Aaron gets a first look at Acer's Iconia Smart, an oddly shaped Android smartphone announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  With a huge 4.8-inch display (that has a 21:9 aspect ratio), 1.1 GHz processor, 8-megapixel camera, Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), and a front-facing camera, it's packed with features - but it feels so out of place amongst the other Android devices on the market.  Will it sell, or will the hybrid tablet and smartphone form factor keep people away?

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"Is the Android-powered Acer Iconia Smart too big?"

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Jonathan Jones How thin is it?
Ryan Freeman What is the battery life on that unit? And as long as I can place it in my pocket I am fine
David Hore Too skinny
Sharjeel Waris Wow giagantic
Luis Montoya no.... Just perfect..
Theo Smith Nope, it's portable. As long as it's "pocketable" if that's a word, who cares.
Shawn Poling Holy shit that's a big phone. Yes it's to big.
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi Let Apple make iPhone of this size then it wll be perfect...... :-)
Jabin George Not the right phone size. Looks likes its gonna be to hard to be pocketable too.
Chris Taylor @Dominyc Turner What about The Great Khali? Lol
Chris Taylor Yes, 4.3 inches is the limit, the Evo 4G and Droid X proved that well.
Zach Cline @Robert metzel. He is unintelligent . He types oh ghetto slang because every thing I've seen him post in has been an absolute mess
Shawn Meadows Oh God no!
French Twist That's what people said about the EVO, remember? Nope, the bigger the better. Bring it on!
Tham Ye Yang Too big! Cant fit in pocket
Benjamin Padilla That thing is just funny looking. I think 4.5 inches for a phone is the absolute biggest a phone should be. Then again, some people actually bought the Dell Streak. 5" phone.
Jamel Pegues I hope it goes to sprint
Lincoln Tanksley Tony....that is what she said...lol
Tony Abiama They made it too long, its not wide enough
Brenda Luna No its perfect I love it
Robert Metzel 4" screen works fine for me. @Marcus White speak english please. Ghetto slang just makes you look unintelligent hence your thoughts or opinions don't look intelligent.
DomiNyc Turner No, if you're Shaq or The Big Show. Yes if ur hands r normal size.
Eric Kroh There was an LG device some years ago ONLY on Europe..gsm band..with it's own OS..it was before android n the iPhone 2006? Very long this device was
Yasir Sohail If its not HTC or Apple, its garbage.
David Hilgendorf I use the droid X now and could see my self using this if the specs were a little better.
Marcus NinersEmpire Damm dat shyt hella long dey bring bck da old skool cell fone bck n da day dat look like a house fone. I'm gud on dat shyt
Aj Green Is that a boner ? No it's my acer iconia
Marti Ruiz No.its ok
Mark Hennessey Maybe... if it was from someone other than Acer... But if it comes to the US I'll certainly go to a store and play with it.... just to see Angry Birds without side scrolling!
Chris Staton no. that's not what she said.
Kevin Pizana Beautiful....perfect for us folks with bear paws for hands....
Anthony Douglas Acer? Really?
Chris Staton too long...
Keith Harris Man That is a nice phone. Hope T-Mobile get it lol
Aj Green definetly!
Troy Lambert @ David, real men who aren't effeminate and say that any modern high-end smart phone is too big. BlackBerry makes some if the bulkiest handsets and the majority of it's user base are women. I've never heard a women say her BB was too big, so if you're a 'real' man like I've stated, it won't and shouldn't be an issue. You've never held a 4.8" phone, I guarantee it, how can you be so quick to judge? As far as compensating, you need to look at my album " Me and the ladies", a pic is worth a thousand words. Also that old saying about over comoesating was mostly applicable to cars and houses, cell phones...ehh not so much. If you want judge 'manhood', you must be kinda soft. Nuff said.
Zach Cline I would have to say yes. I don't know why we're going back to these huge freaking phones.
Lincoln Tanksley Is that an Acer in your pocket or are you just happy to see me???
Tim Miyashiro Yuck. Now announcing the Acer Dildophone.
David Koseki Did we all forget the dell streak? What a success that 5 inch phone was.... in for those who don't know that was the widely u successful 5 inch phone dell put out ...
Miguel Rodriguez Not when you're in the engadget show
Richard Taylor No but da processor is too small....1 ghz. Lyke really u need summin betta ta power a monster duel core plz
David Koseki And by real men you mean those who are compensating?
Rylen Dunn Yes it looks HORRIBLE
Joe DeNisco I'd like a 5" screen on a phone! I was jealous when the dell streak came out ! Of course I have verizon, but for all I do on my phone a 5" screen would be perfect!!
Troy Lambert No, only real men need apply!
Raul Madera yes it definitely is
Neal Daringer good god man. that thing makes me feel tiny
Nick Liddle No perfect size!

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