After months of waiting, Samsung's Galaxy S II series is finally available in the United States.  Sprint has had their time to shine with the Epic 4G Touch, and now it's AT&T's turn.  The Samsung Galaxy S II comes to the nation's second largest wireless carrier on October 2nd and packs a 1.2 GHz dual-core Exynos processor, 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording capabilities, a front-facing shooter, and Android 2.3.4 with Samsung's TouchWiz 4.0. 

Much like the international version, it's a top-notch Android smartphone that does a ton of things well.  Unfortunately, it's coming right before the assumed announcement of the iPhone 5.  Can it hold its own?  Part 1 of 2.

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eBay prices for the Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-i777

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"Are you buying AT&T's Galaxy S II, or holding off for the iPhone 5?"

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Terry Oakes rather have the infuse then either
Adam Catello I'm holding for the galaxy note....I hope the UK one has att radio bands ill buy that thing in a heartbeat.....
Homasyde Mcclam iPhone 5!!!!!!!
Gavin Feist Waiting to see what the iPhone 5 is like, and also waiting for the Samsung CTIA event. Then i will make my decision.
Jeff Hollins Definitely getting the Samsung tomorrow.. Tired of iphones...
Luis Lopez Apple all the way!
William Branthoover Hows the GPS on the att galaxy s2
Eduardo Giraldo S2 iPhone sucks
Eduardo Giraldo I don't know why people like limited internet access of at&t sucks hate at&t
Eduardo Giraldo Kind of sucks they are not selling it on the fastest company Verizon 4g lte faster 5x than at&ts
Jamie Roberts To everyone that says the iPhone changed the way we use phones i hate to tell them but Palm was doing stuff that the iPhone still can't do long before the iPhone even came out.
Kyle Ruben Morris- Kyrumo I currently have the Bionic and waiting on the Prime
Stephane Malo Whats the best android phone now and what will be the best android in the next 3 months? Meaning do i buy now or wait 3 months
Craig MacNeillie Neither went with the new blackberry bold 9900 and more than pleased with the choice :)
Linh Hoai Pham Galaxy note
Hilme Khateb iPhone 5
Hilme Khateb iPhone 5
Richard Brown Waiting for the I5
Monica Cordova Rivera With samsung your always left in the dust for updates...sucks! iPhone 5!
Neil Hussey Nah mate, Samsung Galaxy Note is gonna be the new one for me.
Oseki Paisley waiting for the htc sensation xe with beats audio sweet.
Hector E Craig Apple cominig with a phone better than the galaxy s 2 line...... yeah OK how can you beat a dual processor with 1.5 of speed?
Taavi Kala Lol, why do you even ask that. Ofc the SGSII or the Prime :P
Casey Wright Neither... I work for Viaero Wireless in Nebraska, and we've had the Galaxy S2 for over a month!
Sybil Robinson Got the htc droid incredible 2 and a droid 2 global I'm good.
Michael Scott People love to hate the iPhone. For me there is no choice, until the software platform playing field is leveled iPhone will continue to outperform rivals. HP finally gave up on WebOS because they know Apple's iOS has too much of a head start. Google could eventually get Android stable enough to rival iOS, but what may keep them from their goal is the prevalence of junkie devices running Android (notice I did not say all Android devices are junkie). Google really should consider licensing Android only for devices which test to a high quality standard, and kill off the low quality "me-too" devices. The other reason I love the iPhone is that it completely rewrote how we perceive handheld computing. Without the iPhone, this discussion would not be taking place :)
Andrew Welker I've got the HTC Sensation and couldn't be happier. Samsung can have their plastic p.o.s.
Wutthichai Rit-Uan Waiting a prime
Nyle Ahmed Screw both of them get the htc titan windows phone 7.5
Chris Fulgham Waiting for Samsung Hercules on T-Mobile! Superphone!!!!!
Axel Caceres I already pre-ordered mine at my local AT&T Authorized Retailer!
Lamont Johnson Trust me ..... GET THE GALAXY SII
Marti Ruiz When iphone co ming out galaxy s3 will be ready to launch
Marti Ruiz Taking time to save money . I gonna get the galaxy note.
Toreon Jones Sr. Android 4.7
Toreon Jones Sr. Waiting on HTC next phone for Sprint 2. Dnt want my 3d no more....
Jesse Gerb Looking forward to htc holiday
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Iphone5 on Verizon's network..
Sean Kalkreuth Neither went over to sprint and bought the epic. I have to say I'm in love with this phone. All the reviews are dead on. This is a complete phone. The 4.5 screen is fantastic.
Reese Woodson I'm waiting for the Samsung Focus S (WP7).
Robert Skeen Neither. Nexus Prime!
Namkell Kelly Neither..waiting for Sprints next big phone from HTC....if I had to choose is go wit the S2...iphones are overated
Raymond Sosmoove Samuel I woud get the gs2 but I can't deal with a all plastic phone.. I'm getting either the iphone 5 or the htc holiday
Jan Michael Cruz Got tired of android, bored with iOS ... So far I'm good with my 9900
Kevin Joel Galaxy S II, iPhone for noobs...
Alex Khutorsky iPhone 5 but will wait out for customers reviews in a few months
Shawn Bausman Galaxy S II all the way!
Greg Phifer GS2 definitely
Adan Soriano I'm waiting on news from the holiday.
Kirk Shannon Neither.. I'm rockin the Infuse and loving it!
Mario Alcala iPhone 5
Equaknox Knox Gonna check out the iphone5..gotta see if the stepted up they game a bit...but S2..lookin real nice to go along sites..my EVO 4g..n..3d...but on sprint..not at&t...
Nicholas Rivera I'm gonna dump my iphone 4 for a blackberry :-) I miss having a keyboard
Jeff Tompas I'm not on at&t but if I was it would be galaxy sII for sure.
Dion Forteau Holding off for the iPhone 5
Ryan Levin idk i think that im gonna get the galaxy 2
Hansel Starley so hard to choose, and then there's the HTC Titan and Focus S. AT&T really have the best phones.
Moises Castro I'm waiting for Tmobiles GS2
Marko Teullet My android is been working very funny lately wouldn't mind checking out the iPhone 5
Kory S. Deberry Holding off for the Samsung Galaxy Note

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