It's time for another 30 day challenge!  This time around, the extended review cycle goes back to iOS with the Apple iPhone 5 - the first Apple smartphone that Aaron hasn't owned since the iPhone 3GS.  Despite losing some ground to Android over the past year, it still holds its own in international sales numbers.  That said, it's time to see if iOS has what it takes to go toe to toe with Android and Windows Phone.  It's certainly long in the tooth, but the fluidity continues to be decent (despite some issues with the inital build of iOS 6) and features like VIP email and Do Not Disturb are welcome additions.  Has Android finally caught up and surpassed the popular OS?  Join Aaron as he finds out over the course of 30 days!

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"Aaron's using the Apple iPhone 5 for 30 days. What would you like to see during the challenge period?"

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Rene Saenz Jr. Shot it with my Glock..
Mark Belkowski since when is phone dog so pro anything apple?
Garry Magat Apple beat this Galaxy Note 2 : quadcore cpu, random access memory 2 gb, Wifi calling, NFC technology, Android beam, screen shot by swipe on the screen, can use preferred launcher without rooting, 64 gb removal memory, amazing battery life with all those perfomance that no present smartphone can supercede.
Garry Magat Iphone 5 with ios 6 is a delayed technology compared to Galaxy Note 2 with Jelly Bean.
Tan Chong Ling HTC droid dna, samsung galaxy note and s3 is the best ones out there. But still, apple never stops with its lawsuits against samsung. Sick of apple! S3 solds more than iPhone 5, oh and guess what a fruit company is trying to put those samsung smartphones out of sale with its stupid lawsuits. Apple, you make me sick.
Daniel DaCosta Try an apple war iPhone 5 vs the new so-called new replacement for the iPhone 4S the iPod 5th generation.
Facebook user The stupidest remark that I've ever heard from an iphone fan is that it "just works" this is really dumb and redundant. I came into android when it was Gingerbread and just that OS alone is better than ios 6 right now. Get real this experiment is useless.
Facebook user for the record apples "ios" isn't really even an OS, android has better launchers than apples
Facebook user You're wasting 30 days of your life. Just rewind to 2007 and play the video same difference!
Matt Peters His Grindr profile. j/k Evidence of the wambulance that is purple streaking, sensitivity issues, and letter boxing in his favorite apps. I'm curious in dithing my Galaxy Nexus on Verizon for an AT&T model, but I can't decide.
Marti Ruiz thats a real challenge
David Indermuehle Run over by a car.
Furqan Kadri Android system does have its bugs and stuff but apples UI is very simple but effective
Frank Dizzle I did the 30 day challenge after Getting upset with battery life and how slow my gs3 would randomly get. I had the iPhone 4 at launch and enjoyed for like 3 weeks and since than have had the galaxy a 1 2 and 3 galaxy nexus and Moto Atrix and even windows phone (the lg quantum) and now did a 360. I truly enjoy my iphone 5 for now and had since launch and not any issues aside from map sucking, App Store is cool but easier to navigate on android. YouTube.... What youtube iOS YouTube sucks. But the consistency is what kept me here the quality of apps are better I love walking dead on my phone and the apps you simply couldn't get on android made me stay with it if anything I was a Samsung fanboy decided to take the iPhone 5 for a spin and am still here I thought about the droid DNA all that horse power is amazing but... Battery life was bad enough in reviews to make me not even buy it
Dynique Jenkins I would like to see you go back to the Galaxy S3
Hosni Al-ameri What 's the price of HTC DROID DNA ?
Joe Yarger Lets see a smash test lol
Ezekiel Carsella hahahaha get a Windows Phone
Anthony Bailey Oh, Benny. Newsflash, moron: YOU CAN'T HAVE AN 'OPINION' WHEN IT'S A 'FACT' YOU'RE WRONG!! I can state that in MY opinion, the earth is flat. We know for a FACT that isn't true. You're opinion holds about as much weight as serial killers code of ethics. Compared to what you have presented— which is nothing more than unsubstantiated claptrap based on ignorance and bias... I have presented you with incontrovertible evidence that your claims are invalid and flat out incorrect. Google is your friend. Everything I'm telling you, you can find out for yourself. So instead of wasting your lame keystrokes on me and only succeeding in making yourself look even more stupid, why don't you use those same keystrokes to do some research and educate yourself. I've read review after review and watched video after video comparing the Note II to the IP5, and ALL reviewers have gone out of their way to say that Jelly Bean is as smooth as iOS 6. Aaron, himself, said in his Note II vs. IP5 dogfight, that the difference in fluidity between Android 4.1/Note II and the IP5, was basically negligible and no longer an argument. You can fast-forward to 12:50 to see the comment Aaron made. *The more you know* http://youtu.be/KxtE9vNVoy4
Chris Rodriguez Lol Aaron is already used to iPhones, unless that extra row of icons makes a huge difference and is revolutionary. I don't see the point of this challenge since its exactly the same as he's used to.
Anthony Bailey It took many years, but it's the first Android phone I've owned that was about a 9.5/10! And I've came from the HTC EVO 4G, HTC EVO 3D, Motorola Atrix HD, and Galaxy Note I. My only issue is I'm not getting the crazy amazing battery life many others are posting about. With that said, it's still significantly better than the original Note or any other Android phone I've owned. And I love the screen and all of the tech features on the phone. I'm extremely happy for once. Usually when I get a new Android, it starts off buttery smooth with no lag. But once I start to fill it with apps, music, videos, etc., that's when the lag begins. I have dozens of apps, 60 videos, 5 full HD movies, and 500 song loaded onto this thing, and still there's zero lag! Impressive.
Jonathan Onuluk Throw it out a windows only use a i device has
Zach Cline Anthony how is the note 2? I'm thinking about picking one up
Anthony Bailey You can never get a blind iTroll to admit defeat. This is just about as good as it's going to get. However, I've seen MANY real world iPhone users who ditched the IP5 for the Note II, and basically all of them have said they have no regrets. Most of them have had every iPhone ever made and never used Android before. Here's a good thread on XDA targeting iPhone users who dumped that POS and went with the Note II... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2014184
Ben White Anthony why are you getting so mad? I stated my opinion. I've used both RECENTLY, and IN MY OPINION, scrolling was smoother on the iPhone 5 than on the Note II. I already said that I've used both, and while I liked the customization on Android, I prefer iOS. The Note II actually froze on me while I was trying it out. Not saying that it's a big deal, or that it's a common issue, but my iPhone's have never once froze. My Androids constantly froze. Android has come a long way from when it first started, and there have been some great improvements. Jelly Bean and iOS 6 are both extremely amazing platforms, but in my book, iOS still seems smoother to me. Obviously you prefer Jelly Bean, it's all opinion. There's no need to be immature about it. Grow up, dude.
Zach Cline Yeah that reviewer is still an iPhone fanboy by calling widgets unruly and saying there's. too much information lol. Really ? And jellybean an OS in crisis? Give me a break . Jellybean is far more functional than iOS 6 will ever be without jail breaking it.
Anthony Bailey Ben White... you are done, princess. Read it and weep and kick dirt because this review comes from the respected "Gizmodo" and from a diehard iPhone lover. You have been shutdown. Is there anything else, or are we about done here??? http://gizmodo.com/5933636/an-openly-biased-review-of-android-jelly-bean-by-an-iphone-lover
Anthony Bailey @Ben White... Zach Cline said what I was and am typing to you: don't speak out of ignorance and no 'real world' experience. I have the Note II and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is AS smooth as iOS, something that has been repeated countless times on many professional reviews. So that one little claim to fame you iSheep used to have, is now gone. I've had lag issues on every single Android I've owned, including the original Note, but the Note II and specifically Jelly Bean has eliminated all of that. #ProjectButter
Terrance Henderson I want Aaron to say oops I messed up. I meant to use Droid DNA
Ben White Zach, you're wrong. I've used both recently, there's no way you can say Android is as smooth as iOS; clearly you're an Android fanboy, so you'll believe your Android is perfect. And I'm currently using the iPhone 5, and it definitely does not feel cheap.
Kevin Kaufman see if it works remotely from a trash can
Hossam Abubakr Oh god why waste a month of your life with that horrible piece of crap! why why!
Zach Cline And I've heard from several people that the iPhone 5 feels cheap .
Zach Cline Android is just as smooth as iOS now .
Howard Abraham I'd like to see how it survives the sledgehammer and railroad spike test on day 1.
Shyam Sundar Stop wasting 30 days. It is atrocious. Instead carry dna
Miguel Sahagun @frank digital....LMAO!
Justin Michael Duncan Also if you get the DNA I've got 6 dead pixels so be sure to check on that
Ben White Zach, I've used both Android and iOS, and even though Android has more customization, iOS is significantly smoother. They need to fix some flaws with the next update, obviously, but it's still the most responsive user interface I've ever used. The build quality of the iPhone 5 is night and day compared to the SIII, which is made of plastic. I'm not an Apple fanboy, but the iPhone 5 is the best phone I've used so far... just my opinion.
Mason Fant A water test to 50 feet!
Eric J. Powers A real phone
Zach Cline Corey no its not lol. And you can't judge these new android devices based on the thunderbolt which sucked from day one .
Rachelnelsoncecilia Mejia I would like to see you throw that POS away on Day 1.
Art Lopez Boo I love my note 2
Corey Forde He's going to love it. Truth is though, im a die hard Android fan, and after coming from an HTC Thunderbolt (I don't wanna talk about it), to the iPhone 4S, I must say, apple has their stuff together as far as simplicity, reliability, and uniformity. I won't stick with Apple forever, but I do know it'll take a really great smartphone to get me to switch back to Android. People can hate on the iPhone, but it's a damn good phone. Period.
Jeff Irvine I'd like to see him smash it. Seriously though, 30 days WOULD be a challenge for me using the iPhone 5.
Justin Michael Duncan I got my HTC DROID DNA last Friday love it! No problems at all coming from the nexus!
Zach Cline More than likely . I'm ditching my iPhone 4S for the droid DNA. Time for some quad core goodness.
Juwon Donte But who are we kidding with this 30 day challenge we all know Arron is going to praise the iPhone 5
Zach Cline I used to get irritated when I saw iPhone owners get called iDiots , But that's actually not far from the truth lol. I've seen comments like - How do I get 4G LTE on my iPhone ? What does the A6 processor do? Lol
Juwon Donte I love my s3 but I really do wish Samsung would focus on build quality
Anthony Bailey I'd like to see Aaron hurl it at a wall at the speed of light. Let me know how that works out for ya, buddy.
Kenneth Bernales i totally agreed with zach and juwon
Kenneth Bernales i like to see how disappointed he is in using the iphone 5
Juwon Donte Only women and teens carry iPhones around
Zach Cline Nope. There's not a huge difference between the iPhone 5 and 4s since the iPhone 4S does everything the iPhone 5 can Since the ios. 6 update , Which sucks by the way . iOS 6 felt more like a downgrade
Juwon Donte Everybody says the s3 is over rated your crazy..what's over rated is the iPhone 5 it hasn't changed since 2007 other the a bigger screen
Daniel Timmons Other then the battery life being horrible its the same as my iPhone 4 no point in testing old hardware
Zach Cline Apple maps are really bad .
Frank DigitalLensman Probably drive off a cliff while trying to follow his GPS
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino Aaron!! this is the same phone since iphone, dont waste your time!
Jimmy Pai its wasting your time to make this challenge...its nothing to do with it...its just the same god damn thing like the old iphone...its was better if you make a 30day challenge for the windows phone like nokia numia 920...
Andy Kemp Will it blend?
Nick Sciancalepore Its a nice change from constant Samsung phones but it just seems obvious because all really has is a bigger screen there's not much more to it I feel the DNA or nexus 4 are real challenges
Charles W. Y. Wong apple is overrated, Galaxy phones are not, people actually love them. And no I wouldn't even watch or read about the 30 day challenge...
Zach Cline Note 2 is too big
Joey Colossus Jenrette Note2 > Everything Else
Steve LeBoeuf The gs3 is way over rated. I know texting on it sucks.
Zach Cline I don't think he'll make it 30 Days on it . Honestly the iPhone is a solid device but geese Louise - People want to be able to do more than change the wallpaper and make folders . It's not 2007 anymore . Seeing devices like the galaxy note 2, HTC droid DNA , droid razr maxx really shows how stagnant the iPhone is .
K.j. Littlejohn Get the nexus 4 and quit ignoring it lol we all know how much U hated the galaxy nexus ,now U wont even give the n4 a chance ((smh))
Marc Martin I'd like to see Aaron do a battery & camera test.
Richie Soares My sympathys Aaron
William Howser Add the app ZOMBIE LIFE for free like it is on android
Zach Cline Not really
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Galaxy 3 is overrated.. even on Verizons fast network.
Zach Cline Galaxy S3 is far from Horrible lol
Luis Lauranzon I gave the S3 longer time me it was a horrible experience. Much happier that I switched to the iPhone 5.
Alex Arana Nothing interesting to see out that cripple phone
Jose Angel Santiago Run it over with a combine lmao!!!
Abram Wenevermet Dennis http://mashable.com/2012/11/27/siri-chevrolet/
Sameer Biala What would I like to see? I'd like to see Aaron do a drop test or a hammer test!! Like NOW!!
Noe Zuniga Challenge a real phone ,like a Nexus 4 or something..lol
Barry Llewellyn Try throwing it at as many apple employees without cracking the screen.
Guillermo De León Tell us what a waste of time iPhone 5 is.
Gordon Christie Have him drop it from four feet and see if it still works maybe do that on last day cos it will break
Zach Cline iPhone 5 is a waste if time seeing as how there's not a huge difference between the 4s and iPhone 5 besides a half inch increase on screen size and 4G LTE .
Kevin Joel Do video of how to switch to WP8 from it :D
Tan Chong Ling No thanks. Aaron dont waste your time with the iPhone 5! Make the s3 and note 2 as your personal phone for LIFE!
Joel Valladares Waste of time
Zach Cline Windows phone 8 looks more boring than ios
Aaron Couts offer it up to google as a sacrifice
Missy Wheeler Make it accept 3rd party apps.
Kristoff Lewandowski Switch to Lumia man.
Brendan Hillier Kill it with fire !
Auston Groth id like to see u trade it in for an S3
Zach Cline I'm dumping my 4s for the droid DNA lol.
Jesse Ling try to navigate with apple maps lol,we'll never hear from him again
Stephen Wagner sucks for him
Evaristo Palmer Make and show a business presentation

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