Android weaponry

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| January 27, 2009

There are many kinds of geeks in the world: phone geeks, computer geeks, physics geeks, film geeks, renaissance faire geeks, comic book (sorry, graphic novel) geeks, music geeks, etc. The cataloging continues.

No geek culture supersedes another, but this post is in honor of geeks of the horror and sci-fi variety. They are the ones who will most appreciate these apps, and they are the ones most likely to find themselves in a situation where their use is warranted and socially acceptable.

The video embedded below probably contains numerous errors designated as blasphemy by true fans. I am not a true fan. But I can appreciate your passion, folks. For those who don't know what Spaceballs is, check out the imdb page and see the flick. It's grand.

The video linked here is of an app called G1 Psycho. It was difficult to get decent footage, as the phone must be constantly moving to cause any action. It really needs to be downloaded to be fully appreciated. It's a sharp knife that splatters blood on some bathroom tile when the phone is abused with a jarring, stabbing motion.

The music is great, but I would like it better if the deep, haunting cello continued after the violent bloodshed - without the need to continue jolting my G1. My cat disagrees. He is very scared of the app.

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