It's no iPhone 5, but the Apple iPad 3 (which Apple is calling the new iPad) is an evolutionary bump from the iPad 2.  Available now, it offers an Apple A5X processor with quad-core graphics, a 9.7-inch Retina Display with 2048x1536 pixels, a 5-megapixel iSight camera with 1080p HD video recording, a front-facing camera for FaceTime, and 4G LTE connectivity on Verizon or AT&T.  Apple continues to do a great job in the tablet department, but given the growth of Android and other competing platforms, is the evolutionary update enough?  Part 1 of 2.

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"Is it magical and revolutionary?"

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Quintus Murray Fanboys period android and apple are all the same STUPID!!!! apple may not be the first to make stuff or even have a new feature BUT they are the first to PERFECT THEM!!!!! apple products just WORK. android has godlike devices like galaxy S2 BUT too many low end android crap phones ruin the OS reputation. But apple has the best mobile smartphone games while android has superphones like GS2 and droid razr
Zainal Abidin iPad 3 Overrated, Samsung Superior.
Luis Lopez I'm willing to bet that most of the people here talking thrash about the iPad just can't afford one. Come on now guys, jealousy is a bad virtue. ;-)
Drew Page hmm, those are strong words, but it is the best tablet out, and I think when iOS 6 comes out, it will bury the competition again.
Sundar Ganapathy As a hardcore android fan I have to admit it is the best tablet I have used. The display + gestures + retina apps makes it great - not to mention great price for the hardware
Eduardo Ordaz Transformer prime.
Hagop Kalbaklian For me the best tablet is the toshiba thrive 10.1 inch android tablet with all the full size ports
Nicholas Riddle Aaron I'm beggining to respect your opinions less and less. Its just an overpriced big iPod.
Scot Milo @jennifer how did your android tablet get made?? do you know the working conditions of Samsung, ASUS, HTC, ect?? just shut up
John Resch Not a phone..
Sheeraz Sarwar No about apple products are awesome.....but they dont care about what people wants.......they only care about their company....on the other hand with android we get wat we want....whethr its a big screen.better camera...etc etc...actually people are obsessed with iproducts...but with the launch of iphone 4 s....many were disappointed so much that their no. Of fans is reducing day by day....
Jennifer Urieta They are sitting on millions of dollars and the ppl that make their products are jumping off buildings
Zach Cline Lmao!! Yeah apple really fell off years ago. That's why they had to figure out what to do with their cash surplus of $90 billion
Kristina R Pathetic update.. major letdown for apple fans
Vickram Srinivas It's just Samsung Galaxy "iPad". :p
Irvin Zamora Really? Not bashing, but it is most DEF NOT evolutionary... if thats the case, theres LOTS of other phones / tablets that are EVOLUTIONARY.
Scot Milo I guess that's why apple is the most valuable company in the world, they run the tablet market, and the new iPad sold over 3 million in Just one weekend... Hmm something for you android guys to think about. Men lie.. Women lie... Number don't. Keep sitting on your asses writing hateful comments about apple while they are sitting on billions of dollars. Apple did not get where they are for no reason.. They make products that just simply work!
Eric Quach ew tablets.
Zach Brito Please! Apple fell off years ago.
Daniel Cuadrado 3 million plus people really think so!
Kirk Ngo very minor upgrade
Tyler Eggo Eggleston It's neither magical or revolutionary. No Apple product is. And as for the overheating problem, my bet is that all the fools that bought one are holding it wrong.
Ahnonny Nguyen More like magic TRICK and redundantnary
Jimmy Allen Samsung makes the screen lofl you know they are gonna use an even better screen for the new galaxy tab so I pass on Tue I-crap
Andy Christian Same old overpriced iCrap
Chris Eng The best tablet on the market right now but soon to be overrun but the onslaught of android tabs due this year.
Christopher Williams Why upgrade every year? Because I can!
El Wapo Good job, enjoyed the 1st review.
Andres Barroeta Of course not
Heidi Steindel you rule
Mario Rivas Like to a dogfight....Asus transformer prime vs iPad 3
Tim Miyashiro No, it has overheating problems And knowing Apple, they'll blame it on the consumer, AGAIN just like they did with the iPhone 4
Dominik Winkler Es ist revolutionär!!
John Cruz sorry apple not this time
Thomas Boehnlein Neither. It's a freaking upgrade. That's it.
Verleen Hottbiitch Wonderly It's awesome, I love mine!
Daniel Hayday Revolutionary, isn't that the word they use for every new apple release? I for one will stick to android, I prefer to be at the head of the pack.
Christopher Sullins Garbage! People love to waste money. The iPad 2 was good enough to keep for at least two years. Why upgrade a tablet every freakin year. Nothing spectacular about the new iPad.
Ispongklong Dacoycoy Revolutionary? Where?
Ashwin Kannoth Its shit. My pal got one, it overheats like no tomorrow. not to mention worse batterylife, and lag on high end games.
Brent Carr nope its magically delicious
Michael Myers Hey Aaron. Hope you are good. Do you have any information about when the Epic 4G Touch will get ice cream sandwich? Probably not but I was just wondering.
Mark Tarakai Nope Aaron, it's RESOLUTIONARY.

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