HTC Desire 510 to launch at Cricket, Sprint, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 27, 2014

HTC Desire 510 Cricket Wireless

Well, consider that mystery solved.

When it announced the Desire 510 last night, HTC said that the device would be coming to “select carriers” in the U.S., but it didn’t specify which carriers that would be. The company just revealed the upcoming homes of the Desire 510, though, saying that the device will launch on Cricket, Sprint, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile.

There’s still no word on when the HTC Desire 510 will launch on any of those carriers or how much it’ll cost when it does. Considering how often HTC highlighted the Desire 510’s affordability in its announcement, though, I’m sure that it’ll be pretty easy on buyers’ wallets.


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