Aaron's back with the Apple iPhone 5 Challenge!  In day 24, it's all about comparing it with previous challenges; namely, the Samsung Galaxy S III.  Aaron discusses the differences between the devices and between the two separate challenges - more importantly, the differences between Android and iOS, then and now.  Buckle up for the final few days of the challenge series; it's going to be an exciting ride!

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"Which challenge was better: iPhone 5 or Galaxy S III?"

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Mike Jeanty GS3 but the iphone 5 looks better
salonibaloni even if people r arguing that 3s is better, we all have to admit that the iphone is just better quality and samsung copied apple! nothing beats apple!!!
Veronica Thibodeau Tomlinson I had the iPhone 5, switched to the galaxy S3, got so disgusted with Samsung that I am now back to the iPhone 5, And I'm so very happy. It's just a better product, better quality. And the only reason the Samsung fans think Sandsong rules the market is because they have so many different models. Because they're desperate trying to get fans. Apple is confident and all they need is a couple of models
Facebook user iSheep 5 is not a worthy opponent for the GALAXY Note II.
Jay Petryk Samsung owns the market right now. iPhone is the next blackberry meaning they had something that worked so well that they are afraid to change it and by the time they do they will be too far behind. Same excuses from apple fanboys as youbwould hear from blackberry fanboys 2 years ago. I used apple for the iphone 4, 4s and then 5 and finally I asked myseld why I bought the same phone 3 times? I sold my iphone 5 and bought a note 2 and could not be happier with my choice.
Devin Martinez I like my iPhone 5 it's great & beautiful
Marc Martin iPhone 5.
Kenny Lee galaxy s 3
Corey Stock Galaxy note 2
Brandon James S3!!!!!!!! Let's give a round of applauds to functionality!
Charles W. Y. Wong people don't like plastic things for some reason... "oh I don't like how the plastic feels" phones before iPhones were plastic.. nobody complain until iPhone fanboys got spoiled.
Jeremy Carter IPhone 5 sucks. IPhone 4S is better. Galaxy s3 still at the top. galaxy note 2 is a tablet. It doesn't count
Ken Hoey What's challanging about an iPhone?
Ken Hoey The iPhone is nothing to fuss over. All android phones continue to be better!!! LOL
Miguel Bleau But of course note 2 is the best ever
Miguel Bleau S3 ftw Dammit even the new bb10 owned the i5 in the tests lol
Yasir Sohail iPhone 5.
Magnus Larsson LG Nexus 4 (Y)
Eduardo Ordaz My vivid is even better than the iPhone. Since I got the phone I haven't experienced any problems. And there is proof that the iPhone possesses people. Has u can see here.
Zach Cline I switched back to the iPhone from the S3 because I couldn't stand the plasticy build quality .
Zach Cline My droid RAZR maxx HD has frozen up plenty of times on me already after about three weeks of owning it lol.
Eduardo Ordaz Galaxy S3 way better. Peoole that switch back to the iPhone have been hypnotized by it. It's just like the ring on the Lord of the rings it calls to u and possesses u. People I know would never switch from their S3 back to a little boring iPhone.
Ron Sebastian iPhone all the way!
Mendez Roy galaxyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....iphone is for gay
Jacob Grumbles Gs3 by far . If your looking to challenge the idiot phone 5 against a Android you should probably do it with a Android phone that came out 2 years ago .
Marcus Samual Winchester Samsung make the better phone but Apple make the superior tablet.
Damarcus Harris This challenge is just as boring as that iphone
Tyler Frodl Im an ios and android fan:) lol I don't care caz I love them both:D
Kyle Krause I had both I like the iPhone better
Michael Myers Galaxy S III.
Brandon Moran iPod touch 5th + phone app = iPhone 5. I don't see the point of the iPhone 5.. Overpriced iPod. Nice on the outside though must say.. But They need to redesign.. remake, innovate.. ...ASAP. And i mean REALLY INNOVATE.. No more doing what others have done years ago... iPhone ONE was different when it came out.. Wish they'd do more of that..
Josh Stanley Well with the 3000 mhb the Samsung g3 has available now it has the advantage
Thea Koeuth have a S3 and nothing to fuss over. iPhone continues to be better.
Pedro Juan Iphone
Leo Mrls that's not a challenge man!! a challenge would be to use a very old phone.
LaToya's Page Galaxy s3 of course screw the idiot phone
Dounutz Sesar Galaxy s3 n galaxy note 2 !!!
Anthony Evans Jr talk about flame bait
Jennifer DeAlmeida iPhone. I used the GSIII for one day and went back to my 4S. ;)
Jim Sowell Galaxy S III by far!
Mohamed Gueir s3 Galaxy
Alieu Jabel Ceesay iphone5 all the way
Jose Angel Santiago Galaxy s3 is a better device by far
Jettz Fuentecilla Galaxy s3 and galaxy note 2

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