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Turing Phone

Meet the Turing Smartphone: Unhackable, Unbreakable, Waterproof

Engineers of the San Francisco-based company called Turing Robotic Industries have finally developed a smartphone that’s like no other. Called the Turing Phone, this smartphone claims to be an...
App Security

Firm Discovers Several Popular Apps Vulnerable to Password Cracking

Mobile security firm, AppBugs, has recently released a report on the security vulnerability of certain iOS and Android apps. Because these apps allow anyone to make unlimited password guesses, real...
Jolla Sailfish 2.0

Jolla Finds First OS Licensing Partner, Announces Sailfish OS 2.0

It seems like more good news are coming to Jolla after last week’s news about splitting up the company to focus on hardware and software separately. Apart from announcing its newest operating system...
Yahoo Livetext

Yahoo Livetext Messaging App Lets You See Your Friends in App

Yahoo launched a new messaging app to Hong Kong iTunes Store under the name Livetext. Promising to be “the most natural way to have REAL conversations,” the app presents a different way for messages...
Microsoft Cortana

Cortana for Android APK Leaks Early

To compete with Apple's Siri and Android's Google Now voice assistant app, Microsoft announced its own version called Cortana in May. While it is set to release sometime this month, a beta version of...

Google Classroom App to Receive Notifications Feature

A few months ago, Google announced some new features that they were adding to Google Classroom, an app that hopes to produce an interactive education environment where students and teachers can...
Xiaomi Mi Note Pro

Xiaomi is at least one year away from selling its phones in the US

Xiaomi is a major player in the Chinese mobile market, and it recently expanded to India. The company is known for offering premium Android devices at affordable prices. Because of its popularity, a...
HTC Grip fitness tracker

HTC Grip fitness tracker won't be released

Back in March, HTC introduced two new wearable devices: the Grip fitness tracker, and the Vive VR headset. We’ve heard all kinds of good things about the Vive from folks that’ve tried it on, but...
SIM cards

Apple and Samsung nearly ready to join electronic SIM effort

SIM cards are a pain. They’re tiny, easy to lose, and it can be an ordeal to go to a carrier store and get a new SIM card. The electronic SIM is going to change that, though, and two major...
Sprint logo

Sprint carrier aggregation goes live in several US markets

Take note, Sprint customers: your big yellow carrier has started rolling out carrier aggregation. An internal Sprint document leaked by a verified employee on Reddit has revealed that Sprint Spark...
Marshall London close

Marshall London is a new audio-focused Android phone with front-facing speakers

If you woke up today and had to guess which company would be announcing a new smartphone, guitar amp-maker Marshall probably wouldn’t be one of your first predictions. Turns out that that’s exactly...
OnePlus logo

OnePlus 2 invitation system improvements revealed

It’s already been confirmed that the OnePlus 2 will use an invitation system for buying the phone, just like the OnePlus One before it. However, OnePlus says it’s got a “new and improved” invite...
Motorola logo

Motorola is planning to change your relationship status at July 28 event

Clear your schedule for July 28 and give your significant other a heads up, because Motorola says that “your relationship status is about to change.” Motorola is sending out invitations for an event...
HTC One M9 hands on

HTC One M9 already using Snapdragon 810 v2.1, other devices may be, too

Before it began appearing in commercial devices, there were reports claiming that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor was prone to overheating. Despite Qualcomm denying the claims, the Snapdragon 810...
HTC One M8 angle

HTC One M8 will get Android M update

HTC confirmed back in May that the One M9 and One M9+ will be updated to Android M, but what about last year’s flagship? Turns out that it, too, will get a taste of Google’s M dessert. HTC’s Mo Versi...
Android M Easter egg

Android M will include visual voicemail support for the dialer

We already know that Android M is going to bring a bunch of goodies like native fingerprint support and Doze battery saving, but now that the software is being tested by developers, more new features...
Samsung Gear A round smartwatch title

Spec details for Samsung's round smartwatch leak out

It’s been a couple of months since we last heard anything about the Gear A/Orbis, Samsung’s upcoming round smartwatch, but today that drought has come to an end. A new report claims to have lots of...
Google Clock app Android icon

Google Clock app updated with 'more neutral colors,' bug fixes

Google is now rolling out an update to Clock, its Android app that does exactly what you think it does. This latest update to Clock offers “more neutral colors,” a change that makes the blue...
Nexus 6 title

Nexus 6 price cut to $399 for Amazon Prime Day [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Unsurprisingly, that deal didn't last long, with 100 percent of the stock getting snapped up within minutes of the deal going live.   Amazon Prime Day hasn’t yielded many spectacular deals...
New iPod touch, nano, shuffle

Apple's new iPod touch has updated A8 chip, 8MP camera, and 128GB of storage

Apple hasn’t shown much love to its iPod line lately, but that’s changing today with some refreshed hardware. Apple today introduced an updated version of the iPod touch that brings the portable...