Apple wearable may come in different models, pricing could reach $400

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| August 30, 2014

iPhone 5 rear

Rumors surrounding an Apple wearable device have been swirling for months and months, but only recently have more seemingly-concrete details about it surfaced. Today another leak regarding the wristgear has surfaced, this time regarding its price.

Sources speaking to Re/code say that while the final pricing for Apple’s wearable hasn’t yet been set, company executives have discussed a cost “around $400.” Don’t fret if that’s a bit more than you’d like to spend, though, as it’s said that we could see a several different prices for different models, including more affordable versions.

The wearables product category hasn’t exactly been around long enough or gained enough traction to find a price sweet spot like the near-standard $199.99 on-contract pricing for smartphones, but I’m betting that most folks would balk at paying $400 for a piece of wearable tech. That price could be appropriate for a luxury model, but it's probably wise for Apple to offer some lower-priced options as well. Exactly how the differently-priced models will differ remains to be seen.

Apple is expected to reveal its wearable hardware at its Sept. 9 event. However, it’s not known if Apple will have nailed down its pricing for the device by that time.

What’s the most that you would pay for a wearable device?

Via Re/code