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Aaron does a full video review of the Apple iPhone 5.  Featuring an Apple A6 dual-core CPU clocked at 1 GHz, the iPhone 5 sports a 4-inch Retina Display (326 ppi), 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, 1,440 mAh battery, 4G LTE, and iOS 6.  It's available now at Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.  For iPhone fans, it's a great upgrade - and it's a high-end phone that's worth recommending to many.  But keeping the big picture in mind, iPhone no longer commands the wide lead it once had in the smartphone market.  There are a ton of great high-end Android and Windows Phone devices that offer equally compelling value propositions.  Is iPhone 5 worth your hard-earned money?  Part 1 of 2.

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"HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, or iPhone 5?"

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Robin Reints One X for sure!
John Anthony Galaxy S3
Kenny Lee Galaxy S 3
Edmund Labz Benaojanovic GS3 all the way.
Andrew T Roach One X. Love Android. Display and build quality is second to none. Hate AMOLED and cheap plastic.
Colton Jung DOGFIGHT. NOW.
Domenic Scacchitti Im just excited to see the dogfights.....
Arham Noor one.X!!
Chuck Distance I'm HTC sense fan myself but I know that the galaxy S3 is the better phone.
Yi Hsuan Cheng definitely galaxy s3 :)))
Chris Robato GS3 for the win.
Joanna Enrique Ramos Got my galaxy3 in white last month and loving it!
Daryle Morris GALAXY S3
Daryle Morris Finally got his hands on one
Alfie Pugh Plus the others I've had the experience
Alfie Pugh IPhone 5
Abram Jim note 2
Keith C. Langill I'm confused: you ask about one of three devices, but you only review just the iPhone. Strange link. When do you do the shootout?
Michelle McBrien Bought the 1x didn't care it for it went back to apple for the iPhone 5!!! And I'm loving it!!!
Tim Houp None of the above, I'll wait for the Lumia 920, although my Lumia 900 is already better than any of these 3...
Watashiwa Brandon IPhone 5 and one x
Sam Platz Galaxy s3
Diego Schneider Samsung galaxy s3 Duhhhh !!
Tito Burgos I have gs3 but the galaxy note 2 will destroy what little the iphone 5 has left over from gs3 takeover
Don Stephen Strada II do i really have to without even looking man! samsung is our future now!!
Silver Ochoa Why is the iphone 5 so much in demand! If the gs3 is better. And not to mention a month wait.
Ryan Anton One X is obviously the best
Mark Belkowski gs3 is the clear winner.
Edison Eduardo Cevallos-Veliz I honestly feel it should be iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy III, and 8X. It should be three platforms, not just two. Besides, the One X has been out for too long.
Jason Mason GS3 all day
Lewis Hall S 111!!
Hugo Contreras Lagos Neither....Lumia 920 FTW!!!
Luis Carlos Diaz Sananes Windows Phone... HTC 8X or Nokia Lumia 920
Gary Bowling The One X would not be so bad if it were not bogged down by Sense.
Joy Inman Hill Galaxy S3
Steve Karll Galaxy Slll
Dustin Momeni RAZR MAXX HD
Mark Belkowski i cant even believe you would consider putting the ifail up against the gs3 or onex.
Jason Charles galaxy s3 for me
Jeradiah R Williams The galaxy S3
Gary Bowling @ Dimitri - That's the most ignorant thing I have ever read regarding smartphone users... why don't you provide a link to that study?
Nathan Bryant SGS III, iPhone 5, One X. Not a fan of sense. I own an iPhone 5 & love it but I favor Android.
Mendez Roy Galaxyyyyyyyy
Dimitri Gharam There is a scientific theory that depending on how a person looks and interacts with the Internet. The android users are very naive and a short temper. Compared to iOS users are very satisfying in their lives and even respected at the same because the content varies on mobile os
Julian J. Perry S3 hands down
William Burnham My One S has served me well .
Joanna Enrique Ramos I love my galaxy3!
Grown Fly AndGifted One X all day the iPhone 4ss aka iPhone 5 is trash
Yasir Sohail Lol@ppl talking about plastic and metal and glass. They both will be damaged no matter whay when you drop them. Only idiots worry about plastic and glass. S3 is an aweso.e pho e and I cant wait to get a note 2, wont need a tab after that I am sure.
Wilmer Lisboa Samsung galaxy s3
Gary Bowling Galaxy S3.
Darrien Glasser If it's not the Verizon one, GSIII any day. Otherwise the One X.
Jerm Torres T-Mobile sidekick 3 > iPhone5
Said Issa GS3 any day !
Devin Martinez I haven't had any of those problems at all my typing is great & the touch sensitivity is perfect remember these screen were being made by 3 deferent company's maybe some aren't as good as others
Nathan Parks I got the s3 when it launched because I was so sure that apple would once again release the bare minimum of an upgrade to manipulate its loyal customers into buying it. I was right and am completely happy with my s3 and Google now is amazing
Gabriel Martinez Its time for the galaxy s3 to put the stretched out iphone 4s to bed.
Shawn Poling I canceled my iPhone 5 order and got the Samsung galaxy s3. I love it so far.
Jenni Massey If I were to upgrade now, I would get a Sammy Galaxy S3. It's the phone I have my eye on for my next Android phone.
Michael Alvarado Castellano Galaxy s3 n iPhone 5 no questions asked
Jamille Browne Wow predominantly android devices are the phones of choice as it seems, years ago a lot of people used to say iPhone, progress is being made
Ryan Rodriguez nexus all the way! Baby
Tony Abiama Galaxy S3...
Khurt Escoffery Galaxy S3!!! Easy choice
Murad Nazi Galaxy S4 to be announced in early 2013...start saving your money.
Murtaza Rzv iphone 5 a poorly made phone...galaxy s3 is great ..features and quality wise...GALAXY S 3 is a top premium device of the year
Oliver Evo Just One x
John Marler Galaxy nexus
Tyrus Bobo Da Keyboardest am has put brain washing potion in all their products.the iphone 5 is once again a minimal upgrade from the 4s and ppl are acting like its a totally new phone design...smh.s3 all the way
Kaizer Joelle Ip5. Love Samsung.. Just don't like android
Micca Koster I just watched iPhone 5 review and my opinion junk. Can't believe all the issues with it out of the box
Jose Santiago Gonzalez Galaxy s3 until next week when something else better comes out.
Cesario Brito Jr. Nexus or gtfo
Morgan Murdock You suck
Owais Akhtar I'm only getting the iPhone 5 because of Siri, after returning my Galaxy S3, because S-Voice wouldn't properly work. But yes, the GS3 rocks!
Melvin Mejia Iphone 5 duh
Rich Morrissey Iphone 5
Ivan Villegas I will get a S3 on may 2013
Christopher Daniel Galaxy s3... iPhone 5 is for sure OVERRATED!!!! besides, Samsung needs some sort of repatriationfor their ridiculous loss to freakin apple!
Rudy Don brainer
Bryant Buchanan Galaxy s3
Joel Valladares Samsung Galaxy S III always
Jamille Browne You mean One X vs S3 because as far as I'm concerned iPhone 5 is played out
Matthew Hart Droid RAZR Maxx HD!!
Steve Johns And ios is such a a bore
Patrik Farky iPhone 5 !!!!!!
Chris Glade Galaxy S III. No comparison
Steve Johns Galaxy s3 for sure I hate squinting to see such a small screen lol:-P
Marc Hill S III
George Av galaxy s3 what else.
Darren Penix iPhone. What else?
Juan Castillo iPhone 4s !!!Ha!
Lawrence Lepes I am actually waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2! That will desicrate all in its path!
Vicente Trevino HTC Evo 4G LTE, iPhone 5 then Galaxy S3
Rodrigo Argente galaxy s3
Steve Hartsock International One X
Mihajlo Miki Duric Samsung galaxy note 2 and nokia lumia 920 :)
John Luttrell One x please
Devlin Robear Lumia 920, but out of the three, the S3.
Lawrence Lepes Hands down the Samsung Galaxy S3! In order from worst to best, I would rank them, 1- Samsung Galaxy S3, 2- HTC One X, 3- IPhone 5
Matti Hietala Galaxy Nexus.
Mitchell Plaster Iphone 5. i dont need huge phones...
Ric Stewart Samsung GS3
Matthew Jordan iPhone 5....!!!!
Juwon Donte S3 but the lumia 920 has caught my eye
Scott Graham Galaxy S3
Rasin Muhammad Sadooq Galaxy Nexus! Still the best
Zach Chapman Samsung Galaxy SIII.. FTW!!
Eskias McDaniels Gs3. Easy work

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