Clash of the titans!  Aaron does a dogfight between the Apple iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II, two of the hottest phones on the market.  It's battle time!  The iPhone 4S is an evolutionary upgrade from the 4, and offers an Apple A5 dual-core CPU (that's clocked somewhere around 800 MHz), 3.5-inch Retina Display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording capabilities, a front-facing camera, Siri, and iOS 5.  T-Mobile's Galaxy S II sports a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S3 CPU and has a 4.52-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, front-facing shooter, 1,850 mAh battery, and Android 2.3 with Samsung's TouchWiz 4.0.

It's an epic battle between Android and iOS.  Two high-end devices, but only one can win.  Which one will it be?  Part 1 of 2.

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"iPhone 4S or Galaxy S II?"

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Francisco Aceves the future of tecnology is in mobile devices, eventually you will be doing everything on a SMARTphone...multitasking,great camera, videocalls, downloading files, uploading, flash support for web, serious web surfing, making your mobile device work as a laptop(moto laptopdock) power processing, full customization, durability, a great OS, the best funcionality, and many many many many things more...... all this is only on android, with the many brands you can choose from, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, and even Sony....... the truth is the android has so much to it you can choose from the best devices on earthh, but its a shame that many people do as always, and pay a HUGE amount for tha Brand/Logo....... that is the truth of apple........sadly for a company with all those followers and potential.....
Anonymous lol, Leave the iFags be...I personally like Android better for it's customisability, every 2 months when I get bored of my phone, i just install some new widgets, a new theme and BAM! It'll feel like a new phone for another 2 months, I honestly don't get how iPhone users can live with only changing the wallpaper and arrangement of icons, that's sad for a phone with so much potential...and I for one HATE the iShit ecosystem, I don't want to have to go thru some crappy mediocre 3rd party program just to get a few tunes on my phone...
Murad Nazi The Samsung Galaxy S II is certainly one of the snappiest smartphones around, but it’s not like you can too fast a CPU. That’s why the XDA community stepped in and pushed the clock speed of the CPU T-Mobile version of the smartphone to the mind-blowing 1.8 GHz.
Osama Qureshi Iphone 4s,
Cody Dee Burachenski Iphone. andriods are a complete waste of money
Chad Allen Get over it fandroids its ok if not everyone in the world likes android you dont have to insult people who like the Iphone!
Jeff Cross GS2 and when it get's ICS it will reign supreme over the 4s. Can't wait to see ICS in action
Devin Fischer The iphone wins because it is the same boring phone its always been and old people like it..
Miguel Sahagun "iPhone4S... iTS easy" Only one button and a robot for dummies !
Miguel Sahagun @arthur what I noticed with GS2 is multi tasking and ease of switching back n forth. Like a desktop PC. iphone is a mobile app tray with a less than intuitive way to get around the phone and apps. I feel "stuck" in apps on ios
Terry Oakes GSII all the way
Murad Nazi A friend of mine wanted a phone that doesn't require thinking, so I gave him my iPhone 4 and I got the Tmobile Samsung galaxy S2.
Arthur Mmayie He better not have said the iPhone 4S won the dogfight cause I'm about to watch the video.If he did,I'm going to be pissed.The Galaxy S2 dominates in every catergory.What is their not to live about the phone.As for the iPhone 4S,it's a decent phone.But if you want power and acceleration,iPhone 4S isn't the phone for you.I mean come on the dualcore processor in the phone is clocking at 800mhz.Really!Galaxy S2 for the win.
Mark Hsu IPhone 4s the Backstreet boys of the smart phone category ;-)
Chad Allen Iphone 4s the rightful winner!!!!!!
Mark Balcher Galaxy S all day. Only one of it's kind
Are Reeves nokia n3310i
Murad Nazi Life was a lot happier when apple, blackberry, and ice cream sandwich were going in my stomach.
Paul Davis Neither, I want Sydney in my pocket :)
Aaron Su Why not compare iOS 5 on iPhone 4s to ICS on GS2. Oh wait, GS2 won't get ICS you gotta buy GS3
Taynia Dejesus Galaxy S II
Zulfi Rasool GS2 is a possible iPhone killer with giant specs.. But iPhone has something magical
Ed Plnia @Zach Cline I got the Samsung Galaxy S II, Epic 4G Touch and gets what? I only paid $217.00 stop buying phone directly from Verizon go to @amazonwireless and get better price on any phone, any company (not iphone) I didn't get this one from them but they do have very good price
Martin Hernandez I prefer big o titties!
Mark Hsu Why not the real version with the exynos processor? Once it gets hardware acceleration with ICS the gs2 is gonna fly!
Devin Fischer Wow S2 seems anonymous here, to bad the review was heavily bias toward the 4s
Taavi Kala S II for sure
Petr Seman Wow... Aaron's lost some weight :D
Anonymous The galaxy keyboards are so garbage literally its a joke in a half, worst auto correction.. IPhone blows gs2 outta the water in that category.. All the other stuff I don't care so much , except iPhones screen res is quite a bit better
Ateeb Tallaat Khan Is this a joke?
Robert Zurita Remember Noah k. We need him back really the iPhone 4s I laugh
Srinu Smart GALAXY S2
Scott Sanders S2 by a mile.
Jason King Wait he had the wrong GS2 in the dogfight ? I'm confused. Why are there so many different versions of the same phone. I know why please don't explain. It just doesn't make any sense.
Miguel Sahagun @jason thats just it. Everyting in the Apple ecosystem exists outside of it through choice. And Android can run them all. So Android does beat Apples ecosystem when you realize this.
Byktor Urvaes I think the reason why the iPhone it feel more fluid then some Android devices, is because ios is simple and boring, I wanna see an iPhone running htc sense 3.0 see how fluid is going to be. I don't understand, the screen is to small, The design is cute but not durable and the most important thing NO 4G.
Jason King iPhone vs GS2 alone, phone only the GS2 wins ... when you take into account the Apple Ecosystem nothing can beat it ...
Aldi Zeitgeist Stop complaining about the pre-installed tmobile apps.just call 611,tell them you want to remove all the tmobile apps and they will do it for u.
Mila Ardja iPhone 4S ftw! In 2 years or so, would probably still get OS upgrade, not sure it'd be the same with GSII. Any android device would be obsolete as soon as the new model with better hardware spec is out, hope they'll think this through tho.... :)
Miguel Sahagun @zach the iphone does shatter at a height of less than five feet. watch the videos on youtube. Phone is not as rugged as the GS2. Get over it iphone loses another round
Miguel Sahagun A GS2 doesnt break when dropped from the same height. Its gorilla glass doesnt even snap.
Miguel Sahagun lol@brad the GS2 had been reviewed to have some of the smoothest ui in any smartphone out there by countless sites. I own one and can vouch for that Your spreading FUD. Apple has fallen get over it
Zach Cline Miguel you're obviously an android fanboy. The iphones build quality is far from crap. The only time i've seen an iphone shatter is when it's been dropped from a height of more than five feet. Hell, I've dropped my ipod touch on concrete face down without my screen cracking. I guess they use lesser quality glass with the iphone. Give me a break.
Miguel Sahagun @eddie sure the A5 and and 543 can overclock but the thermals involved in a packaged mobile platform would make for a thicker larger phone if that. Apple is anal about making the iphone any thicker hence no 4g radio. Apple isnt necessarily innovative but more motivated by look and feel which becomes a moot point once functionality is achieved. This is the reason why Android pulls ahead of Apple. They just dont stop improving their product. Apple sits on their tech. It took Android 2 years to exlpoit Apples choking of innovation.
Rocky White There is no 6gb iphone noob.
Zach Cline Ronald the iphone doesn't cost a fortune. 4G LTE devices are usually $250 to $300, On verizon anyway. I can get the 6 gb iphone 4s for $150 with the upgrade i have coming as opposed to spending $250 + on something like the galaxy nexus, With shipping would be around $275. Now what's more expensive? Hmmm
Brad Allison I owned the unlocked version of the GS II and I generally liked it. Even with all that processing power it was still sluggish compared to my iPhone. Sorry. That's just the way it is. I like both platforms and enjoy using both. Stop hating.
Miguel Sahagun iphone has crap quality. Its glass forms cracks with time, Galaxy s2 has the vivid colors and iphones pixels are not noticeable anyways over Samsungs screen.
Blake Cochrum iPhone....better quality,more vivid screen at 304ppi and the user interface is simple.
Karl D. Green Not your best DOGFIGHT. SHOULD HAVE BEEN A GREAT DOGFIGHT I don't see how you muck that up. Really iPHONE 4S?
Ron Scott IOS is smooth, but comes on a pricey phone, with no expansion capabilities . It won't play flash, it has a tiny screen, it lacks customization options, it cost a fortune, it requires me to have a computer loaded with icrap, it looks just like the old one, I phone 5 is right around the corner, the front facing camera sucks, apple's apps cost way more, etc. S2 all the way.
Krushi Vemula Galaxy s2
Eddie Miller @miguel Correct it was designed by Apple and manufactured by Samsung, but like the A4 and hummingbird they share the same core. Apple has a tendency to use off the shelf parts in most of their endeavors. I'm not certain but I believe if drivers were available and iOS allowed for it the A5 could overclock as well as the exynos soc. I'm not sure that a die shrink would be required in that regard because they're almost the same size. The A5 is 120nm and the gs2 exynos is 118nm. I'd LOVE to overclock either gpu though, that would be extremely interesting to compare which has higher limits.
Brandon BT Terrell Factory, i would have to say 4s has a small win....but when ICS is released, and an official update or some kind of custom ROM hits the GS2, the argument will be over in my mind!!
Mario Alan Perez Arreola My first choiche is SGSII THEN GALAXY NOTE iphone sucks on everityng
Miguel Sahagun @eddie my point is exynos can still be overclocked. The 543 cannot without a die shrink. Galaxy Nexus has an overclocked 540 (384mgz) and ICS is optimized for this. A shame it doesnt have the 543. Maybe an oced 540 makes up for that. ICS sure does lool smooth though the 540.
Miguel Sahagun A5 is designed by Apple engineers. Manufactured(built) by Samsung. Exynos designed and manufactured by Samsung. Not the same chip at all
Fernando Arias iPhone 4s!!!
Carlos Nava Galaxy s2
Michael Guy Galli The A5 is the same fucking chip as the Exynos. Dumb ass people. Samsung makes most of the components in the iphone.
Roslyn Kirk Im loving my iPhone ! Maybe cuz I have had sprint for 12 years and I can finally use on their network. My android sucked. Siri is on point. Plus everything is iPhone friendly.
Ariel Orellana IPHONE 4S!!!!!! It won the dogfight! Ha ha!
Eligio Ralphy P. Rios III G A L A X Y S II !!!
Eddie Miller @miguel True, but now you're getting into the os side of things which I was being impartial to. Android is definitely superior in that regard. Hopefully Google implements systemwide gpu acceleration in ICS.
Miguel Sahagun @eddie ios is gpu optimized hence a fluid ui. The high powered 543 powers this. Exynos in large part is the horsepower for GS2 and the Galaxy Note and thus giving the Galaxy its fluidity. Different architectures power the GS2 and iphone4. Exynos can be overclocked to its full potential due to a better mobile enviromental vision in mind. Just like an i7 can clock 1 to 2 gz higher while phemom will explode at that point Exynos is the superior arcitecture
Kristopher Davis HTC EVO 3D!!!!!
Leo Alexandrov i wish nokia would adopt android. But NOOOOO! They're still on that shitty symbian. Nokia has amazing hardware but its os is sinking it. If nokia made android phones they would tear shit up.
Eu-Jene Teng Using HTC Desire S at mo. Iphone 4s on way. Going to miss Android and would love to use ICS, but sick and tired of laggy, unreliable OS.
Eddie Miller @miguel id also like to point out the a5 uses a exynos 4210 core as well...hence lower clocked exynos combined with a better gpu makes the a5 the winner overall
Leo Alexandrov i admit that ios has REALLY good apps. That's why i have an ipod touch. But android is a better deal. Sure i don't get some of the apps but i get most. And in addition i get an os which doesnt require a computer whatsoever. Ios you need itunes, jailbreaking, etc. Android i can just type in some commands into a command type app and do whatever. And android market publishes more and doesn't try to censor for example a terminal app, a file directory app, tethering apps,
Eddie Miller @miguel I don't contest that at all, but I was speaking as an overall soc design rather than singling out a specific portion. The combination of the a5 CPU and sgx543mp2 is overall a large margin faster than the exynos and mali400 combo. The powervr is more than 2x as fast as the mali400, which I'm sure you are aware of.
Derek Almond iPhone!!!
Leo Alexandrov iphone is so gimmicky. Android devices are more open.
Asher Enciso hey now unfair comparison, at least compare two smartphones... XD GSII all the way
Ahmet Karabulut Do I want an unstable OS and apps that force close (Android) or a stable OS with high quality apps (iPhone) Mmm...? tough decision!
Baron Crandall Galaxy Nexus
Breanna Cherry Cherry Burress Galaxy S II hell yea! all iPhones look the same. they claimed android copy their apps. well how come Apple copied the pull down notification bar Android always had! i got the Epic 4G Touch and lovin' every second of it.
Miguel Sahagun @eddie the samsung manufactured A5 chip was designed for the ipad. Exynos was designed for mobile phones in mind. A5 must be downclocked to work in a mobile environment. Exynos can be clocked up to 1.5 because it is optimized for mobile platforms. Exynos is infact THE chip that has the edge by a large margin due to its usability to its maximum potential. You hold opinions not facts. The A5 is in fact the inferior chip.
Anonymous why not just wait for the Galaxy Nexus to "dogfight" the iCrap ???
Orrin Smith I'm gonna go with S2. Even though I own an iPhone. Just not a good enough upgrade.
Ed Brown iPhone... a titan? No customization, no flash, no widgets, no multiple home screens, no memory card, small screen. It's an app tray, a tract phone
Rishikesh Kulkarni S2 wins anytime... iphone sucks...
Eddie Miller To give a better example, the tmobile varient uses a qualcomm apq8060 clocked at 1.5ghz vs everything else using a 1.2ghz exynos. At first glance the uninformed would assume the 1.5 is faster, but not only does it have inferior architecture(cortex a8 vs cortex a9), it also is poorly designed. The gpu and cpu use the same bus and so when you do anything that uses most of the processing power the other part(cpu or gpu) takes a performance hit of 20% or greater. Then instructions clog the pipeline and the original component begins to take a performance hit as well, thus bogging down the machine. The exynos doesnt have this limitation.
Arun Shankar That wasn't a fair comparison...Very Disappointed.
Rafael Guzman Galaxy S 2 of course
Tom Parker So far, this comparison sucks so far.
Thomas Boehnlein SAMOLED+, baby!
Eddie Miller Get what you want, fanboys are retarded. As far as the hardware goes, the 4s has the edge by a large margin. Anyone that says the gs2 wins because it has a 1.2ghz or 1.5ghz processor has no idea how a computer works. Superior architecture wins over clock speed every time. Thats the reason a i7 trashes a phenom. If you want to talk specs at least make the effort to not sound like a retard...
Tony Rivera Galaxy Nexus but since is not part of the review then the Galaxy S II
Alex Robledo Tried both at the store numerous times, and honestly I'd have to go with the Galaxy S II. The 4S's screen's just too damn small these days!
Brandon Johnson I say buy whatever phone you want, don't let nobody influence yo 2 year contract.
Jennifer Urieta Widgets and flash player vs apps and bragging
Phillip Parrish Iphone 4s
Robert Sanson S2 Piss on 4s

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