Here it is, guys. The Amazon Kindle Fire. The iPad-killer to-be. But is it really an iPad killer? Heck, is it even worth considering as just a tablet? The price is right but what about the features and performance? Sydney goes in-depth with the Kindle Fire and shows you the content selection, web browsing, and more.

It may only be $200, but that doesn't automatically make it a no-brainer. Amazon has plenty of content, but you'll be buying into its ecosystem if you go with their tablet. That's not necessarily a bad thing since you have plenty of movies, games, books, and apps at your disposal, but you may not like the idea of being locked in like that. Even more importantly, does the tablet actually work well? Sydney answers that question in the full review.

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eBay prices for the Amazon Kindle Fire 7 inch Black

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Thomas Lin
Thomas Lin Is okay to have,hand on jst fine.
Kristien Clever
Kristien Clever Hmmm, I have a Galaxy Tab but if I were in the market the Nook would be my choice -- clearly the superior device as it's more diverse.
Angelo Bruno
Angelo Bruno edit... the nook tablet has 16gb, but u can only use 1gb of that for your own storage, the rest has to be from B&N content. so the 249.99 price tag becomes at least $300...if u want to store your own movies,music & pictures
Chad Allen
Chad Allen No way ithe next thing i by will be a ipad 3!
Tom Parkison
Tom Parkison The only way I'd buy it is if I can root it and load CyanogenMod.
Jeff Abbott
Jeff Abbott Picked up one the other day for the wife. Been playing with it and it runs better then her galaxy tab. And for $199, not a bad deal either.
Angelo Bruno
Angelo Bruno price range on acer seems to be about $350-$400..a little steep for my wallet
Stuart Brewer
Stuart Brewer Much rather be locked into Amazon's ecosystem than iTunes...
Tanya Elcock
Tanya Elcock If you can't read on it for more than 30 mins without your eyes hurting, what's the point???
Kehin Faux
Kehin Faux Nope
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Yes but you have to pay for it my wife has all my money
Rob Smith
Rob Smith For what it is, it seems like a nice device, even if hamstrung. A tablet it isn't. It is a very nice eBook reader with a few extras. I'll stick with my Acer Iconia A500 for now. And, Angelo Bruno, the A500 does have that full USB port, so in addition to the 16GB MicroSD that I've got installed, I also have my 320GB external HDD for storage.
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski Id take one for my daughter, she loves to read.
Jeremy Gross
Jeremy Gross id rather get a real android tablet but wh not
Philip Raghunath
Philip Raghunath Nope. Got my Motorola Xoom and I'm happy with it and because its gonna get Ice Cream Sandwich. The only question is will it be for legit or rooted legit. Either way, its a wn win situation. Sent from my Motorola Xoom
Frank Welter
Frank Welter WhyWould I . I've got an iPad
Daniel Cuadrado
Daniel Cuadrado No thanks I already have a paperweight!
Kris Sabo
Kris Sabo Hell yrah
Scott Bitters
Scott Bitters I don't think so we have a kindle which I think is A LOT better for reading and a iPad
Henry Murillo
Henry Murillo It's pretty nice! Played with it at my work today. They had a display out :) its going right into my xmas wish list.
Michael Miller
Michael Miller Yes.
Guillermo De León
Guillermo De León No
Fredrick Bradley
Fredrick Bradley My mom wants one
Anonymous i just bought a car
Sandeep Singh Dhonsi
Sandeep Singh Dhonsi Yes! Who can export one to the UK?
Alex Yedinak
Alex Yedinak Not if it catches on fire!
Joe Gates
Joe Gates I have one and it's great. Cost half as much as my iPod Touch.
Connor Ryan
Connor Ryan I love mine.
Angelo Bruno
Angelo Bruno wow and im reading u can use the amazon app store on the nook tablet...seems like they have the fire beat
Wendy Lindop
Wendy Lindop It's not a full blown tablet like the iPad etc. it's designed and marketed for media consumption and is not a high end device. Why dont people do some proper research?
Zachary OBrien
Zachary OBrien No.
Tim Gruber
Tim Gruber with cyanogenmod 9
Nicholas Saulino
Nicholas Saulino Nah, I'm holding out for the ASUS Transformer Prime!
Angelo Bruno
Angelo Bruno im taking a break Michael Lempp... thanks david
David Dillard
David Dillard Angelo, look at the Nook Tablet. Has 16GB internal storage and a microSD card slot. Not to mention a better screen, twice the RAM, and better build quality.
Michael Lempp
Michael Lempp Angelo you are supposed to be researching surround sounds systems.
Brian Busyapongpakdee
Brian Busyapongpakdee Nope
Jeremy Whitman
Jeremy Whitman I have and it's great!
Devin Fischer
Devin Fischer no... i have an iPad2... like the rest of the world lol
Christopher IHatemyself Matamoros
Christopher IHatemyself Matamoros Ewwww no they are to cheap
Angelo Bruno
Angelo Bruno does it have a usb port so i can add an external harddrive or flash drive for more space?
Jason King
Jason King Hell NO !!! Lol
Nathan Garcia
Nathan Garcia Ya sure, if its free hahahahah. Jk well if it is?!!!
John Martin
John Martin Hell no
Debbie Saville
Debbie Saville sure but how?
Traepischke Graves-Lalor
Traepischke Graves-Lalor Nah. I have a regular kindle and an ipd
Dumitru Dima
Dumitru Dima Maybe

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