Sprint had their turn, and now it's time for AT&T's Samsung Galaxy S II to shine! Coming to the nation's second largest wireless carrier on October 2nd, it's closer in design to the international version, with a 1.2 GHz dual-core Exynos CPU, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video recording, a front-facing camera, 1,650 mAh battery, and Android 2.3.4 with TouchWiz 4.0. It's a top-notch Android device that'll be available for $199.99 (which is much better than $650 unsubsidized).

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eBay prices for the Samsung Galaxy S II SCH-R760

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"Do you like the AT&T or Sprint version better?"

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Mikeala Pahl i thought that it wasnt released yet??
Michael Ngugi M sprint is the way 2go...
???? ???? ??????? Verizon. I don't care if it was an option or not!
Jabin George Wating for sprint lte plus. Their new fiberoptices system. If everything goes the way its suppose to be.
Kyle Whiteman sprints cheap for a reason !
Mark Balcher Sprint is the best carrier I get great coverage, customer service, unlimited plan. I save 25% every month w sprint, cus of working for one of the companies that offers the discount. Been so happy w sprint since 98. I still love my Epic 4G, and want to upgrade to the epic touch. At & T is just awful. Blocking side loaded apps, more expensive and the whold throttling issue after reaching their data cap. Wimax, teathered to my Laptop is blazing fast at a consistant 8Mbps down
Jonathan Palaka I have the galaxy s 2 on sprint its the best phone and I know it will beat the iphone 5 if u dont agree then learn the facts
Paravun Mushaba The Eptouch is where it's at for sure!!
Brian Fruge Sprint have it love it trust me owned every phone there is to own it's the best
Joseph Horton All about virgin mobile
Joseph Horton Virgin mobile
Joseph Horton Virgin mobile.................
Andrew Liston Cricket. Its just quality :)
Alex Godinez Sprint!!!!
Jamil Cooper T-Mobile
Jeff Song Sprint has better service in my office building, but sprint 3g is slower than EDGE data on AT&T. 4g WiMax can be a mixed bag, but I'll take service that works (sprint) over a faster network that doesn't allow me to access that faster data (at&t)
Cam Danger Pritekel Sprint: It's the best value all around
Vlad Kirilyuk In fl AT&T is amazing have most reliable service great customer service ..
Nathan Parks Sprint is just better in northern California. Att is fake 4g at the moment and has horrible service.
Richard Wilson "Sprint"
Josh Avondoglio AT&T ... until the T-Mobile version is released!
Renee Westmoreland Miller Sprint! Even on my piece of paradise island
Sandy Chin Sprint.
Orion Pax Att 3G blows the crap out of Sprints 3G.
Julia Alfers Sprint....even out in nowhere near a big city....great service
Mike Boss Sprint
Angel Miguel Peguero att sucks period all others are ok
Mark Fisher Jr. I would go with sprint. They got a better unlimited plan.
Bill Gillespie Nathaniel has small pockets
Axel Caceres AT&T!!! 4.52 inch screen is too big for that resolution. Trust me, i had the infuse for a little bit and returned it for that reason! Also, it wont take me 3 min to open up a full web page. Im happy with AT&T...YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET!
Anonymous neither
Jasper Shafi Sprint FTW!
Tamaris Jones At&t and you pay for what you get! Sprint claims unlimited but I stay in Memphis and when I go in certain buildings my old Sprint roams and charges fees for that. So AT&T I hope they buy tmobile and shut down Sprint
Gavin Walters sprint!(:
Deb Borneman I switched to Sprint from AT&T for this phone (so obviously I like the Sprint version better)..... for those wondering it fits in my pocket just fine!!!
Anthony Jackson Tmobile is the best!
Shyam Patel Sprint
Tony Abiama Brainer*
Tony Abiama Sprint has the massive 4.5 inch screen... It's a no brained
David Harness AT&T. Better carrier, better screen size, etc.
Marquavious Damon Force Sprint is amazing i pay 75 bucks at&t sucks all they do is overcharge. They are the most hated mobile carrier to. I just got the motorola photon and what can i say it's the best.
Nathaniel Hull At&t..... dont really even want a 4.3" phone, kinda too big, not very pocket friendly
Salomon Murillo AT&T's good Sprint's Better
Carson Ash READ THE QUESTION! NO WHERE DOES HE ASK ABOUT T-MOBILE OR VERIZON!!!! OR BOOST OR CRICKET OR WHATEVER! you people answering as such should even be allowed to use the internet.
Umar Gillen I like the sprint one.
Bryon Carlin Sprint version posted from my sprint Galaxy S2
Reese Woodson I'd say the AT&T version because it's more close to the org SS2 then the other US versions.
Matt Delima Sprint. Cheaper plans, better service, better phone. Nuff
Krloz Kam Sprint's is much better..
Jose Jealousonestillenvy Reyes Will it be $199.99 without contract?
Michael Balk Tmobile .... Lol.. Sprints is better than att
Peter Jough Sprint...
Sam Rick Both are great.slight edge to Sprint due to better value.
Ziggy Torres Sprint!
Ylla Quezon Pansacula sprint coz its cheaper :)
Xavier Jackson Sprint hands down
Drew Applesauce T-Mobile!
Bryn Miller AT&T is the best and HTC incredible for the win
Clyde JeromeLorenzo Gilchrist SPRINT. the only ppl who care about there customers with the REAL UNLIMITED DATA PLAN
Alex Lopez Nexus prime !!!!!!!
Manuel Campas Sprint. Plus no data cap AT ALL! Sprint ftw!
Isaac Chambers SPRINT!!!
Eric Franco bunch of verizon morons on here. pay attention to his question retards.
Adrian Salazar I like the htc sensation better...
Beto Montes Haven't had a chance to play with either yet, but the Sprint version looks a lot nicer....
Mario Alcala Sprint version
Cathy Perez I dont know why, but you remind me of a young Bill Clinton
Paul Davis Sell it for 50 dolla and I buy!
Rafael Guzman Sprint all the way
Jorge Hugo Galindo Sprint nuff said.
Heath Crane Sprint
Dayan Inclán That's like asking if I would prefer death by acid or African ants. US Cellular kicks them both, hands down.
Namkell Kelly Sprint..no contest

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