Apple wearable may not launch until 'a few months' after its announcement

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 29, 2014

Apple logo iPad rear

So you know how Apple is expected to show off its oft-rumored wearable on Sept. 9? Well according to a new report, it’ll be a while before we can actually slap one on our wrists.

The folks at Re/code, who were responsible for the original “Apple wearable announcement in September” rumor, say that the device isn’t expected to ship “for a few months.” The report doesn’t contain any information on when the device might launch.

It’s kind of a bummer that Apple might show us its wearable next month but wait until January, February or later to actually sell us one, but such a move wouldn’t be unprecedented. As Re/code points out, the original iPhone didn’t ship to consumers until 6 months after its announcement. And hey, if this rumor does hold true, at least we’ll have that shiny new iPhone 6 to keep us busy.

Via Re/code