I've made it to Day 19 of my 30-day BlackBerry Torch Challenge. This week was unique because I took off work for most of it due to a personal emergency and I got to use the phone in ways that I hadn't before. The difference this week was that I didn't have the luxury of patience or being able to give the phone the benefit of the doubt as I've done in weeks past. This week, I really just needed it to work. While I was out and about, I brought an Android phone with me just in case the BlackBerry let me down. Well, it let me down. I was using Maps, navigation, internet, and a few apps. The Torch was slow and did not work well enough. Maps was laggy and took too long to refresh; web browsing was slow; the apps I needed were not available. So, I took out the Android phone I had brought and used it instead.

The bottom line is that BlackBerry in its current state is not good enough to compete with other OSes like Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. There are a few areas where BlackBerry performs as well as those other OSes, but in most areas it's not as good as them and there are no areas where it's better. For me, I'm only going to use an OS if I think it's better than my other options. That's why I switched to Windows Phone - I felt it was better than Android and iOS in enough ways. I can't see any areas where BlackBerry is better. I probably won't use the Torch when my 30-day challenge is over, but I'm still in this for the long haul and I'm willing to stick it out. Things might change, but I doubt it.

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"What do you think of the BlackBerry Torch? Would you carry it for 30 days?"

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Norharishan Nordin it's too thick for a smartphone
Anonymous i think i could definitively do it
Hubert John Abiera I think that I can carry it for 30 days, but I would definitely miss my Windows Phone.
Gerald Mccrae I've had a blackberry for ten years till my wife talked me into trying her old iPhone 4 and I can truly say I'm not going back to blackberry I can't wait till the iPhone 5 come out
Steve Smyth I'd consider giving a Torch 9850 a try on my Verizon account, but I would have to get it from a private party for cheap so I don't have to extend my contract.
J Litz Van I tried but I couldn't make it past 2 days.
Mitch Lopez Maybe if it was made of real blackberries. Mmm I love blackberries.
Sam Rick Boobies.your boobs got bigger.are they real???! Oh and blackberry sucks big time.
Richard Ameen The new torch is the only blackberry id ever carry. I did like my curve but now i have my iphone 4S
Frankie Mora Jr. blackberrys r for stuckup girls
Lance Tomlinson I hope everything is ok regarding the personal emergency. I've owned a Torch, first and last BB I'll ever own. Android is the best OS, just sold my Galaxy Nexus and picked up the Galaxy Note, love it.
James Miranda BB is not dead, but it has been in serious trouble for years. I am not a user, but like Nokia, they need to really turn things around and fast. The 2011 are only minor improvements. Hopefully the new OS and hardware will wow, but will it be too late?
Lisa Lubova Cliver The 9810 is an amazing device I love it! Wish I had one again.
Seaedge Val i would just use Android for most of my stuff.. BB? i probably get a used Bold just for company email
Chris Wagers Sydney, I hope that the emergency you had this week has turned out ok. I think a personal emergency certainly warrants disregarding a silly challenge. I hope everything is ok and that you're doing better. Take care. :)
Jamil Cooper No not at all
Peter Kis Used to love BB. But in 2012? Heck no. All other major platforms are at least 3 years ahead of anything RIM has to offer at the moment.
Jose Rodriguez Was choosing between the Torch and Skyrocket. Glad I went for the Skyrocket!
Orion Pax I would torch it in 30 days.
Zach Cline No it sucks
Romeo Cyril Not even 30 secs.
Paul Davis Had it... If you are a simpleton that just needs a phone to work, sure it'll work for you.
Ivan Pineiro I would rather use 2 cans and a string than use a Blackberry.
Alar-Kaspar Klingberg It it is not bad but i perfer my galaxy note :-)
Kevin Bowles I'm sorry, but anyone who tries to claim a Blackberry is relevant or that it does things most other smartphone can't is a liar or a moron
Brad Allison I would try it with the 9900 for the great keyboard but not the Torch. The OS does seem very behind the times.
Frankie Panda Gonzalez BlackBerry is Not Dead! Blame developers for NOT Making Apps. Thats not BB fault. Developers need to jump off the iPhone band wagon & maker there apps available for other platforms. If phoneDog gave me a Blackberry bold 9900 for AT&T. I would send them my iPhone 4 & I will Support a BlackBerryDog website & make a twitter account.
Robert Urriza I'm done with blackberry phones!! : )
Brandon Dyer Negative
Carlos Roldan I could try it. But i don't like it!!
Amy Wamy I love my BB Torch 9810..I like the email capabilities, bbm, and others :)
Hyman Villanueva BB as a work phone.. iPhone/Android as a personal phone
Clem Semple No, in answer to both questions
ShaiVaughn Crawley Nobodies fingers are that small. Black Berry needs to make their keys way more bigger. My right thumb takes up 3 whole keys!!
Frank Porter Just quit this stupid challenge already. 30 days is too long. I'd have my mind made up at this point too.
Scott Schumacher No blackberry is a piece of shit !!
Cesario Brito Jr. Blackberry is boring at this day and age.
Bruce Fried No ( I know a few people that R love their Blackberry ) I personally don't )
Curt Popejoy Windows phone ftw!
Alex Panayiotou Neverrrrr. 4S all day
Chris Sutherland Lmao no i got one for free and I sold it can't compare to the samsung galaxy s2
Jared Sum No blackberry sucks. Get an android or iPhone. Even windows phone is better than bb
Ricardo Carrizales Yup I did! Now I got the 9900!
Roman JuicyFruit What's with the haters!! Its just a phone geeeeez!!!!!!
Matt Pankey Noper.
Deval Patel No chance...
Tom Parker Blackberry works well, but the apps are very limited
Ray Nicolini i used it for over a year and I loved it, now bb 9900
Jose Angel Santiago I'll carry it for as long as it takes me from point A to the garbage!!!
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas Blackberry is dead
Bill White I was issued one for work and use it mostly for emails and a few calls. I wouldn't use it as my own personal phone/device because of the limited apps and "fun" factor that I enjoy on my personal Android device. It IS, however, very good for emails and has a nice keyboard. It is more of an email/phone than a true "smartphone". The speakerphone is quite good too.
Jonathan Zepeda Villela I love it I have the 9810 and it super overpower..!! Love it
Andre Stubbs Since I was loyal to BlackBerry from the get-go, but now carry an Android device, I won't ever forget what got me started into the smartphone game. I won't think twice if someone handed me one to carry around for 30 days. Makes me even more dangerous as far as a tech support specialist
Courtney Spence Once i left the blackberry family and graduated to team android....ill never go back! Dont miss it at all!
Michael Myers I would carry the Galaxy Note for 30 days.
Michael Myers Epic 4G Touch all day.
Richard Kalva I would never carry that pile of crap Os
David Muench No. No I wouldn't.

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