Apple iOS versus Android.  Fight fight fight!  Aaron throws the Apple iPhone 5 and HTC One X (international version) into the ring for a dogfight battle.  The iPhone 5 is Apple's new flagship phone and it offers an Apple A6 dual-core CPU, 4-inch Retina Display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, a 1,440 mAh battery, and iOS 6.  The HTC One X (international) offers a 1.5 GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra CPU, 4.7-inch HD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, 1,800 mAh battery, and Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4, all in a polycarbonate shell.

They're both hot and have strong (and passionate) fans, but only one can take home the win.  Which one will it be?  The fruit or the green guy?  Part 1 of 2.

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"iPhone 5 or One X?"

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Jose Villa iPhone 5 for sure.
Adrian Bordoy Optimus g or Optimus nexus?
Wayne Bordoy One x.........until the optimus g comes out
Lenn Liggins HTC One X seems to be a better phone.
Matin Raj Iphone 5 of course but personaly i like the galaxy note 2 wayyyyy better than both of these device. Cant wait for it 2 release in my country
Devin Martinez Look how much better the HTC is lol numbers don't lie, no mater how much u wanna cover ur eyes numbers don't lie. http://mobile.businessweek.com/news/2012-10-08/htc-posts-record-profit-drop-as-samsung-apple-grab-sales
Guruprasad Tenginmath ya htc one x,,...
Eugene Yap Definitely htc one x. Iphone 5 suck
Devin Martinez Stop bull shitting ur selves iPhone dominance once again, don't believe me? Prove me wrong...be happy with what u got bitches...last place
Awwab Asif Htc one x for sure.
Josh Munoz It's around 16 (iPhone) to 48 (One X). I have both the HOX and the i5. i5 is the same thing. There's no difference from the original iPhone. There is basically no major changes other than hardware. In terms of OS, Apple did not do anything different than adding a notification bar that was originally on Android phones, letting you change the background, copy/paste that were on old QWERTY phones, and a minor tweak to the bottom dock. Android looks so different and innovated the OS to the point where Cupcake is better than iOS. There's a big reason why HTC never looked good in the eyes of phone people. The One X changed the opinions of those people, and I know it. iPhone? Wow, what a nice looking brick. What can your iPhone do? Take great pictures? Maps app? Wow, GUI improvement (blue banner)? IT'S LONGER? A NEW PORT THAT ONLY APPLE CAN USE? Yeah, nice try. You're just trying to make even more money. Good job Apple, I thought I was on your side. Now I can clearly see that I'm on the other side opposing you. It's not even that your products are bad, without the iPhone people would still have PDA's, but it's you "selling out".
Ivan Pineiro I'd rather have a typewriter than an iPhone.
Dalton Davis One X!! And I don't even have it:)
Warren Saunders No comparison, One X owns iPhone 5....One X+ eats it for breakfast
Brandon Johnson Personally I don't like either of those phones. The iphone 5 is just taller than my 4s and the one x is kind of weak despite it's specs (the 4S and the 5 do have better cameras than the one X though, it has an orange tint in all of it's pictures).
Javier Delgado Lumia920
Hudson Elowsky Galaxy S3
Zach Brito One X, of course... Stupid question.
Mark Fisher Jr. My iPhone 3GS is way better than both pf them. I never had no problems with it. None.
Jacob Ryan Fortner iPhone is and always will be the same thing and boring.
Jacob Ryan Fortner One X is 10X better than the iPhone 5.
Hend Farid One X+
Ariel Mor One x
Michael Hetric still can't decide.
Brandon Salyer Runs better? Messed up apple maps, a horrendous data leak, purple pics.. The iPhone has traditionally been a fine device but iPhone 5 needs some work. The only plus is these should be easier to fix than antennagate.
Rashaud Cook Ok so the one x+ has all this power, but be honest what are you going to do with that power beside sit on Facebook us the web and take a phone call?? It sounds good but pointless . iPhone has the same apps and runs even better with less power then these "super phones " I like android but don't bash apple if it runs apps a hell of a lot better.
Shin Wolf iphone is dead already
Guillermo De León iPhone is yesterday's technology. Hello Android!
Elijah David Kleehammer One X! Super excited for the One X+, although I can't say I'm all for the incremental processor/design changes. Sort of reminiscent of another company prominent in the market.. Yet people still pay $200+ for it! Haha!
Juwon Donte s3 then note 2..nobody cares about iPhones anymore it's extremely boring
Sebastian Gomes No brainer here, One X
Emily Maitz One x!!
Reese Woodson The Galaxy 3 beats them both! iPhones are so overrated it's ridiculous.........
Perro Rosello ONE X. After the 4.0.4 and Sense 4.1 update, iPhone 5 has no chance. Jellybean will just finish it off
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I'm leaning towards the note2.. only problem is waiting forever on android latest updates
Markus Howard One X or the Note 2
Marcela Patino S3, htc one x, s3, st the end iphone
Miguel Bleau If I had to choose it be one x+ but forget that im getting the note 2 that kills them all
Bill Gillespie id take a hp ipaq 6315 over anything apple
Abram Wenevermet Dennis HTC phones are trash
Joel Diaz One x. No ios comparison needed.
Larry Hoover Samsung S3 > HTC One X > IPhone 5
Camar Green iPhone 5..... HTC one x is garbage compared to both SGs3 and iPhone 5.... even the SG Note series
Daniel Ayala why do people always complain about comparing phones, how else are people supposed to know what would better fit there needs
Gautam Mandla one x Definitely!
Ridvan Ongun Both device good when it comes to design but iphone's build quality is slightly better because of aluminum construction.personaly I prefer the android bacause it ofers al lot of things , customizations , widgets and more.
Anthony Evans Jr Id take my old sanyo 8200 over an iphone
Nick Guerrero G IPhone 5. IPhone 4s with a 5inch bigger screen and a little faster? After owning the iPhone 5 for about a week it will be the same iPhone4s iPhone4 iPhone3. I'm not hating on apple, just saying HTC one x have a lot more to offer.
John Sanchez Why compare devices with different eco's ... This is going to be a forever thing. iPhone or Android. iOS or the new jellybean or whatever new os android puts out. Why must we keep doing this. The comparison is subjective. I remember the known issues with the one series, blah keep it. Love the Galaxy series, HTC needs to get back to creating iconic devices instead of pushing stuff out. The one series is garbage... iPhone 5 or better android device
Fark Mukerberg one X if they fix the faulty GPS
Justin Michael Duncan Htc one x bigger better faster and no grainy photos.
Aaron Lane One X.
Ken McDowell One X, without a doubt.
Matti Hietala HTC One X!
Crispin Magana iPhone 5 > HTC One X
Howell Ruehl One X!!!!!
Ian Baylon You can pretty much compare anything to an iPhone and people would buy it over an iPhone, even a brick.
Tarequl Islam Chowdhury One X,,,Obviously
Kennii PrIv LeGu Kalonji One x.. Hope u keeping count
Lewis Hachmeister You also know that Apple reserves the right to TURN OFF your video features right???? At any time they can keep you from recording whatever it is that you're seeing. Also...is makes me nervous that sooooo many people have phones that you CAN'T take the battery out of. Know what that spells to me?? Trouble.
Enis Fazliu S3 the one x
Alex Krueger iphone 5! da
Cory Jansen One x+
Carlos Ramirez iPhone 5daaaaI
Louis Agresti I am getting tired of these continues comparing the Iphone 5 and 2 Android devices The Galaxy s3,or the HTC one,it comes down to all marketing not the fact that these are not the only Smartphones made.
John Elizondo One X no need to compare
Hanamichi Kurotsuchi stop these not useful comparison, ANDROID IS BETTER BETTER BETTER.
Brandon Watters Droid all the way
Jomar Lee Streeter HTC defiantly I switched to Iphone for 3 weeks this past September, and it got so boring, so fast! Went back to AT&T they bought it back and I switched back to Android :) I feel at home again!
Muhammad Ali Khan nokia 1100
Shriharsha Kl one x definitely...
Nam Nguyen IPhone 5 cause the headphone jack is on the bottom!!! :-O omg!
Ibnul Sharar Whoever used i-phone for the last few years will choose One X, and vice-versa. :D
Jimmy Carnline I'm waiting for the test with the Motorola Razr Maxx HD. I have a feeling that the Moto will win in a big way.
Richard Lionheart Dietz One X, definitely
Mark Belkowski anything is better than the iphone.
Mohd Amirul Ashaff lumia 920 haha
Jc Dominguez iPhone 5 :)
Pero Gojkovic iphone 5
Tien Duo one x
Mikael Soltaniha I'd have to say One X.. gotten bored of iOS :(

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