In this episode of Ask the PhoneDog, Aaron tackles the questions you've been asking since he announced his departure on December 31st.  Amongst them: who owns the phones that PhoneDog reviews?  What does the editorial calendar look like?  What phones were the best (and worst)?  Get those questions answered in this video, and be sure to submit new ones below!

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deliankirov will nokia die or the lumia 920 will mace something
John Thomas
John Thomas wait your leaving? like noah?
Gautham Rajeev
Gautham Rajeev @Aaron: I'd startd watching your videos just a month back and i'm already a big fan!! I'm really sad that your leaving and wish you the best in the future!! N I have a question: Samsung? had given a list of devices that theyll be updating to jb (v4.1) rie... I was wondering if you could give an idea when to expect this update for lower end models in the list like ace-plus, s duos, mini 2 considering Samsung's history of updating their previous devices...? Thanks alot!!
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Who cares about the iPhone 5s or Sydney .
M Natthaphon Phongpraphaphan
M Natthaphon Phongpraphaphan I think you are good reviewer. Thank you for suggest me bout' telephone. <3
William Dayton
William Dayton Just wrote an entire paragraph and backed out by accident, lol. Best of luck to you, we'll miss your videos. Hope you'll let us all know where to find you in 2013. My question is this. I have a Note 2,miss the size of my S3 but I'm not sure if I want to go back to a pen tile display again,Note 2 screen is gorgeous despite the 260's ppi. Over all I preferred my One X to the S3 as far as screen quality. I have At&t as my carrier. Should I make the switch to Verizon for the Droid DNA or should I hold off for an At&t variant? I'm not asking for a carrier endorsement, just your opinion on over all quality of the phones. I love Samsung's functionally but I appreciate HTC's build quality as well. Thanks...
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider is iphone 5s coming soon
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski btw happy holidays and good luck Aaron.
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski well now that your leaving phonedog i can unlike this page. phonedog looses too many employees.
Kenneth Bernales
Kenneth Bernales would you still do review videos?
Neil Hussey
Neil Hussey Talk about everyone leaving a sinking ship. Noah goes, then Sydney and now Aaron. Phonedog just wont be the same, (sorry Taylor!).
Giovanni Arevalo
Giovanni Arevalo Are you going to be making videos at your new job? You were great and very charismatic and your corny jokes always made me laugh lol. You are made to be in front of the camera!
Steven Benham
Steven Benham Sad times, your the best reviewer out there, i will miss your reviews and phonedog wont be the same without you, one things for sure, if you end up on another site i'll tune in, good luck with your future adventures and hope to see you reviewing again.
Jerry Tan KL
Jerry Tan KL How do you lost weight in just a year, Any secrets or tips?
Clarence Wade
Clarence Wade I dont think anyone will be a able to replace Aaron. He is my favorite tech reviewer bar none. I use to like Noah but I love Aaron.
Jesse Ling
Jesse Ling Why you no break iFail?
Frank Porter
Frank Porter where did Sydney go?
Cory Wood
Cory Wood You guys said the RAZR maxx was getting jelly bean, when though?
Dalton Poniatowski
Dalton Poniatowski Oh man, who was the editor before you aaron? How is he doing?
Branden Mitch
Branden Mitch Where are you going your thee face of phonedog we need men.
Michael S. Rizzo III
Michael S. Rizzo III What specs do you think phones will have in quarter two of 2013?
Fonzy Paniagua
Fonzy Paniagua Don't ever leave PhoneDog.com
John Cruz
John Cruz Will Aaron ever come back to phonedog?
Dan Daniel
Dan Daniel Anton clearly does realize how money can made in the phone biz
BossMan Atl
BossMan Atl Where are you going after phonedog????
Anton Miskulin
Anton Miskulin 10 years in the retail wireless business? Time for a real job buddy. Grow up and move out of your parents' house
Omer Tayfun
Omer Tayfun \
Omer Tayfun
Omer Tayfun Are you going to techno buffalo ?
Marvin D. Minion
Marvin D. Minion Have any idea when will galaxy note have the jelly bean update?
Brandon Holley
Brandon Holley I would ask why in the world do people completely hate windows phone so much.
Brandon Cote
Brandon Cote Why are you leaving PhoneDog.com?
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa What is your new job? About?
Shardizzle Alford
Shardizzle Alford Well PhoneDog make a PhoneDog iOS and android app
Steve Hartsock
Steve Hartsock Why do people in the slow lane speed up when you try to pass them? Oh wait! Am I supposed to ask a phone related question? :)
Jae Streets
Jae Streets What phone is phone is better than the nexus 4? To you
Chad Huneycutt
Chad Huneycutt i would like to know when htc will releasejelly bean for the at&t version one x
Fabio Seminaro
Fabio Seminaro Hey Aaron, is Phonedog Live coming back some day?

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