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OnePlus 2 Images Spotted Ahead of July 27 Launch

Last year’s OnePlus One was a huge hit among Android fans. Considering that this smartphone came with powerful specs without the expensive price tag, it’s no surprise why many are awaiting its...

ASUS ZenFone 2E Now Available at AT&T for Only $119

ASUS has just announced its newest GoPhone, prepaid smartphone—the ZenFone 2E. Following the success of the flagship ZenFone 2, the 2E model comes with a much cheaper price tag and almost similar...
The Best Song App

This App Will Help You Find the One or at Least Your Next Favorite Song

Looking for new songs to listen to can get tedious, especially if you’ve been busy for the past few weeks and don’t really know what’s happening in the music industry. Thankfully, there’s a new app...
ZTE Axon

ZTE Officially Unveils the Axon Smartphone, Axon Watch, Spro 2 Smart Projector in China

While ZTE unveiled their latest flagship model in the US last week, the company is set to take on a much bigger event in China - the official launch of the Chinese ZTE Axon.  Similar to its US...
Ubik Uno

Ubik Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Make Uno a Reality

New smartphone models are being introduced to the public quite often. Adding to the long list of smartphone manufacturer names, a newcomer has joined in on the lineup and is taking a huge risk. Miami...
Apple Music

Apple Confirms Today’s Outage on Several Services, Investigating Cause

Earlier today, MTV announced their VMA nominees. At around the same time, Beats 1 radio temporarily went down. For users who relied heavily on this service, many may have panicked. Unfortunately,...
Apple Home Sharing for Music

Apple Brings Back Home Sharing for Music on iOS 9

On Tuesday, Apple introduced the fourth beta versions of its three major operating systems—iOS 9, OS X 10.11 El Capitan, and watchOS 2. Considering these three software updates are scheduled for a...
Android M

Android M May Launch as Version 5.2

Whenever an update to Android’s operating system is announced, people are always so excited to guess what the next letter will signify. Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice...
ASUS ZenWatch

Google Play Drops Price of ASUS ZenWatch, Now Only $129

If you’ve been meaning to buy the ASUS ZenWatch, now is the best time to do it! With the arrival of new Android Wear devices, prices for almost year-old models have started to plummet. Just last...
Sony Xperia Z3

Sony Inviting Beta Testers in Sweden to Try New Android UI

With the Sony Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3 slated for an Android 5.1.1 Lollipop update, it’s about time Sony improves on its software. Even though many enjoy the company’s minimalist approach to their UI...
Angela Ahrendts

Apple Big Boss Hints at a Back to School Promo, Details to Be Released This Week

Since it started in 2006, Apple’s “Back to School” promotion has always been something both students and teachers looked forward to every year. The reason behind this was because through the...
Moto G (2014)

Moto G (2015) Specs Leaked Online

News about the Moto G (2015) model leaking to the public are no longer a surprise. Photos of the alleged device surfaced a few days ago, along with a number of rumors. Now, however, there’s a new...
Apple Amazing Apps

Apple Releases Third TV Ad Showcasing 1.5 Million Amazing Apps

Just a week after Apple’s new “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” ad campaign, a third TV ad was released for the public. The new 30-second TV ad boasts of the App Store’s catalog of “over...
Solar Paper

Paper-Thin Solar Charger Can Charge Your Phone in Just 2.5 Hours

Imagine being able to charge your phone while you’re out and when there’s no power source nearby. Yes, there’s the option of using a power bank to charge your device—and then there’s Solar Paper; a...
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7-inch title

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablets offer high-res displays and super-thin bodies

The latest additions to Samsung’s high-end Galaxy Tab S line of Android tablets are now official, and they’re a bit different than last year’s models. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 tablets come in 8 inches...
ZTE Boost Max+ official

ZTE Boost Max+ is an Android 5.1 phablet that costs $199.99

A year and a half after launching the Boost Max, ZTE and Boost Mobile are introducing a plus-ified version of their Android phablet. The ZTE Boost Max+ is now available from Boost Mobile for $199.99...
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ leak

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ revealed by dummy unit leak

We’ve heard rumor after rumor about the Galaxy S6 edge Plus, a device that’s expected to be a bigger version of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 edge. But today we’re finally getting what may be our first good...
Turing Phone

Meet the Turing Smartphone: Unhackable, Unbreakable, Waterproof

Engineers of the San Francisco-based company called Turing Robotic Industries have finally developed a smartphone that’s like no other. Called the Turing Phone, this smartphone claims to be an...
App Security

Firm Discovers Several Popular Apps Vulnerable to Password Cracking

Mobile security firm, AppBugs, has recently released a report on the security vulnerability of certain iOS and Android apps. Because these apps allow anyone to make unlimited password guesses, real...
Jolla Sailfish 2.0

Jolla Finds First OS Licensing Partner, Announces Sailfish OS 2.0

It seems like more good news are coming to Jolla after last week’s news about splitting up the company to focus on hardware and software separately. Apart from announcing its newest operating system...