After a frustrating day involving UPS and lost packages, Aaron unboxes the Apple iPhone 4S.  Available at AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon in 16, 32, and 64 GB flavors, the iPhone 4S sports an upgraded Apple A5 dual-core CPU (clocked at around 800 MHz), 3.5-inch Retina Display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording capabilities, front-facing camera for FaceTime, Siri for voice services, global roaming capabilities, and iOS 5, which is the latest build of Apple's mobile operating system.  It offers some substantial upgrades from the original device, but it looks identical to the iPhone 4.  Will people look past the lack of a new design and purchase, or will disheartened iOS users flock to Android?

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Terry Oakes
Terry Oakes siri is nice
Osama Qureshi
Osama Qureshi best smart phone......
Ryan Turner
Ryan Turner As long as they keep copying android then im sure iPhone 7 will be great!
Will Tauch
Will Tauch Next year will be the introduction to quadcore phones.... iPhone 5 with the A6 quad core and GS3 with quad core exynos.... "rumors" though
Eve Esperanza
Eve Esperanza Omg I just seen a new iphone 4s its brilliant when you think about it apple is playing android lol siri is an artificial intelligence genius I'm getting the evo 3d...but when Iphone 5 comes out I will be getting it!
Ryan Christopher Etzel
Ryan Christopher Etzel im finally upgrading to the new iPhone4s for Chirstmas cant WAIT<3
Steve Moore
Steve Moore No, its just lame. 3.5 inches is waste of a dualcore processor.
Cinthya Escobar
Cinthya Escobar LOL!
Cinthya Escobar
Cinthya Escobar http://m.youtube.com/watch?gl=US&hl=en&client=mv-google&v=xBe0zjdURc4
Marco Duran
Marco Duran I like it specially for the 64 gigs i got i needed that.
Will Tauch
Will Tauch
Alejandro Bedoy
Alejandro Bedoy Android user can say all they want but iPhone is the winner, maybe they just want an iPhone but can accept it. I personally like both but prefer the iPhone, there are some features I like on some Android phones, like LTE, bigger screen, the option to customize your screens, however, the iPhone without those features is still better in aesthetics, hardware and os, more apps, itunes, picture and screen quality, voice and sound quality. I have upgraded to ios 5 and now I like it even more. So, at the end the best phone is the one that catches your attention and gives you the best use, that is why there are options because we all have different tastes and likes, it would be boring without variety. Variety brings competition and progress!!!
Will Tauch
Will Tauch The iPhone 4s is a great phone guys, but IMO the way Android is going, its the best choice for me. I saw a comment earlier that it seems they release a new Android phone every week, but it is for different consumers, whether you want a smaller screen or bigger screen, touch screen, qwerty, user interfaces, price, etc etc. iOS is stable because they have only one phone and one tablet to worry about, It's all based on preference so the whole hating on each other thing is pointless. I love my macbook pro and I love my SGS2... And i like iPhones. But still LOVE my GS2... GS2 sexy... baby oh yeah...
Dušan Manojlovic
Dušan Manojlovic I love it :D
Ahmed Suliman
Ahmed Suliman sucks=???
Akib Akibrfakir Fakir
Akib Akibrfakir Fakir Cool
Mark Thom
Mark Thom Just an Android want to be.
Shahrukh Raza
Shahrukh Raza @amir and that got ported to iphone 4 too!
Shahrukh Raza
Shahrukh Raza CRAP
Alaa Haidar
Alaa Haidar http://www.syriatelcompetition.com/viewPhoto.php?id=93cbca4b576acdd387f341f91e714da6
Amir Hanif
Amir Hanif it is the same they did not do anything new exept seri and i don't like it
Larry Lambert
Larry Lambert It is true that the iPhone was more stable but the new phones from HTC and Samsung have proven they are just as good. My evo 3d has never rebooted and is as stable as ios. Of course ios is stable because it has never changed and the battery must last longer because of its tiny screen. I love swyping text on my keyboard of choice. You know how long it would've taken me to finger peck this post on an iPhone?
Kim Thore Mikkelsen
Kim Thore Mikkelsen @Matthew Landry iphone 4s is raping u say? wierd, since my phone is way ahead, and faster then it.. wierd isn't it? lol @ ur brainwash. @Harold Grump says the one with apple as a profile picture. nough said. what ur doing wrong i dunno, because ive never had a single problem with my SGS2, its faster then the I4S, and looks better, and feels better, and has a bigger screen, wich makes net browsing like a dream. Next time don't bash android, because u got no clue.
Christian Duhon
Christian Duhon Proud to say I'm getting the Atrix 2 after 4 years of iOS :-) lol
John Kalal
John Kalal It is pretty sad all of you define a person by which operating system they use on a phone.....
Will Tauch
Will Tauch can't*
Will Tauch
Will Tauch Matthew....... Gingerbread is built for a SINGLE CORE PROCESSOR platform, therefore bashing Android fans is useless until Ice Cream Sandwich comes out which is more suitable to compare. I love both Android and iOS but clearly i tested my S2 and the ip4S and my webpages and apps loaded faster...... The prime will have 720p Super AmoLED so you can say the out-of-date Retina display "putting it to shame." Have you personally tested the GS2 vs the ip4s?
Cinthya Escobar
Cinthya Escobar Well im currently in debate weather to get the IPHONE or HTC EVO 3D 4G...I've been researching both all week && im wondering why Apple re released almost the same identical phone, different name and 1-2 different features? Siri I was informed was already in the app world?? Also it seems like apple limits there customers "its the apple store or nothing"....I also noticed that the pictures looked almost more animated than the actual scene??? But The phone is beautiful.....I had an HTC EVO for a month and that phone is brilliant! I have no doubt that the Iphone is in fact in the lead for now but my perception is that apple is subliminaly ripping off there customers....now true enough apple is a excellent company but I think ill get a Android at least with them I won't feel so materialistically used by apple after buying the same phone different letter, just so I can seem in a higher status with those who don't own iphones....shame on u apple...R.I.P. Steve Jobs
Angel Ivanov
Angel Ivanov Great update for those with 3Gs. 4S is the fastest and best looking phone on the world right now :)
Matthew Gonzales Landry
Matthew Gonzales Landry @Aurther you are wrong. android has never owned the voice control department. If anything they were winning by technicality: no other OS maker were focused on that aspect. When Apple does something, they do it right. Siri is fully integrated into the OS and is near flawless even in Beta form. A new iPad may be coming soon but believing in the rumors there will be another iPhone so soon is the reason why you seem to be so unimpressed with the 4S. Rumors aren't facts.
Matthew Gonzales Landry
Matthew Gonzales Landry Probably going to be the best phone out this year. All the people calling it crap better look at the benchmarks. If you ask me, these babies can go cry rivers on Android forums because even the the design hasn't changed, it has managed to rape every android phone to date and will probably have a CPU just as powerful as the Prime but graphics that put the prime to shame. Sucks to be an Android fan,right about now, huh. After all, iOS 5 and OS X are now connected and while working together, they accomplish tasks no OS can dream of.
Rian Kapadia
Rian Kapadia IPhone user = pussy
Rian Kapadia
Rian Kapadia Shit.
Prabhath Jay
Prabhath Jay nexus prime
Jeremy Abad
Jeremy Abad ....Android is Light Years Ahead of iOS. I don't know how Apple fell behind so quickly.
Jeremy Abad
Jeremy Abad They are going to suck it up until iPhone 6S comes out. I'm a Android user. I own a iPod touch and my wife has a iPad (that I win at a local bar). iOS does not impress me at all. I actually was excited about iOS 5, but when I upgraded. I got disappointed quickly. Most of the "new" elements has already been on Android. My next phone SAMSUNG NEXUS PRIME, currently on SAMSUNG VIBRANT GALAXY S.
Arthur Mmayie
Arthur Mmayie Apple really had my hopes up this year.After hearing that apple was going to present two phones this year,I said to myself this is impossible.Was really hoping for a bigger screen like 3.8 to 4 inches this year.But we all have to understand,this is the same gimmick or I should say the same traditional form factor they did with the 3G and 3GS and they gotta away with it.Yeah it has a 1ghz dualcore processor and an upgraded camera to 8 megapixels(which I gotta say is beautiful when taking pictures and recording video)and a can shoot 1080p and let's not forget about their star of the show which is called "SIRI".All these features android had a year and half ago(correct me if I'm wrong).Especially the little gimmick called siri which iPhone 4 users can use on their phone and android owns the voice control department.Is this a good phone?Yes.Would I buy it?Yes.I would buy when I'm traveling outside the United States.But the thing is,this phone took over a year to be presented and I highly think that apple did this on purpose because the iPhone 5 or whatever they're gonna call it and iPad 3 have already been made and will come out early next year between April and July.Now for those that bought the iPhone 4S,what are they gonna do then?
Taavi Kala
Taavi Kala It's alright but nothing too special. Just catching up with the competition.
Pierce Swan
Pierce Swan Go android and get features that iPhone is mimicking now not to mention the Galaxy S II is way better specs wise.
Harold Crump
Harold Crump I work in cell phones. I respect both operating systems and what they offer, but when it comes down to the number of phone problems I deal with its Android based phones ftw. I don't know what it is but that's what I am seeing. Google is great but just like apple they aren't perfect. Pick you poison and go with it. This just another debate that has no end.
Cinthya Escobar
Cinthya Escobar LOL@yawn
Vincent Lai
Vincent Lai meh...
Htc Pedia
Htc Pedia HTC phones rule. Android OS is great and taking over the smartphone world, we are moving towards "Google" world so why not start early adapting to Android :)
Steve Doric
Steve Doric Yawn! Nexus Prime - yippie ;)
Kim Thore Mikkelsen
Kim Thore Mikkelsen its made up. and i as a android user can see one when i see one :) good try though ;)
Blake Cochrum
Blake Cochrum @Miguel-definitely not made up, sry buddy
Eu-Jene Teng
Eu-Jene Teng Looks good, but will wait for Ice Cream Sandwich and the new Android phones before I decide.
Hari Prakash
Hari Prakash not a big deal its just a bit faster than iphone 4
Jidtapad Rx
Jidtapad Rx Superb Extraordinary 10 10 10 !!!!
Ernest Marvin Esteban
Ernest Marvin Esteban nothing. cause it's just an old iphone 4 that uses ipad 2's hardwares. a faiL
Kim Thore Mikkelsen
Kim Thore Mikkelsen i bet that u like iOS because its so "easy" ? :) u got 1 button to click.. not hard is it;)? no rly, ive tried iphone 4. it was okay, nothing to rly cut down on. BUT its multitasking rly is bad, when u got a few apps open, it slows down. after ios5 update the phone goes back to stock settings(mms, ringtones etc), wich on android it dosn't when it updates. Android in my eyes, is better, faster, more customizeable, and if i want to i can get "iOs" on my phone:P b ut why would i do that? i can play every single file i put on my phone, i don't need itunes, or a extra program to do stuff on my phone ;) and don't even try to say "ur not bound to itunes anymore" bec u are. and will allways be so. just read about it and u'll see what i mean:P and android has microSD slot.. so if i want to i can get allmost 100GB on my GS2 :) can iphone do that? no.. i pay alot more just for 16gb more... while i can buy 64gb sdcard for less:P so 64+16 is? 80gb... xD sorry apple, u lost this round. can't wait until 2012 and see what u'll bring. RIP Steve Jobs
Tom Parker
Tom Parker Best phone going. I love it!!!
Dylan Daratt
Dylan Daratt Everyone has their opinions, just like me I prefer iOS over android because of my previous android experience.
Miguel Sahagun
Miguel Sahagun Theres only 1 button on the iphone because its moronic userbase will get confused with back home and menu buttons
Kim Thore Mikkelsen
Kim Thore Mikkelsen im agreeing with Kyle, if i even want a new iphone again, it has to be the "5". iphone 4 is more than enough for the regular ppl. but like me, that wans the best smartphone out there, im using GS2 :)
Kyle Cordiano
Kyle Cordiano iPhone 4 with IOS 5 or iPod touch with IOS 5 is good enough. No need to upgrade yet.
Kim Thore Mikkelsen
Kim Thore Mikkelsen ops my sentence is wrong:P my phone lasts 23hours, with 3g on, 8hours of music, facebook on roaming, gmail, callerID when someone calls, 4hours of calls, i use the internet and calculator like 40times a day:P so all that and still 23hours :) so what ur doing wrong i don't know.. :/
Jay Alejos
Jay Alejos Screens r still small
Marcos Pineda
Marcos Pineda Dylan ur funny my Epic touch does all that and still alive after 17 hours .
Min Kim
Min Kim Its a piece of crap, but its sold out. What can I say? Lol
Marcos Pineda
Marcos Pineda My Epic touch is way better! Gs2 rocks!
Joseph Carlos
Joseph Carlos If at first you don't succeed, try try again, We all know how good sequels are by four,.... Rocky!
Tad Ferratier
Tad Ferratier Andriod walks all over the iphone
Kim Thore Mikkelsen
Kim Thore Mikkelsen Dylan, u clarly havn't owned a gs2. ive owned a ip4 and i couldn't have it, it was shit. too small screen, 2 slow, and the multitasking sucks. my GS2 on the other hand.. ive had it on idle for 4days, on straight useage ive had it on 23hours and 12mins. with music on 8hours, 3g allways on, and facebook on roaming. so what ur talking about is just stupid. ive never felt my phone "hot" ive not goten one "FC" on my phone since i got it. what are these ppl talking about? are u like having 10000apps open, having ur charger in 100% of the time, and playing 100 games at the same time? i have 18 apps open every day, and my useage is then 21hours. so plz stop the b rainwashing. apple is for the ppl that needs an smartphone that is OK. Android is for the ppl that want the Best smartphone out there yet. apple rly disapointed this year, if it was a bigger screen, other design, bigger clock speeds++ i might have concidered it. "iphone is a richmans phone", dude wtf? if ppl want an iphone they buy it. rich or poor, its the same.
Derek Humfleet
Derek Humfleet Simple phone for simple people.
Walter Nunez
Walter Nunez Guys Guys Let's Stop Fighting matter fact it ain't a fight cuz Android already won! (:
Dylan Daratt
Dylan Daratt Is it just me or are the android fanboys worse the apple fanboys nowadays?
Alex Kiev
Alex Kiev Dua
Max Stephenson
Max Stephenson Only jealous of the camera
Dylan Daratt
Dylan Daratt I switched to the iPhone 4 because every android phone I've had had problems. I've owned an mytouch 3G, hero, epic, Evo, Evo 3d and a nexus s every single one had issues. My iPhone makes it thru the day playing music, surfing the web, Facebook and twitter, now show me one android phone that can do that for 12+ hours without being hooked to a charger...I'm waiting. All these ppl bashing apple prob have never owned or even touched an iPhone. Get a fucking life it's a phone period.
Juan C Florentino
Juan C Florentino IPhone 4S sucksssssss. Samsung galaxy s2 #1
Rip Lu
Rip Lu All I got to say is "Metro" iPhone will never be with Metro PCS. Android is.lol
Niels Swimberghe
Niels Swimberghe 4s? Big joke... To six months ago there can better phones out that on the first selling days cost 200 less. iPhone4s is the less horrible iphone...
Tashi Mack Johnson
Tashi Mack Johnson iPhone can kick rocks Droid please...
Dennis Petrospour
Dennis Petrospour Garbage
Cindy Lou
Cindy Lou Is say iPhone is a rich man phone! Truth is we'd all probably have 1 if we could afford it monthly. Now Sprint making it happen so many prob will now. I have an EVO & love it BUT always freezing up, battery hot, apps force closing & phone shuts off time 2 time. Oh yeah my phone loves to live on the charger lol So yeah I'm thinking iPhone is calling me:]
Charlie Durie
Charlie Durie ANDROID RULES!!!! My little green robot keeps eating that apple and soome apple wont exist!! Lol
John Coleman
John Coleman I couldn't get one because I don't qualify for an upgrade til next March. Damn AT&T!
Melody Shari
Melody Shari Androids Are Betta Than IPhones... PERIOD!!!
Miguel Sahagun
Miguel Sahagun @blake what about all the millions of GS2s that do work better than the iphone4? Btw your story is made up lol
Turaj Ferguson
Turaj Ferguson It didn't live up too the hype! The iphone has become want madden is every yr. Same model as the previous version just a few changes here in there. The newest thing is Siri which a lot of people didn't know WAS already in the appstore. Apple just bought out the company took the app off the market. Then re released it as something new sorry apple you aren't fooling me.
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson On careful reconsideration, the flash on the iPhone camera is absolutely useless.
Mellisa Williams
Mellisa Williams What is better android or apple??
Mellisa Williams
Mellisa Williams I love my 4g android esteem its the best i would never waste my money on any phone that has a repeat of it self
Blake Cochrum
Blake Cochrum Funny story - I work at ATT and I own an Iphone 4 with no regrets. When the Galaxy S2 came out this past Wednesday we put it out and we could not use it because it was doing things on its own like taking pictures and dialing numbers and making phone calls. We had to take the phone off the display the same day it came out. How embarrassing for Android and Samsung. People were asking about it and we just told them we have not received the phone yet even though it was messing up the minute we put it on the display. Even when we took the phone off the display it was crappin out. And to think that people wonder why they don't own an iPhone.
Rodger Samiie Myers
Rodger Samiie Myers "open source" It needs 5 companiess to make use one same operation system but that different shell..same OS...dual core this 8mp that yet it doesnt have an actual app that uses the full power of android..thats the down fall...apple has that covered...facts proven, I myself wont upgrade to 4S, I'll wait till the ip5 comes out
Rhonda Brown Neal
Rhonda Brown Neal Luving it
John Fisher
John Fisher Well I hate to break it to you Jason but if it weren't for iPhone, Android wouldn't exist. As far as stability, android doesn't even come close to the iPhone. I'm off my soapbox.
Pirarre Miller
Pirarre Miller Everybody always saying android is better, faster etc. but they fail to say anything about all the apps force closing, overheating issues, etc. after I got my new iPhone, I sold my epic touch for the reasons I just stated. In addition the iPhone is ONE phone. While android is scattered across the world. It seems like a new one comes out every other week and to top that, some apps work for some phones and don't for others. The way android phones are updated is a nightmare in itself. It's so many in between people to go through its crazy
Kamil Galimski
Kamil Galimski Actually android is "all over the place" because its open source. Not because its bad.
Jason Dickman
Jason Dickman Not trying to bash but they're always a day late n a dollar short. User friendly and good battery but a step behind when looking at functions n features. On every release it holds something simple back. Mms, copy n paste, etc. Every new iPhone feature is always already on other phones months before release. If you've done your research n the iPhone is best for you, good on you.
Walter Perez
Walter Perez iPhone is magical....that's why only 5 models exists .....Android is all over the place and only a few phones are worth a look....
Adrian Jordan
Adrian Jordan I want my iPhone 5, this is the same phone as my current iPhone 4 - just a few internal changes
Randall Darden
Randall Darden I also have to go with Galaxy S II. Why sign a 2 year contract OR pay 600+ for a device with a 3.5 inch screen and NO LTE / WiMax / 4G? I can understand if your with ATT. In any case just pick up a iPod Touch 4G if your concerned about apps.
Bryan Villaseñor
Bryan Villaseñor Its all about my Blackberry Torch it has millions of themes right now I'm running an android theme with android lock screen or iPhone lock screen and the camera and speed ROCKS the only thing it needs is more apps but besides that it's the best thing EVER!
Dan Ryan Dismounts Thrice
Dan Ryan Dismounts Thrice Have you seen the screens side by side? There's no question the retina display is perfection! Why do you need a screen any bigger anyway? This works just fine and I can use my phone with one hand rather than holding it like a mini tablet such as is necessary with things like the Inspire anything bigger than 4 inches is ridiculous and unnecessary
Michael Pitts
Michael Pitts For all that are bashing Android about how smooth there device runs and how much there Droids suck. 1) Verizon MURDERS! every android device they touch 2) Try out a Galaxy S2 if you want to see smooth. 3) who the FUCK! wants a 3.5 inch screen they are scared to bump the screen up cause they will loose there beloved retina display. The Galaxy Nexus is going to pack a 720p display you can kiss the retina display goodbye.
Michael Cassell
Michael Cassell All I know is that it's a piece of shit and can suck androids' dick
Iqral Tirona
Iqral Tirona So glad I got the galaxy s2
Kevin M Combes
Kevin M Combes IDGAF.
Steven Crisostomo
Steven Crisostomo Too Little too late
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero No this s the new 800mhz
Jeremy Allen
Jeremy Allen mehh
Bob Fitzgerald
Bob Fitzgerald Don't care, where's my Vigor?!
Dennis Collins
Dennis Collins I have two empty yoghurt cartons and a long piece of string
Christopher David
Christopher David It's a good phone. Hate all you want until android works the bugs out and quit releasing half assed versions every other week iPhone will still be smoother no matter what specs they put in android. I owned many androids and decided to switch after the constant issues with every android I owned. To each their own, if you have to hate I feel bad you have nothing better to do.
Claudia Deniston
Claudia Deniston I will let you know when I am able to get one at a reasonable price Sprint wants $500 is it made of gold?
Cassidy Carrington
Cassidy Carrington Remember that everything on the inside in different & faster really the only new thing is Siri, which used to be a app in the app store.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Just got the HTC amaze 4g and I have to say it is absolutely amazing!
Michael Jones
Michael Jones iWhataletdownphone!!!!
Juan C Florentino
Juan C Florentino Samsung galaxy S2 the best....android rules
Lindstrom Stone
Lindstrom Stone Meh
Bustamante Alfonso
Bustamante Alfonso I'll stick with my iPhone 4. Gets the job done and then some
David Townsend
David Townsend Not a proper unboxing
Jack Hueppelsheuser
Jack Hueppelsheuser It's just another iPhone. Who cares.
Marcus NinersEmpire
Marcus NinersEmpire IPhone sucks
Dan Ryan Dismounts Thrice
Dan Ryan Dismounts Thrice I've been an Android guy for the past 3 years and decided to give the iPhone a try after I got tired of having to reset my Droid after it began crashing all the time. I really enjoyed Android and loved the freedom it possessed. That being said the iPhone 4S is perfection. It's simple, powerful, and the retina display is one of the most incredible things I've ever seen. No Droid can compare. Sorry for betraying the Android OS I've loved so much, but this is just... Better.
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz Beautiful. But os suck . Galaxy's is the way
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee I think the phone is a waste of money. B/c its like the i4 but than with siri,better camera,and cloud.
Cinthya Escobar
Cinthya Escobar Isuckers!

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