Aaron's back with the Apple iPhone 5 Challenge!  In this day 3 video, Aaron discusses mail problems and overall stagnation when it comes to iOS 6.  iOS has been around in some form since the launch of the iPhone in 2007, and little has changed outside of minor cosmetic improvements and add-ons.  Without widgets and customization that Android offers, it seems a bit less productive as a whole.  This was acceptable and looked past when Apple's "it just works" premise was valid, but two things are in play now: (1) iOS 6 suffered from terrible keyboard lag at launch, tarnishing the OS and (2) the fluidity of Android has been on par with iOS since Ice Cream Sandwich.

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"In 2012, is iOS better than Android (or Windows Phone)?"

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Leah MaRie McGinley hey i found this to be a start on the battery here is a name to check out,,,,the battery is called Mugen look it upi think they have it for the gS3 and gS2 not sure about the note2 yet
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas Windows phone rules,IOS is the most boring OS in the market and Android got a lot of malware,Windows phone is fresh,fluid,unique,the best,Lumia series by Nokia are the most innovatives smartphones in the market right now
Muhammad Jafrill Bin Karim Pleace compare iphone 5 with nokia 3310. Thanks :)
Kyle Krause I had the galaxy s3 but is broke when I got into a car accident so I decided too get the iPhone 5 after and all I can say that android is more customizable and unique where iOS is kinda hands on and plain I like android but iOS is smoother , if that makes sense. It all comes down too personal preference though.
Gnabergasher In a word: No
Lenn Liggins Windows phones don't get the love, but it's the best phone out there.
Elijah Markeith Baxter Windows phone is the best
Daniel Rogers To be honest there all really big for one reson witch is there all brilliant they will not spend so long on a phone just for fanboys to argued there all good and none are better than the other because there all different operating systems so Mabey if apple said to Samsung or another big company make a iOS devise then than will be the only way to actually say what is better every one has different opinions use should be happy they even make phones so just respect each others opinions ! :D
Neil Matani Ios is the best. Why do people get so annoyed if one of their updates are not the greatest. They will improve. Android and Windows Phone is crap.
Arvind Katiyar I really miss Steve Jobs,these guys have a habbit of not competing with their rivals,they find it a better idea to have legal battles against them.
Zach Cline Android is better than windows phone 8 .
Kyle Mezrahi nothing is better than WP. here is MY order: windows phone 8 android 4.2 sailfish blackberry 10 iOS
Rob Watkins Android went by iOS with Jellybean. Been with Android since the OG Droid.
Tan Chong Ling Android is far better than iOS. I get bored with iOS when I look at it. Apple is banning everything...including my favourite android 4.1 jelly bean. What's the deal here? I can see that apple does not want google to progress in the mobile era. I can't imagine how the judges will think of apple in the court against samsung and htc.
Chester Candelaria What's the difference of 2007 ios to the 2012 ios?
Zac Luna Android all the way
Zach Cline Same here john. With all of the resources they have they could easily give iOS a killer overhaul but nope Rather than innovate they try to sue and ban the competition left and right .
John Mercado I bought a popcorn just for watchig people debate on this subject. Android for me, the only reason I hate apple is because they are anti innovation. And thy like to control others to gain what isnt rightfully theirs. iOS is good but nit for me.
Zach Cline Yeah it took apple until the iphone 4 before they included video recording and claimed it was new which was a joke .
Robert Futty Didn't it take apple like 3 iphones before they got video recording? And I don't mean a cydia app either. Didn't phone far as flips have voice command before apple? Idk who had it first but I do know apple didn't have pull down notification first. Which I dislike it because instead of having the option to remove all notification at once I gotta remove each apps notification one by one.. And at the gate ios6 had issues. Not saying ios sucks because I use my 1st gen iPad from time to time
Zach Cline Uh Joey you have no idea of what you're talking about . Android is customizable right out of the box without needing to root, Hack or mod . And customizing a jailbroken iPhone isn't any easier lol.
Cody Williams Android and windows
Wesley Sanders I don't know about iOS being as smooth as android. I got an iPhone 5 earlier this month and had to take it back a week later. It constantly froze, certain ppl would text me and it would take me forever to get, I had to go through x amount of steps just to make my own ringtones. I exchanged for an SIII and after a night of playing with it, I was mad at myself because I waited 3 weeks for the iphone to come in when I could've had the galaxy the whole time. Smooth, customizable, and hasn't frozen on me once.
Darrien Glasser For the record, "Airplay" has been in android since 2.2 (through apps) and is natively supported through 4.2. iCloud can be effectively mimicked through the use of Dropbox and Chrome. I don't like to get into these "wars" but iOS can do, android can do as well.
Joey Cheng Federer I think iPhone is taking idea from jailbreaking.. But also.. There's such no app can be like some tweaks.. Like quick reply for SMS or whatsapp... You can see, twitter and fb is doing this kinda format ... But it's not as friendly as jailbreaking... What makes your iPhone fantastic is seriously becuz of the jailbreak... It's friendlier than android (easier and really more convenient to customize), phonedog.com you never jailbreak it...(I mean the iPhone 5) that's why you are challenging, I guess.
Zach Cline Windows phone 8 looks more boring than iOS .
Brandon Johnson That being said, ios has been stale for several years now. Android really just recently became a better alternative with ics and jb. But I'd rather still give wp8 a shot before I go back to android.
Brandon Johnson Maybe some of the people are such hardcore fans of apple os because they're really the only American company making phones.
Zach Cline Agreed Stuart
Marc OKelly Give us, us free
Stuart James Baucum as much as i love and prefer iPhone/iOS, it's been 6 years since iOS first came out, Apple does need to do some interface-tweaking in order for it to look more "alive" and "up-to-par" with Android and Windows Phone. like live information updates on app icons and the same type of weather animation as on Android....stuff like that.
Zach Cline I'll agree that one isn't really better than the other seeing as how it's all going to come down to personal preference anyway . It might seem like I'm hating on apple but I'm criticizing iOS . I don't want to see apple go down the same road as RIM. And if they keep churning out the SAME thing every year with small upgrades they're going to . I think jony Ive will give iOS an overhaul but will it be enough ? I don't know . You can bet iOS won't change that much because apple is worried about pissing off their customer base and that's understandable . But at the same time there's another part of apple fans that do want to see widgetsm An improved notification center , Toggles for wifi. Airplane mode , 3G/ 4G etc and some of them are going to android because you can get That functionality right out if the box without rooting it , Or in the iPhones case jailbreaking it.
Marc Martin Oh okay. Listen, I've go no problem with Android. Infact, Android does suit me cause I do like to customise stuff, play around with the OS. I'm just saying, my parents would go for an iOS device anyday, just because its so simple, easy to use, reliable and also safe. I like both of them, there isn't a better one till date, Android 5 or iOS 7 will be something to watch out for.
Zach Cline I use iCloud all the time between my iPad and Mac
David Wittlich Android is better. Hands down.
Marc Martin Hey Zach, I'm open to anything that works well, I don't give a darn about who makes the OS, it has to work. And man, trust me, Jelly Bean is as smooth, but not yet on par with iOS. Google Now is great, really, but have you tried the Google App with its voice search ? Has almost all the features, doesn't talk back, but is still great. Google Now doesn't let you set appointments for tomorrow ? Are you serious ? ROFL. But yeah, I do like Google Now over Siri. Full screen browsing eh, yeah, its a feature that should've been there ages ago, we didn't get it, no one complained, we got it now and we're all happy. Have you ever used iCloud ? It is simple to use and works like a charm. Take a pic on my iPhone, 2 mins later its on my MacBook + iPod + iPad. Oh and Airplay =)
Zach Cline Dude it's obviously you're an iFanboy . And yes jellybean IS as smooth as iOS. . I have a nexus 7 along with the iPad mini and its just as smooth. Please tell me how iOS 6 was an upgrade ? Yeah they redesigned the App Store . Siri sucks a little less but still sucks compared to google now . Oh and we finally got full screen browsing in landscape that should have been there two or three years ago lol. And you shouldn't have to switch to landscape to get a full screen experience either . Pretty magical and revolutionary
Marc Martin And, for your other comment, it wasn't a downgrade, wasn't much of an upgrade either, but there were tiny updates in the UI which I don't think you noticed. Also, saying Jelly Bean is as smooth as iOS is complete BS. Watch most of the reviews, they'll say its close but not yet at iOS standards. Now, I will agree with you on the maps, they weren't the best for sure, but it will improve upon time. Google Maps was probably worse than what Apple maps is when it released, its taken them a good 10 years to make it what it is today and it sure as hell paid off. It won't take Apple as long as technology has improved though it will definitely take more than a few years but hey, Google Maps is coming out for iOS soon with alot more features than what it had for iOS when it was a native app. Also, youtube was trash in iOS 5. I mean seriously, the new app from Youtube is streets ahead, ask anyone. And, now that google itself will be updating the apps, you can expect shorter update periods, it turns out to be pretty good.
Zach Cline I wouldn't expect any radical changes
Marc Martin Hey Zach, you say apple stocks dropped because of that ? Common, everyone knows it dropped because of the change in management. Now that Johnathan Ive's taken over, you should expect to see quite a bit of new stuff.
Jesse Ling LOL windows phone
Brandon Cromer Yasir, so you're saying you want a phone and OS that doesn't progress with technology? You may as well own a BlackBerry then. Phones need updates that progress with technology. I don't understand how someone would want an OS that's stuck that way since 2007.
Zach Cline And the saying "It just works" Doesn't really apply anymore seeing as how smooth ice cream sandwich and jellybean are. iOS 6 was more of a downgrade than anything else. they cut out google maps and used their own terrible maps app which they are racing to fix . It was so bad in fact that Tim cook had to apologize for it Then they lost the native youtube app which a lot of people used Passbook is basically useless and the list goes on .
Zach Cline Yasir that opinion is what's causing apples stock and market share to tank . People ARE bored with iOS and they are going to android / google because they actually listen to what their customers want and give it to them , And if you want to root your device and flash custom roms and kernels they encourage it .
Yasir Sohail Thats ur opinion.
Sebastian Gomes Android > iOS. That's all that needs to be said.
Yasir Sohail Why change something that is working perfectly fine. If younthink iOS is boring have fun on Android or WP8. Why do people have to force it on others? Just because you like Android or WP8 doesnt mean rest of us will too and vice versa.
Yasir Sohail The eco system is still miles better and more sorted out on iOS. Plus the app quality is better on iOS and the built quality of the phone as well. Nexus 4 isnt built the best. Android will get there just not yet.
Marc Martin And btw, when I meant to say it sells more than any android device, I meant as a phone itself. The iPhone sells more than any android phone. Alltogether, android does sell more, I think.
Frederick Rodriguez quit the challenge dude
Marc Martin Here's a funny joke too ! Android is better than iOS lol. @Zach, yes iOS is dated, hasn't changed too much since the time it released, doesn't have widgets, doesn't have to same customisation options like Android does, but still sells better than every android device. People like stuff that works, not saying android doesn't work, just that it isn't yet at the same fluidity of iOS. I really really love the option to customise my phone, being a 14 year old but let's face it, my mom or dad wouldn't even think of doing it. All they use their phone for is calling / texting / video calling / a few apps here and there and sometimes even Youtube. I find the iPhone does the job best, but yeah, android phones would probably be a better option for people that have time to customise stuff.. Saying Aaron's getting bored of iOS is just crap, seriously. I'm a fan of Android devices myself, just my 2 cents.
Eric J. Powers Apple does make good stuff, but I feel like the iPhone is too restrictive and boring. As of right now I would get a windows phone over an iPhone.
Huner Mathias Heres a funny joke. iOS is better then android ;-)
Zach Cline iOS isn't better . Aaron was a die hard iPhone owner for years and now he even says ios is dated and boring .
Grant Rudolph iOS is better. I swear Aaron is being sponsored by Google or something.
AK Sc 1 + 1 = 2, Android = better, more media attention ? better. I take the ability to do infinitely more stuff than something that does few things that MAY potentially run faster. Don't have an Iphone or any Apple products, never will, but they are not as great as fans make it out to be. Not a phone, but my Mac at work is the slowest machine ever, not old either, and the sad thing is nothing is even installed on it or anything that may slow it down. So much for being faster than PC. Yeah, I can admit the new Windows sucks, and my Android phone does crash, probably cause I have a butt load of apps running and its not a higher end phone like S3; but Apple fans will never admit to any flaws. That's annoying thing and that's why ppl hate the company and their followers.
Kyle Krause That's the only thing I can complain about I love my iPhone 5 but the iOS is getting old
Reese Woodson I had my iPhone 5 for a month, and I'm bored as hell with it. It's the most overrated phone on the planet. I had the Galaxy 3 before that and traded older family member it for the iP5. That was a mistake. So I'm just going to stick with it for a few months until the Galaxy 4 comes out. I don't see what's the big deal about the iP5, and I own one.
Mark Belkowski android is for big boys and girls.
Zach Cline And that app argument holds no ground either seeing as how most ios apps are making their way onto the play store .
Zach Cline Ios is not better than android lol. And I've been an ios user for a long time . And no widgets do NOT drain your battery . And customization isn't useless tinkering either . Being able to make your device look , Function and feel how you want is far from useless .
Kal El I love Android, and I always will... But iOS is just better. It works better, looks better, and even Google's own apps have more polish and functionality. No fragmentation is a big plus too. The customization everyone keeps screaming about, is just useless tinkering when it comes down to it. Sure, widgets and ROMs are fun for awhile, but they serve no real purpose. Widgets drain battery life, and if you flat out NEED to install a ROM to make your phone function properly, then what is the point of buying the phone?! iOS has far better apps, better support for those apps, and though it is cliche at this point... It just works. For all the iSheep arguments I am going to be hit with, this comes from a man who owns the entire EVO line on sprint, the Toshiba Thrive and Excite, a Nexus 7, and a slew of random android phones. It is only recently that I acquired an iPhone 4, and an iPad 3 with retina... And I am a total convert so far. Better apps, no lag, no freezing, no random restarts, more app updates, and consistent OS updates.
Rafael Almonte iOs is not better than Android. It possibly may not be better than Windows Phone. It just has a much larger developer community.
Nathan Wright That lock screen widget feature is amazing IMO
Jp Garmay ANDROID 4.1-4.2 THE BEST :)
Zach Cline Well that's true but I think that's why more and more people are going to android is because you get both functionality and customization . I have the nexus 7 and its a little beast And it got better with the 4.2 update with the lock screen widgets and everything else .
J.c. Gomez Android with htc sense
Nathan Wright Functionality and customization are two different things, but if you do it to fit you, it can turn into functionality. I had an Asus tf300t tablet and even though I could customize it, it had performance issues even with a quad core processor. Playing games on it was unrivaled, but the performance pushed me away to iOS, and I personally enjoy the stability and consistency. I am getting a nexus 7 for Christmas that will hopefully perform better.
Chan Yi Tian Thomas I used to hate Android but now, it is the best operating system on mobile devices. It is functional, smooth and looks great! Google Now is showing me information that I need instantly. With 4.2, I feel that we will see even more of Android functionality.
Alfonso Manuel Avalos Android (donut) was still better than ios hahaha
Freddy Vasquez This question again !!!!!!!! WTF
Zach Cline I've used android for a good while along with ios , And android has become far more functional than most ios devices . With the iPhone all you can do is change your wallpaper and make folders . Really ? And you still have to dig around in settings to Turn off and on your wifi , 3G/ 4G etc ., It's really gotten redundant . Apple is all marketing - Where they get people at is the App Store and iTunes because if you become heavily invested in the ecosystem it's harder to switch .
Nathan Wright It's all marketing. They can tell people the sky is purple, some people would believe it, but most people realize its simply not true. Some people are the same way for google and Microsoft. You have to keep an open mind and you'll see all the BS apple, google, and Microsoft pull. You ever listen to Steve Ballmer? He's a nutjob
Zach Cline Nathan other android users are usually more harsh lol
Guillermo Lene Android is better on my opinion
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino Dear Aaron i dont compare systems since all of them offert different kinds of things a few the same, but it depends on the user, i have tried all of them three and i can conclude that i preffer android it makes feel free, my smarphone is really smart with this OS!
Sandy Bullard Ryczak my iphone loyal daughter is nearing the switch to android.
Zach Cline What gets me is that apple tries to call ios the most advanced operating system but yet it doesn't even have toggles for wifi , Bluetooth , airplane mode , Etc .. Let alone widgets or even live wallpapers lol.
Nathan Wright Zack, we all understand that you dislike the iPhone but is the insulting the users needed? Do you realize how that makes other android fans look? It's reminiscent of Hitler.
Brent Legendre Slow news day? The OS Android debate usually appears when nothing else is going on.
Khairul Rizal I have used Android for almost 6 years and recently switched to iphone5 since its release. I have to agree that iphone sucked.
Nathan Wright It's all personal preference. No point in insulting those who use something different than you.
Mark Belkowski why does phone dog ask the same stupid questions every day?
Herbert Salamánca Ramos Windows phone is like a breath of fresh air, and made my iphone 4's (ios) looked & felt so boring.
John Smith Android jelly bean is the best by far. iOS. Is the same design year after year. Ios may be easy to use, bit that's only good for the teens and seniors!
Jose Be Julme No, Android > Windows Phone > iOS.
Zach Cline iOS is badly dated . I don't see Aaron making it 30 days with the iPhone 5. Three days into it and he already said its boring lol
Rhanier Santiago My nexus 7 which is on Android 4.2 has been quite unstable lately random reboots, slow charge, battery draining like a vampire. C'mon Google I need my update
Ventuniano Santito Android is too ahead of competition
Kenneth Bernales i agreed that in 2010 iOS is great.. but when android upgrades, iOS is crushed.. so i salute android.. i've have been an android user since GSII
Markus Howard Android kills ios
Asjad Hussain Android>iOS
Brandon Holley Android, iOS, blackberry, symbian, windows phone. Yeah I said it because windows phone is entirely too young to be even in the same conversation as iOS or android. Maybe when more customization is added will people give it a chance. I personally love windows phone but the world doesn't hold my views.
Nick Sciancalepore Sorry android passed them up after jelly bean
Gerald Ragira Zach the hater we know you
Tabib Rehman Ios just copy features that android make a yr ago or more
Zach Cline iPhone is for girls and teenagers
Joernie Berrios Nexus 4 review???....
Zach Cline At this point windows phone is better than ios
Dano Kaciak iOS ;)

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