Microsoft cleaning up misleading Windows Phone apps, has deleted more than 1,500 so far

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 27, 2014

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One of the most talked about topics concerning Windows Phone is its app store and its lack of high-profile offerings. Microsoft has been working hard to close that app gap as of late, but that’s not the only problem that the Redmond firm is dealing with. 

Microsoft said tonight that it's received complaints from users that’ve had a hard time wading through apps with “confusing and misleading titles” in order to find the what they were looking for. In an effort to make sure that apps aren’t misrepresenting themselves, Microsoft implemented the following three app certification requirements:

  • Naming – to clearly and accurately reflect the functionality of the app.
  • Categories – to ensure apps are categorized according to the app function and purpose.
  • Icons – must be differentiated to avoid being mistaken with others.

Not only are these changes being applied to all new apps being submitted to the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, but Microsoft says that it’s been reviewing existing apps that don’t comply with the new requirements. While some developers have modified their apps as requested, others haven’t been so compliant, which has led the folks in Redmond to remove more than 1,500 apps from its digital shelves.

Most every mobile platform has some sort of problem with misleading apps, as there will always be some devs that are out to try and make some quick cash off of ads or buyers with a scammy app. And while I’m sure that Apple, Google and others are always working to clean up their own stores, it’s nice to get an update from Microsoft that goes into detail on its own cleanup efforts.

Have you ever had an issue with a misleading app?

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