It's PhoneDog dogfight time!  Aaron throws the Apple iPhone 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S 4G into the ring.  The iPhone 4, now available on AT&T and Verizon, offers Apple's A4 processor, a 3.5-inch Retina Display, 5-megapixel camera, and a front-facing camera for video calling.  T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S 4G is an evolutionary upgrade from the Vibrant and is powered by a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, 4-inch Super AMOLED display, 5-megapixel camera, front-facing camera, Android 2.2 with Samsung's TouchWiz UI, and a larger 1,650 mAh battery.

They're both good devices in certain areas, but only one can be the winner.  Will it be the media-centric iPhone 4, or the Google-toting Galaxy S 4G?  Tune in to find out!  Part 1 of 2.

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"Which would you pick - iPhone 4 or Galaxy S 4G?"

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Dimitri Lubin Will there be a Galaxy S 4G vs MyTouch 4G dogfight ?
Luis Enrique Baquerizo IPhone 4 all the way
Ryan Bassil Yousif Galaxy S! Android baby!
Joshua Ryan Willis And then when jailbreaking ios bricks it, your screwed because apple wont touch it then
Joshua Ryan Willis The iphone 4 has nothing on my droid x...all these crazed apple fans are just brainwashed into thinking they have the best money can buy because theirs is more expensive and it has a single companies logo on the back...I would pick an android device over ios any day... seeing as how you have to jailbreak ios to do half of what android does.
Rex Tippin JR iPhone 4
King Bricks Kennels Its all abt MyTouch 4g u better do ur Research, bcuz its still the best phone out here on the market....
Brittany Marie Weddle Either Im Loving My Samsung Gravity T
Jay Choi Galaxy s 4g
Anthony Alamia Other: HTC Evo..sorry, but the iPhone beats the Galaxy 4g, but nt the Evo..
Tyrone Weedon How many android device they gonna make that's gonna lose to iPhone 4 and, just to say it's last year model lol
John Rogers Would love to read the review, but can't get past the stupid pop-up ad from my phone's browser...
Felipe Bautista iOS simply can't stand up to Android.
Tyrone Weedon iPhone 4 period.
Tony Ward Any phone that supports android is better, and with over 100 phones with android to choose from why oh why would you get a boring, app obsessed, child's toy that is called the iPhone. My old 3gs was boring and now I have a HTC desire and I love it to bits, GO ANDROID!
Mae Pelino iPhone
Kevin Berry I have a vibrant, and it is a good phone already. Galaxy s 4g here.
Douglas J Kmiotek I have my iPhone 4, 'nuff said!
Frank Lazar Verizon technician? I once called Verizon to troubleshoot my DSL connection to my Mac. I wound up giving HIM technical support. because the idiot kept saying. We don't support Macs, only iMacs.
Oleg Narush To Luise! Best sales is not mean that it's the best! iPhone even have the award of best smart on android show! :D. And best sales you have only because you can find android on every crapphone! It's like Toyota! Best sales but crap of a car!
Oleg Narush iPhone 4 if would search for a new device. But for now my 3GS is doing the job!
Kevin Koshy I'd pick the galaxy s but only because I can't switch carriers to get an iPhone. If I could switch, then I'd definitely get an iPhone :)
Luis Reich Hahaha. I would choose a razr over an iPhone any day. In case you have not noticed, iOS is FOURTH in sales in the world. Why are we choosing between #1 and #4?
Catherine Booth Droid all the way!!!
Matic Krmec Galaxy S2, never iPhone4 it feels wierd in hand sharp edges suck
Heather Thompson-Godesky iPhone please, I would love that over my android. It's just so sleek
Louis Hickson Jr. IMHO, the SGS 4G is what the original Samsung Vibrant should have been; it had an FFC hole and came out only a couple of months before T-Mobile rolled out HSPA+. Sorry for the rant; I jumped the gun and got the Vibrant (I love it though lol) Anyway, I love both phones and its hard to decide. I'd probably pick the SGS 4G because I really like Android. But the build quality and gorgeous Retina Display on the iPhone 4 can't be overlooked. ;-)
Nole Lazaroff Iphone 4
Vanderson Toledo Neither, I got a windows phone.
Yoshayah Raphael Yehudah iPhone 4 wit the death grip over a phone that if u press to many things and turn to go to home screen becomes stuck and confused
Rich Shofstall Galaxy S 4
Louis Portis Palm smartphones started it all, Android tablets came out before the ipad. But I wouldn't choose either one. I like my Google navigation which isn't available for iPhone and Vibrant 4g might have GPS troubles like the last version!!
Richard Allen Yarrell Plus iphone/Apple are for lossers
Richard Allen Yarrell Actually the Htc Evo 4g BITCH SLAPS both of these devices.. Htc rules
Blaze Nicole Cregger Lmao I have both! Can't pick they go so well together!
Niels Van de Groep Galaxy s, but at this moment I would wait for the galaxy s 2
Kay Njuguna Iphone way overated!!!!
Kay Njuguna Galaxy s!!!!!!!!!!
Corey Artis easy answer. the galaxy s 4g every hour on the hour. one reason and one reason only: the galaxy s 4g is not an apple product subject to the whims of apple, meaning the app approval process is not mercurial at best and does not require a 3rd party program to sync music.
Athena Athens iPhone 4
Micah Brown iPhone 4!
John Alves Do you really have to ask Aaron? iPhone 4 everyday pall =P
Joshuah Landazuri Co za asy hands down!!!
Nathaniel Hull @ Josh inno android is an operating system not a phone maker, i was jus talkin n general bout em, so thnx for being immature wit da name, so 5th grade have a nice night
Jordan Acosta Galaxy s2 is better.
Josh Rankin Galaxy S 4G. It's running on the best network and actually supports 4G.
Josh Billingsley Oh yeah, try deleting multiple messages on an iphone at 1 time. What a joke
Josh Billingsley Pretty sure nathaniel hull is an idiot. Android is an operating system not a phone maker. The manufacturors chose to make the devices. I'll keep adobe flash, camera flash, removable memory and battery, dedicated back key, ota updates, and a phone that isn't a gazillion dollars to insure. List goes on. Android, no matter the device. Ps, I'm a verizon technician and we've had 10 iphones come in the last 2 days cause they keep losing data connection randomly. Yeah real stable.
Daniel Perez iPhone 4 def i dont care what ppl says apple fan
Jon Sarreon Not an iPhone fan but in this instance it is better. A phone like the Galaxy S 4G with no camera flash is plain stupid.
Samuel Bisson The reason why the Iphone is compared to every others is because it's overrated and they want to prove it. Iphone 4 is so ridiculous compared to android phones.
Daniel Sanchez I've ha over 8 android phones and o jumped ship to ios. Why? Fragmentation. My phones were becoming obsolete so quickly and would crash every other hour. Android is faster and will win the short race but iOS is smoother and more consistent. I'm still all about android. I'll get back once theyve cooled it down and make a solid build to last a two year contract.
Noah Hudson iPhone 4
Andrew Johnson nick peterson ur the definetion of a tool
Chung Yew Anything that's not by Apple..
Keith Go Packers Boror iPhone 4 without a doubt !!!!!!!!!! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Moinuddin Forhad Unfortunately iPhone 4,got htc desire hd, and display gone within one month.another think is that iOS is the best stable os on the market.
Allan Monteclaro Android all the way!
Corey Snow Iphone 4
John Cruz Droid bionic wins
Emre Kahraman Galaxy S 4
Ed Weidow LOVE my iPhone!
Sam Platz Thunderbolt with the 1 hr. lasting battery.
Seaedge Val i take android and shovel it into iphone owner's face!
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi For me it's iPhone......I really like the phn., y I see many of u crying tat it doesn't hav so nd so features.... Just buy it and jailbreak it, then u wll Knw what u can do with the iPhone,.....
Eddy Lopez IPhone, just because I don't like Samsung much. Android > iOS.
Ruben Perez Android! iPhone is an overpriced piece of crap and now apple is trying to build smaller and bigger sized iphones? Why?! Because people have DIFFERENT preferences from one another. Just like android is doing and has been doing. Instead of selling one model as a take it or leave it thing. And a lot of idiots are paying for it because of the brand recognition.
Nathaniel Hull But a friend of mine says apple focuses on one phone and its insaine good, well androids got i dunno how many phones, and there either rite wit it , or maybe better, so if android focused on one phone??? I think that says enough
Nathaniel Eric iPhone that's what I picked so much better than my Droid 2 for sure !!!!!
Jose Martinez I choose Android but secretly wish the battery on my touch4g would last at least one day, and to do both voice and data would be nice on tmo. Voice+ facebook or voice+twitter without having to be on wifi.
Nathaniel Hull And da only reason everythangs compared to iphone , is bc they were the first great smartphone, so its jus an overrated thang, itsa good phone if u hold it in the rite spots
Carolyn Alicea Pagan IPhone 4!!!!!!
Nathaniel Hull If iphones so great why do u need to hold da dang thing wit a pair of tweezers so ur signal doesnt drop, i mean for real they been making da same phone since da first one , why isnt it perfect yet
Jamal Khan I just got galaxy s 4g today and its awesome. Its way faster than the original vibrant and they used the ext4 file system in it so there's no lag at all.plus the super amoled and flash its a winner. I do miss the camera flash dough
Nick Pederson GO IPHONE 4
Timothy Lee iPhone of course!
Emmanuel Castro Galaxy S 2... CyanogenMod...
Nick Pederson Everybody knows that the iPhone is way BETTER. they just can't admit that apple, invented this entire touchy os market, and they are too jealous that their friend has a way better phone than they do. People who say they want android aren't good enough to call themselves APPLE, and or are stuck with a shittyass android device and truly want and iPhone. I WOULD CHOOSE THE ANDROID SAMSUNG PIECE OF CRAP AND THROUGH IT IN A VA OF DEPLETED URANIUM, AND THE. RUN IT OVER WIT A TRUCK AND SHOVE IT THROUGH A WOOD CHIPPER CASE I ALREADY HAVE AN IPHONE 4!!!!
Micah Maier Iphone
Aaron Frary In most cases it would be hands down Android>iOS. But samsung....not so much
Swapnil Borkar Bastard shut the fuck up. AS If you dog are gonna provide us any if we pick one up!
Brian Benson mytouch 4G

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