Aaron unboxes the Apple iPhone 5 and gives some first impressions.  After years of hearing about it, the device is finally here, and with it comes an Apple A6 dual-core CPU (clocked at 1 GHz), a 4-inch Retina Display (with 326 ppi), 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, 4G LTE connectivity, and iOS 6 with Passbook.  It's available today on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon Wireless in the United States.  Does it put Apple back on top in the smartphone wars?

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"Apple iPhone 5. Unboxing time!"

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Nathaniel McCord Going to get the iPhone but its going straight to my collection of cell phones not planning to ever use the damn thing.
Cristian Salinas Murillo Apple sucks! ...iphone 5 losers jajaja...
Tiger Panomthonichakul ios sick ...6, sorry,
Aries Bautista A futuristic remote....
Garry Magat I went to bestbuy mobile , held the iPhone on my hand , and its feel awkward, because its to long for its width.
Garry Magat Stable OS? Freeze up on unboxing, cause? Apple used two 516mb chips -1 gb RAM
Chris Stec U should box it back up and throw it in a fire pit peace out!
Shannon Mellard great video! thanks
David Kaylor DO NOT CARE
Tyran Bamn Gray Seems like apple hates its consumers... Give them just enough to hold an argument that they will eventually lose.. there's the GS3 the Note and the Note 2! the i5 has no place in that genre of super phones. Its just an elongated iPhone 4, no real thought went into this phone and it shows. I guess its all about the brand right?
Zach Cline Angel the S3 is 4.8 inches, Not 4.7. Fail
Mark Belkowski galaxy s 3 all the way folks.
Arturo Atherly BLAH BLAH BLAH.....
Angel Hernandez "New" iphone: half inch bigger screen.. same ol' " retina" display.. 4g lte.. MY S3: 4.7 inch screen,720p HD resolution, 4g lte. S3> Iphone. Theres no argument there folks..
Mark Belkowski first unboxing im not interested in.
Jeremy Bleich Please Vince, spare yourself the time of typing. I don't argue with retards.
Jeremy Bleich Yeah I know about that Anthony, they were leaked from an FBI agents laptop computer.
Anthony Bailey Jeremy: you don't have to worry about NFC and identity theft. Apple does a good enough job of that on their own. Did you nor hear about the recent Apple headline-making scandal involving Apple IDs which affected over a million Apple users??
Anthony Bailey Could you even tell you were unboxing a "new" iPhone or did it look like another 4S at first glance?
Vince Garcia please i will steal your identity through facebook if i wanted to..bum
Jeremy Bleich And I'd prefer iOS not to use NFC, ever. Have fun getting your identity stolen.
Jeremy Bleich People lined up for miles to buy the same thing they already have in their pocket today. I love my 4s but people are pathetic.
Jeff Cross Cut the tape, reboot the phone, roll tape!
Bonnie Kettrick- DiCostanzo Wow all i can say is too funny! Out of the box Epic fail lol
Dylan Velasco I lol'd when the stupid phone froze while going through set up. Team Android!
Mark J F Makinika Love it... cant wait to have this
Victor Brownwell The most beautiful design phone!
Anthony LaCross lol it froze
Divjot Hersheys Singh Haha ! Aapl Suxx !!
Phillip McGriff Aaron I've been waiting 4 You to unbox the 5, nothing's offical until phonedog reviews it!!!!
Ivan Pineiro Why bother uploading a new unboxing if it's the same thing as the 4S?
Brian Jones Let the Dog Fight begin S3 all the way
Warren Saunders I'd leave it in the box
Chris Delgado Peppay arrr!
Christopher Lee 6:07-6:20 EPIC!!! LOL
Jake Hewitt iPhones r crapppppp
AK Sc IPhone is like Justin Bieber of the phone world. I guess I'm one of the few who's neutral with it.
Slyman Moses Dang took them 5 years to grow only half inch lol
Guillermo De León I sold mine already because it sucks! That's what I expected.
George Cruz I got mine today. And it feels weird on how light it is. The touch is better and I like it
Rohit Pol Not that much difference between 4s n 5...
Scott Donahue Epic Fail... most of the stuff wasn't even working out of the box, probably the reason he went so fast to exit out of all the features he was trying to show.
Luke Buchanan Im sure its a great phone but not really impressive
Sid Dabholkar Whoo Hoo!
Kenneth Li Fool! Friend don't let friend use idiotphone!
David DiPilla It's a beautiful phone
Kenneth Li wow! iphone must be really cool! cus it' too stupid to know what nfc is! pay with your mobile phone!
Mihai Alex is the iphone 5 a real smartphone? or a feature phone with a menu key like the previous iphones?
Zach Cline Queue the android trolls in 3... 2...1...
Samuel Claudio Trow that crap out
Archduke Gonzalo Uriona wow. what will you ever do with a 1second faster loading time and a 0.5 in bigger screen, prolly things the iphone 4s could have never done (sarcasm) -.-
Jim Messerfish Some one having a different phone frightens and scares me. So I'll just post this: iPhone? More like iSuck, am I rite, fellows? LOLOLOL
Ayo Q Sipho So....its the same as the last iphone unboxing
Blake Salsgiver Who cares? Boring.....new news is still old news. Nothing different just another version. Whoopie!!!!
Randy B Hoopes It's the best ever!
Toni Aaltonen first :p

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