Aaron drives to PhoneDog's headquarters in Charleston, SC to pick up the tablets won in PhoneDog's 100 iPad and Tablet Giveaway. Thanks to the magic of a video camera, you get an in-depth look of what it's like to package up Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs for our awesome winners (can't package PlayBoooks since they're not out yet). Congratulations to our winners - be on the lookout for your tablets, and be sure to send us an unboxing video. It could appear on the website!

Update: No worries if you missed out on your iPad and tablet giveaway because we're having another one. Be sure to check out our new Colossal iPad 2 and Smartphone Sweepstakes!

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"Aaron picks up tablets for 100 iPad and Tablet Giveaway"

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Sean Persaud it was a great promotion regardless,even if they gave away one!
Tito Rodriguez Warning: Do Not Feed the Trolls.
Zac Hooper fucking selfish fucks. all of you. boohoo, i didn't win an ipad, cry cry cry. go fuck yourselves.
Tito Rodriguez The contest was a joke. Loving how the "intellectuals" are telling the rest how petty & silly they are being though. How about live & let live. Everyone can express themselves just fine. Noah & Aaron are both good reviewers. I appreciate all of Aaron's updates too.
Ray Sital You are correct. Details matter. When you read the details it says they would give away tablets based on the number of likes, UP TO 100. No one lost anything, you didn't have to cough up any cash. If you're so angry, unlike phone dog and their affiliates. So simple. Quit complaining and move on with your lives.
Mark Helotie They gave away FOURTEEN. Details matter.
Ron Morrow not as idiotic as calling a contest 100 ipads and only giving away ~30. They could have just called it phonedog ipad giveaway and all would have been fine. Instead they look like a scamming bullshitting company because of the lame ass name. "marketing" is one thing. This is something different.
Ray Sital I love all the people who make posts complaining about the number actually given away. They make themselves look like such idiots
Chris Luna Its called read the fine print morons.
Brian Busyapongpakdee Either change the name of the giveaway to the 36 tablet giveaway or actually give away 100 tablets
Timus Maximus Farkin' whinners
Oliver Halmos-Risko U should give away some of that free shit in Europe as well!
Jonathan Schiver This contest was a joke
Sean McCollum Sydney just put up some videos on the youtubes. Her, John, Q, and Aaron are great. Not sure what happened to Adriana. Noah is at technobuffalo and seems to be enjoying it.
Heather V. Crutchley I heard noah went to technobuffalo. Aarron's ptetty chill tho. What happened to sydney?
Adam Mullen Today's Groupon for Las Vegas is 1/2 price chocolate covered strawberries. Just an FYI in case you'll be there in 43 days or so.
Matt SnowPaw Dalton Give me an iPad so I can sell it and buy an HP TouchPad later! :D
Scott Bitters Wish I would've one one maybe next time.
Victor Sanchez Zac u are a bitch
Clint McLeod Half the numbers were never even puled.
Zac Hooper Lmao, are you seriously complaining? If you would have read the rules you would've known that the limit was 100. How dare you bitch and complain when they gave away free stuff! How much does an Ipad cost, times 14? The nerve of some people...
Mark Helotie Quite the scam... Calling it "100", yet only 36 winning tix were drawn. And THEN only 14 winners claimed. So it's not "100", it's "14 iPad and Tablet Giveaway". Sounds like govt work. :/
Miles Lark it was like 36 but only like 25 actually got their names and info back in time
Jeffrey Vivar This "giveaway" was flawed
Prabhath Jay how didnt i know abt it .. can u give me one ? .. :P ..
Wesley Claus lol 100 ipad and tablet giveaway.. You gave like... 30... or so

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