AT&T's Samsung Galaxy Note is in the PhoneDog house, and Aaron's taking it for a spin.  Coming on February 19th for $299.99, the US version of the tabletphone offers a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 5.3-inch Super AMOLED HD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, AT&T's 4G LTE connectivity, a 2,500 mAh battery, and Android 2.3 with TouchWiz 4.0.  It's a big phone all around, but it could be the best smartphone/tablet hybrid yet.  Will the excellent battery record be tarnished by the addition of 4G LTE connectivity?

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"The Galaxy Note arrives at AT&T soon. Is it too big for you?"

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Tyler Kirchman i had the captivate iphone 3gs and optimus v and i like how this phone is when i went to frys electronics big but very nice
Paulie McLovinn its too small for my taste. I'll wait until they come up with a 10 inch screen phone
Chandra Franklin Will be gettig mine on Sunday...Very excited about it...I have the Samsung Infuse...I love a large screen...The 19th is not coming soon enough!!!
Clifford XBlack Socratesx Tookes It's exactly what I need
Si Maring I'm excited how I can combine it as a tablet and a phone. This is exactly what it's made for. I'll be blown away if it will come up with a holder when I'll use it for a GPS. It's just a perfect size for this purpose. I don't have to squint just to see what's in the screen, especially watching videos too. I hope I'll love it. Waiting to see how you'll do after 30 days challenge.
Henry G Nerida after watching many reviews and playing with a demo at best buy i was convinced and pre-ordered mine to replace my awesome skyrocket! the size is PERFECT!!!
Eduardo Ordaz Its cool. But waiting for the galaxy S3. If u don't like the size then don't get it others like it its not going to stop them from liking it. That's why we have choices :p
Kevin Joel Finally just right :)
Geoffrey P. Spicer Titan had a 5.7" screen?
Manoj Gs The best phone in the world
Patrick David Conner I have 2 already both black and white and yes it is big but I love it.
Adan Soriano im getting it.
Benn Lin Way toooo big
Zach Brito Man phone! :-)
Brantley Culbertson it would be but it comes with a pen and that makes it alright
Vince Gutierrez Wish it was on sprint, no it's not to big.
Armando Sanchez I want one, but I just cant justify the price.
Jiawei Mao Yes,it certainly is
Larry Hanks no phone is too big...my cell wasn't too big when it came in a leather satchel and weighed 20 pounds, and my HTC HD2 isnt too big. In fact, if i could get the Ipad to function as a massive Iphone, I'd sell my android-converted HD2
Bart Schuck They say curiosity killed the cat but at age 60, I'm still alive & still curious. I will be checking this out when its released to public.
Justin DesRoches The bigger the better :)
Krushi Vemula Wouldn't be able to deal with 5.3 in. all day everyday.
Troy McRae perfect screen size
Sandy Chin Man, wish verizon carries it!!!
Jamie Lee Fauese It looks good I really like the keyboard because my thumbs are fairly large!
Mike Lee Samsung has gone too far
Devin Martinez That shit is retarded doesn't even fit in ur pocket
Eric Quach let alone the fact that the note is on Att.... eww.
Eric Quach how about an ipad phone. not saying with iOS but the size of the tablet. seems like phones are gonna get there in the future. around 4.3 inches is a good size.
Jason Vanderhyde I've used this now for 3 weeks and at first it DOES feel big in your hands (that's what she said ;)) but you quickly get use to the size, as far as how it feels in your hand. Yeah there are other things like using as phone (my Bluetooth took care of that) and texting while driving (which you shouldn't anyway for all reasons) and throwing out a text quickly. Outside of that it is just a great experience overall on web, movies is realistic in watching now on a "phone", and things like facebook, twitter, just everything on a big beautiful screen is amazing.
Christian Sotelo It looks right to me
Ray David Kern I have held a dummy model of it & its actually not that big in the hand. This size is not for everyone, but I'm seriously looking at going to AT&T & getting it!
Joe Hernandez I think 4.5 is in a good spot.
Craig Driscoll I'm excited for it to arrive on Sprint if it does. I will even be opening another line to scoop it up!
Orion Pax I have it and I can do things with it with one hand.. It's not to big.. Unless you got small hands which most people do.
Michael Ward Can't wait to recieve mine. To the naysayers: screw off and make way for the best piece of mobile tech thus far!
Orion Pax @kyle James Sherman stick to your shitty iPhone then..
Zach Cline If verizon got something like this I would probably get it .
Andrew Conrad There is such a thing as too big...
Ian Payne im only 13 and me and my mom are on our way to get us both one
Jennifer DeAlmeida Way too big. My evo was pushing it. Especially for my little hands. :)
Alaa Ajweh I had one, trust me its too big for anyone
DeVon Burley Love the Note, but I'd never switch to AT&T..
Malchus Callaway i like it but i have the galaxy s2 Skyrocket, cant justify switching, the 4.5 inch screen is fine for me. i know this is HD as well, however i dont think it will make that much of a difference....the screen on the skyrocket is great....but if i didnt have the skyrocket i would get one for sure. May have to wait for galaxy s3 later this year.
El Wapo I guess shack will love this phone.
Zach Cline It won't
Kyle Adams The Note is huge. Stupid. I hope it flops.
Antonio Horn It's too big for people with small hands. Same size a galaxy player 5.0. When it comes to my carrier im on it.
Detrick Douglas I need one!
Mustafa Sidiqee Too annoyingly big for one hand
Omar Fernandez Phone pr0n!!
Kenneth Li where is my skyrocket HD! that' what i want!
Jordon Haye Phone is good but I don't like AT&T
Cesario Brito Jr. Yeah Kyle, no one likes them...that's why they are selling millions. Great thinking there. LOL
Michael Pietrzak Wish i could have waited....
Geraldy Reyes Oh look, another Android, yyaay!
John-Michael Kobes i thought it was him holding a cookie box
Alex Villalpando Simple as if u don't like it don't buy and quit bitching :)
Rex Litwiller umm, yeah. looks like a childs tablet.
Allen Schneider Makes the Dell Streak look like a pretty small tablet, eh? Since 5.3" is now a phone...too big I say! Even the 4.65" Galaxy Nexus that I have is pushing it.
Kyle James Sherman Samsung needs to give up on the Galaxy series. Its old and no one likes them.
Erik Fernandez I've always wanted a tablet phone, even bigger and I'm happy. Make it kindle fire size and its prefect, I'll design my own special pockets for something like that. Needs to be in sprint, I wish every phone was on all carries, at leat the ones I like

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