTE data likely isn’t enough for many mobile users, 2GB is a much more manageable allotment. And at just $5 more per month, I’m betting that most Simple Starter subscribers are going to sign up for this add-on.

Via T-Mobile