Aaron unboxes and takes a first look at T-Mobile's BlackBerry Bold 9900.  With a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon CPU, 2.8-inch touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera, full QWERTY keyboard, 1,230 mAh battery (which is a bit too small), NFC capabilities, and BlackBerry 7.  It's not dramatically different from the CDMA Bold 9930 model save for its 4G (HSPA+) capabilities.  It'll be available at T-Mobile on August 31st for a lofty $299.99 after mail-in rebate.  Will it compete with T-Mobile's high-end Android lineup?  We'll figure it out.

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"Will T-Mobile's BlackBerry Bold 9900 sell at $299.99?"

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Joanne Leilah oops, I mean TMo :o)
Joanne Leilah Most will stay away from this until the price comes down, but some business folk will probably shrug off the price and buy it at $300. Hopefully the price will come down soon after it comes out, or else this phone will just rot on the shelves....didn't anyone tell RIM there's a recession going on?
Ron Scott This is good. When this phone fails to sell, they will lower their price and learn their lesson. It will be a long time before T-Mobile tries this again. It doesn't even have competitive hardware. My phone has a 4" screen, a 1.3 MP front facing camera, a duel core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, and is now half the price of a blackberry that doesn't have any of those things. The reason this phone is so expensive is so blackberry can catch the few suckers who can't wait until the price is actually reasonable.
Kenneth Pineda Much like apple, blackberry is trash! People stay away from those two fruits!!!
Orlando Gonzalez I work for TMO and as I sit here playing with our demo unit....I can honestly say it would be really hard to sell at that price. Personally, I love the phone and will be getting one but for the average consumer.....this is a tough sell. Now, I am hearing that pricing isn't set in stone.....just yet. Crossing my fingers that it gets back to $199 or less :D
Chase Hoskins i like how everyone says no
Curtis VanSelus I didn't know people still have BlackBerrys
Jamel Taylor And I thought Verizon's version was high
Britton Lucas if i was an apple, i would be a nice apple
Leigh Alequin no...that price is absolutely ridiculous...should be $199.99 max
Frank De Leon Ridiculous price for a phone trying to play catch up to android and iOS. They are setting themselves up for more failure.
Sumeet Mehta I wish I could get unlocked phone in that price :P In india u get the same phone (without any contract) for 600$++
Triipz Fetti som1 please tell me if they 100% sure bout that 299 price
Triipz Fetti dey outta dey mind 299? wtf ill pay 200-250..but 299, dey can eat a dick
Olanrewaju Lama Olabode hw can i get 1,which country,post me hw 2get it,i stay n nigeria,nd hw 2pay,nd collect it,rply me.
Larry Dj Ill Clayton It's a great phone but $300! That's to much
Marcia Jacobs Aaron - Do you REALLY need to ask us...???
Steven Bright Is it April 1st?
Christopher Wesley No. Drop it like everyone else to $199. That's too much
Ty Johnson next liquidation blackberry!! cant wait
Brent Legendre wow, too expensive fore a phone any phone for that matter.
Philip Raghunath did hp's touchpad sell ar $500?
Darryl Mouzone Only for die hard BlackBerry fans. I wouldn't pay that much money for any phone, I don't care what company makes it.
Gary Brown Should have been $149.00 RIM should know better. Its a nice phone and its there high end device but $299 is too damn high like the rent.
Emilio Villafana Not if they want to actually sell any units :)
Oscar Dominguez No #TEAMNEXUSPRIME
Charles Canady I how it does not, I need to get one off contract any ways
Wayne Choice Blackberry is outdated..why would anyone pay that much for this phone..lol.
Thomas Benjamin Robbins TMobile equals cheap and the company has a high deactivation rate. This price will drop within 1-2 months.
Kenzo Teves $299 for a device that can't even play Angry Birds or Netflix..
Raquel Adams Cox It's cute that they think it will sell at that price point...hahahahaha
Phillip Dill as long as its a blackberry it has no chance to compete with android
Shawn Towle They won't sell any if they do.
Robert Centennial Im a rimbot a crazy rimbot ill buy a cardboard rimbox yes I'm a rimbot a stinky rimbot my phone has a keyboard cause I'm a smelly smelly rimbot.
Joe Silvia Jr. Go for it and it will bomb. Hell with t mobile and blackberry.
Geo Foreal No blackberry is dead
Michael Miller Not likely.
Glen Perez Hello no!!
Chris J no not with economic problems and outdated blackberry .its time for the qnx with Android apps
Richard Ameen Hahaha i ROFLED when I saw the price. Nexus s or nexus s 4g are way better in every way...for $100.00.
Mikhail Korolev Rip off...
Israel Leiva BB is a sinking ship. The Droid Pro was the last nail in the coffin. BB has not enough apps to compete with Apple or Google. End of story. *sniff, sniff* LOL
Tommy D Thompson No, it won't. They always overprice their phones and slowly take it down till it will end up at $49.99
Kevin Song Its not even dual core. You could get a mytouch 4g slide for even less and have nore processing power on it than the bold 9900. Not worth the money. End of story.
Jan Michael Cruz by the way its up to the carriers when it comes to pricing, not RIM. get educated
Nick Hurd Lol hell no
Seenoor Peter I could buy a REAL smartphone for 100 dollars less like a Evo 3D
Ramon Quintero Hell no it won't
Júnia Rosa Does it run Android, if so... maybe, lol.
Gabriel Fernandez I want it, but I don't know what T-Mobile is thinking with that pricing.
Jan Michael Cruz drop it to 200 and I'm in
Randy Bredy No it won't sell. I wanted one but that price is crazy talk. I am passing on it...
John Stephens Security, BBM has huge following. There will be low sales. It will drop $100 in a month or less.
Fan OfDreaming Hell the fuck no. The Verizon variant isn't even going 2 sell 4 $250, so WTF does any1 think some1 is going 2 buy this 1 4 $300??? Blackberry stop the madness!
Justin Cane Am I the only one who forgot about non android/apple/windows phones sorry blackberry but you lost me with the storm
Ricardo Lopez not even at 200 i think should sell it for 150 imo
John Stephens I like ice cream.
Billy Kalgren I paid 100$ for my Sensation (thanx to WalMart and Bestbuys price match), screw BlackBerry and the overpriced Bold!
Richard Quintanilla I bought my from sprint on 75 upgrade I just could wait I love it so much best phone and blackberry I ever used I paid 460 but well spent very happy with it
Jerry Trujillo Its shouldve at least had a front facing camera
Marti Ruiz if people are crazy .. but blacberry 7 looks great as android .. i love android
Nick Kalman I don't think any BlackBerry fans would buy it for that much money. It's too expensive for BlackBerry.
Morgan Hill Not at $299
Derrick Wimberly Jr. Umm....... NO!!!
Dellshon Turks To much money for that ugly phone
Jesus Ramos Tits!!!
Joel Rivera Excuse my French XD But no, No. $299?! That's how much a Motorola Triumph Costs! You can Get a Samsung Vibrant 4G for $99 on T-Mobile. Smh ....
Evan Nakagawa Off contract yeah :P
Basil Mahmud Hell no!!! My EVO 3D was $150!!!
Manuel Campas Wtf!? Hell no! Why would they even think about pricing it at that much? A couple tech freaks will buy it and that's it lol
Stiven Cabrera They should sell it for OVER 9000! Get it? Cuz it's Bold 9900. It's over 9000. Yeah...
Josue Cifuentes hell the duck no....
Anthony Peña They must be smokin that crackberry
Josh Veerkamp Only if $299.99 is the off-contract price and they are giving it away for free with a 2-year agreement.
Zac Johnson 4G? Wow that is cutting edge stuff! a year ago :P
Taylor Chase Tmo fucked up. Its laughable to think ANYONE would buy this over the Sensation at that price.
Craig Murphy Only if you include the Brooklyn Bridge.....
Elyssa Salazar I don't think it will sell. But whoever wants it that bad will get it
Brendon Federko I'd buy it, yeah
Robert Centennial The rimbots will buy it the the price will drop
Alex-Arthur Williams Probably not considering all the options of phones that could do just as much or more for much less on the market. Plus I think Android and Apple have stolen Blackberry's appeal in the cell phone market.
Christina Beebe Gomez what the chipmunk? I was going to buy it but not anymore. It'll be $99.99 in a few months. Uggg now I gotta wait or go with the Sensation....
David Harness Well, yeah. No matter how little people will pay that much, some will. It won't sell as good as it would for $250 or $200 but it'll sell enough.
Billybob Reid nope the berry needs to stop for 3 years and revamp
Gregg Borden I'd rather have an iPhone 32gig.. and I love android..
Antonio L. Lopez Droooooooooooooooooooooooid,,,is too late or Blackberry,,improvements ?or Rush ?,,I love them,but is 2011 ,almost 2012,Droooooooooooooooid sent from HTC Sensation 4G powered by T-Mobil
Carlos Colon pfff....300 dollars for a phone, id rather a tablet if im spending that much. upgrades FTW
Joernie Berrios Lame......not even for 29.99$......lolzz
Timothy D Alston So BlackBerry trying to kill itself
Jenica M. Ramos LOL who are they fooling? even big bad business people who's work required them to have a blackberry for e-mails and whatnot are going android. blackberry needs to step their game up!
Hunter Messer $200 at the most.
Dawn Nichols Sneathen PEOPLE DON"T HAVE MONEY!!

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