Pioneer Telephone

In 1994, Pioneer Telephone was established as a long distance telephone service provider. Privately owned, they set up shop in Maine and are still proud to call this beautiful state home. From the start, they have focused our efforts on helping residential and business customers save money on the phone services they need. They offer local and long distance calling, great international phone call rates, and calling cards to residential and business customers across the country. Toll free numbers and PRI/T1 services are also available to business customers at highly competitive rates. Above all else Pioneer will always strive to deliver dependable phone service paired with the best customer care in the industry from their professional service team right in Maine. In fact, 97% of all calls received during business hours are answered in 20 seconds or less by one of their service professionals. You will never be connected to customer service that is based outside the USA. Pioneer works to pass savings on to their customers by relying on internet marketing as well as our satisfied customers’ word of mouth for new business, rather than costly advertising. This has allowed them to drive down their own operating costs and pass the savings on to their loyal customers since 1994. Sign up with Pioneer and become a valued member of the Pioneer Telephone family today!

Plan Name In state rate State to state rate International Order
Pioneer 3.25 TalkCents

General Fees

General Fees: 0.00
Pic Charge: 0.00

Calling Card Info

Setup Fee: 0.00
Per Minute Charge: 5.90
Surcharge: 0.00

Toll Free Info

Toll Free Calling Rates: 3.25
Toll Free Monthly Fee: 0.99
Toll Free Setup Fee: 0.00
Payphone Surcharge: 69.00

International Info

Monthly Fee: 0.00
Billing Increment: 6 seconds
Minimum Usage Fee: None
Billing Increment: 6 seconds


REVIEW - Pioneer is able to offer these great rates (including 6-second billing increments) by keeping their bad debt ratio extremely low. (the invoice will be e-mailed to you). Wait times for Pioneer customer service rarely exceed 60 seconds and they are always helpful should you need anything. This company and plan are highly recommended by this website. NOTE: Pioneer Telephone will charge a Regulatory Recovery Fee of $1.99/month to help offset the various regulatory costs associated with providing telephone service around the country such as city licensing fees, state and federal reporting requirements and special assessments. We have updated our site with this information under the Monthly Fee section of our review. EXTRA SAVINGS - This plan also offers member-to-member calling at 1.9 cents. If you ask your friends to sign up with this plan through this website, you can call any other out-of-state Pioneer customer for 1.9 cents per minute. (Pioneer-to-Pioneer rates will apply only to interstate calls which originate and terminate with Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOCs). Both originating and terminating telephone numbers must be on qualifying Pioneer Telephone rate plans and present on valid Pioneer Telephone accounts.) CALLING CARDS - If you choose to receive an optional calling card, the rate is 5.9¢/min when calling within the U.S.. Pioneer calling cards will also work to and from the following regions... Canada, Alaska Calling to Canada is 6.9¢/min. Calling from Canada: 8.9¢/min. Calling to Alaska is: 9.9 ¢/min. Calling from Alaska is:19.9¢/min U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii Calling to and from is: 6.9¢/min.