Aaron takes a first look at the BlackBerry Bold 9900, RIM's newest smartphone. Resembling the original Bold 9000, it has been upgraded and offers a 1.2 GHz CPU, 2.8-inch touchscreen with "Liquid Graphics," 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, and a spacious QWERTY keyboard. Carrier partnerships and pricing haven't been announced just yet, but the series will be landing "this summer."

BlackBerry die-hards will love it, but can it compete with the Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, and webOS devices that are coming out this summer?

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"Aaron gets his paws on the Bold 9900/9930. Does the new generation of BlackBerry devices excite you?"

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MiSchelle Phillips HTC THUNDERBOLT!!!!!
Armando Sanchez I like this BB. I may get it when it comes out.
Tristan Pate do you know which carriers it is coming to?
James McLeod I always thought the iPhone could use a Makeover...now I think iPhone and Blackberry need one...how are you gonna put out the same phone but with touchscreen now...talk about late...and as a previous poster said, 2.8in screen is a fail...
Ryan Nusbaum Nope, hate my Blackberry... is it time to upgrade yet? haha
Tim Fuhrmann They didn't put a dual core in it because its not needed. RIM won't be playing catch-up for too much longer. It amazes me that even after RIM showcases how android apps work on the QNX based tablet OS that runs the PlayBook, that not too many people are putting together the potential of QNX based BB devices in the future. Unbeatable security, and the option to have all the apps....who's playing catch-up when the QNX phones hit?
Simon Yu To be honest it might be the first Blackberry Device that excited me, haha.. excluding the Storm and Storm 2 (Because the commercials.. and the touchscreen I was a child then..)
Ricardo Perez Hell noo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once they learn to make their os bettter then yea
Nikolas Manuelides Blacberrys are for ppl who doesnt know anything about smarphones, but want to feel "cool with technology"
Ryan Clark Nokia, not books :?
Ryan Clark RIM, get a goddamn new look for your phones! No wonder why you're falling as fast as Books did.
Anthony Dunlap No rim is so late to the game its unreal... they were once innovative and now they're just playing catch up
MiSchelle Phillips NO! Whips & chains excite me!
Christina Villagomez I just might...
David Sherwood I'm about as excited as having been felt-up by the TSA before a flight!
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi They shud try to make their device more slimmer......... And why didn't they put dual core processors in it....... ???
Hector Castro Do u know if the BB9900 coming out for at&t?
Elizabeth Richards Blackberry is wack just like crack.lol smfh
Dawn Stiles Ditto what Ricky said
Marcus NinersEmpire I call dem lameberry there nothin great bout dem to plane and boring its like watching da spurs play on tv boring nothin new bout it
Cristian Tomasito u mean does a new blackberry that looks just like the old one with minor upgrades and a touchscreen excite me?..ummm back in 08 it would have
Jonathan Zurcher Yes I want this bold touch Im buying it first day it comes out.
Anthony Bui Blackberry? What's that? /trollface
Darryl Mouzone No. I owned a BlackBerry Storm. Never will I buy another BlackBerry again after the fustration that phone gave me.
Sergio Liceaga Has Android for 3 years but I've always been a BB fan
James Thomas Bowman Only thing blackberry will ever have over other phones is battery life.
Kevin Barros No, blackberry sucks
Steven William Oestreich Blackberry is ancient.
Jim Eakins 2.8 inch screen is a fail
Nutthawut Bunsong not a bb fan.. but I want this one.
Ken Humphlett @Morganna....how do you have one...the Bold Touch doesn't come out until later this year. I am so there!
Jeremy Stewart Yes especially if you can play videos without having to save them
Rc Cavin Hell yeah I wanna sell this evo for it. I hate this damn phone.
Zac Hooper No, blackberry is crap
Randy Galvan I hate those damn keyboards....
Morgana Laura Fiorini i have one and its great
CJ Page They really arent that bad. They r good phones really.
Jordan Block Still rocking a Droid X
Ricky Hitch Johnson I'm not a Crackberry fan, so this news does nothin for me
Marvel Miyagi hell no they dont excite me lol worst phones on the market

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