Android cupcake sprinkled with slew of little goodies

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| December 22, 2008

What's at the top of your Android wish list? Video capture? Stereo bluetooth? On-screen QWERTY? Well, a private development branch called cupcake has been merged with the code in the primary Android repository. With it come the aforementioned and many other features and tweaks.

There's no date specified when we can plan on seeing these improvements, and cupcake is, as this change list clarifies, a work in progress. However, it also states: "The first drop is a large roll-up commit of all of the changes since release-1.0.  We will transition to regular, smaller roll-up drops, ultimately pushing individual commits." So hopefully, that means we'll see most of the changes there in one major release, and then more frequent adjustments thereafter.

There's a dev video floating around (embedded below), which shows off the slick new QWERTY. I'm glad they went with a dark theme. It's not mentioned, but I hope this hints at the possibility of a dark theme for Android. I suspect different carriers will design their own themes, or even skins. Let's just hope they go easy on the branding.

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