Aaron takes a first look at T-Mobile's BlackBerry Curve 9360, a new addition to the popular Curve line.  Specifications include an 800 MHz processor, 2.4-inch display (though it's not a touchscreen), 5-megapixel camera with flash, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and BlackBerry 7.  It'll be available in black on September 28th, and in merlot on October 12th.  It's nice to see a revision to a relatively popular budget device, but in today's market, the disparity between mid-range BlackBerry and high-end Android phone is wide enough that people are jumping the gun and spending a bit more for a better device.  Can the Curve 9360 compete?

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"Is the BlackBerry Curve 9360 going to be able to compete with the Android options in T-Mobile's lineup?"

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Holliday Kevin Blackberry is never going to come back unless they find something revolutionary. The only people buying them are the fankids
Reggie Johnson NO WAY JOSE'
Chad Allen Black Berry will have its nitch of users but thats about it and in no way by numbers will Rim be able to ever compete with Andriod at this point BB is losing more faithful users than its ever going to gain again
Adrian Broadhead Borrowed a TMo BB Bold for a long business trip (no personal devices allowed on the email server). Battery life is AMAZING compared to my HTC Sensation, but the keyboard, apps, etc. just can’t compare.
Itsok Imawelder anything can compete with android. Its jus so popular it seems impossible. Android did what Mcdonalds did to fast food. Fast and cheap. Android is free open source. And really not a smartphone Os at all. My five year old can use a Googaid phone. But a BB is to complicated.....
Kevin Joel Not quite, BB's time is long gone.
Joernie Berrios Blackberry's are lame!
Hank To Not even close.
Ashley Tok Unfortunately.. No matter how much I love BB's as a business phone.. It'll stay that way.. Until! The QNX OS comes to their phones other than the playbook. It'll be able to run android apps therefore able to compete!
Adrian Salazar Hell no with the sensation 4g, mytouch 4g slide, galaxy s 2 and amaze 4g I don't think it has a chance...
Hans Jaramillo LOLOLOLOLOLOL No.
Gabriel Camacho Not that phone , if anything its big brother the bold 9900 has more of a chance but still don't think it could compete.
Jan Michael Cruz Nonsense question
Diaz Jonathan well put
Namkell Kelly I think blackberry should concentrate on business phones, android and the iPhone rule the consumer market and I don't see blackberry doin anything about....
Diaz Jonathan simply put it like this..NO!!

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