Google has rebranded Enterprise the new 'Google for Work'

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| September 2, 2014

At this year's Google I/O, the company took some time to showcase Drive for Work, which was meant to showcase a whole new focus on those who use Google-branded products, like Drive or any of the apps connected to the suite. With Enterprise a market that Google obviously wants to continue to capitalize on, it probably shouldn't come as a surprise that a change was coming to follow the trend.

Google officially announced that what was once known as Enterprise will no longer bear that moniker, but will now be upgraded for the new age. "Google for Work" has been introduced via Google's official blog, and with it some explanation behind the move. Specifically, a focus on those who work with others, or even those who don't, and simply rely on the cloud to get the information they need no matter where they are.

Google believes there are more people all over the world not just working from a computer, but also from a tablet or phone, an so they're reshaping themselves to better adapt to that present, and continue to grow into the future. With Google for Work, it may just be a name change, but it's clearly an indicaton that their focus on that specific, and burgeoning, market is not faltering.

Via Google Official Blog