Do you stream content to your TV?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| August 26, 2014

It's been a few years now, but I can still recall (vaguely, admittedly), when Apple showcased Airplay, their means to get you to stream content from one device to another. Specifically, from your iOS-based mobile device to your TV. Since then, Airplay has certainly gotten better, but more than that we've seen plenty of other companies jump on board the streaming bandwagon, too.

Google's probably got the cheapest option out there, with their Chromecast. Apple's Apple TV is a bit more expensive, but it's more of a proper set-top box. And even other boxes, like Roku, offer some kind of streaming option to get content off your mobile device to your TV.

As Apple puts it, it's a way to "Enjoy it on the big screen. And the best speakers." And that's a valid point. When you stream something from your mobile device to a bigger screen, with better speakers, it tends to make the overall experience more worthwhile.

I've streamed my fair share of content over the years, but it's something that I do randomly. It's one of those features that I forget about more often than not. But when I remember it, it's a pretty great tool.

The content that I stream to the TV, though, when I do stream anything, is only television shows. And only because getting that on my TV without a cable subscription is more difficult than it should be. So, streaming it from my mobile device, or even from my laptop, is my only viable option.

I've tried to stream games from an iPad to a TV, but the results weren't that great. Not that I was expecting magic or anything, but there's just enough of a delay between what I input and the action on the screen that it makes it an unattractive option. It's something that will get better with time, probably, but it's just not for me quite yet.

But I am curious to know what content you stream from your devices to your TV, if anything at all. I know quite a few people who never streamed anything until Chromecast showed up, and with the cheap option it presented, they jumped on board. But, I know there are others who have been doing it from the get-go, or have chosen other options to get the job done, so I want to know how you stream content to your TV. Let me know!