I'm on the home stretch now at Day 25 of my BlackBerry Torch Challenge. I have five more days to go but I'm still learning about the OS. Last week, I talked about the poor maps performance and my continued disappointment with web browsing on the Torch. Someone recommended I try BlackBerry Traffic for GPS and navigation. I downloaded the app and it works great! Problem solved. This highlights one of the main benefits of this challenge. It gives me a chance to get to know the OS, voice my concerns, and hear solutions to potential problems. This way, I won't blindly bash BlackBerry like so many do without having experience with it.

In this video, I decided to highlight some of the positives I've experienced during the challenge. I've focused so much on the negative and taken for granted some of the things the OS does well. For example, I've found the MemoPad and Tasks apps to be very helpful. I highly value a reliable and well-designed memo pad app and it's something that I've consistently used regardless of which OS I'm using. I find myself using the MemoPad app on the Torch every day. Not to be overlooked is the OS's excellent notification system. The Notification bar that expands to show more details is extremely well-designed and useful. I'm still not satisfied with the browser performance and app selection, but that's not going away any time soon. I have five more days left in the challenge and one more video to do. Will I stay with BlackBerry when the challenge is over? We'll find out on March 6th.

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"Could you carry a BlackBerry for 30 days?"

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Anonymous I would rather go back to a feature phone for 30 days..
Divya Sharma
Divya Sharma Nope! It is the worst! I'd rather carry an android phone
Zachary OBrien
Zachary OBrien I couldn't even carry it for 5 days, then I went back to iOS.
Suzan Thompson
Suzan Thompson No
Frederick L Duke
Frederick L Duke No!
Justin Cartier
Justin Cartier No way
Spencer Craven
Spencer Craven Yea, I like it better than iPhone.
Francisco Saucedo
Francisco Saucedo I already have a new phone , my lil sisters blackberry looks like a toy I like how the bb style looks like though
Jonny Coolkid
Jonny Coolkid no throw that piece of annoying shit in the trash can, bells and beeps every 2 seconds. the moment i got rid of mine my blood pressure went from high to normal!
Corey Wilson
Corey Wilson Sure I could I had a blackberry storm I traded for a iPhone
Tim Killian
Tim Killian No
Ray Dull
Ray Dull This all depends on the question, would I carry a blackberry around? sure. would I use it? hell no. it'd sit off and in my pocket.
Chris Cross
Chris Cross I carried the storm for two years! Damn you rim and blackberry! Never again!
Derek Lombardi
Derek Lombardi RIM needs to just let fate happen and fade away into oblivion.. or run a different OS.. Android with a BB like skin similar to Sense or Touchwiz would possibly keep some die hard BB people happy
Sebastián Ramírez
Sebastián Ramírez Yeah!,I don't use a Blackberry so it will be interesting :)
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz Only if blackberry is the last phone on the world
Susan Anderson
Susan Anderson Had a blackberry and traded for a droid and love it!
Bradley Berner
Bradley Berner Yeah I could, still using my BlackBerry Curve I just recently bought a few weeks ago. I have had no issues and it has every app I want. So far I don't feel like I am missing out on apps.
Cheryl Lowery
Cheryl Lowery No, too hooked on my iPhone
Angel Rodriguez
Angel Rodriguez After seeing what android can do? I don't think I can do any other OS.
Phyrom Romdoul Eang Yem
Phyrom Romdoul Eang Yem Yeah, I had for over two year now.
Marvin Shepherd
Marvin Shepherd Just got the new bold so far so good
Mark MacCurrie
Mark MacCurrie Nope!
Dounutz Sesar
Dounutz Sesar Wats a blackberry???
Osmany Mena
Osmany Mena One word: No
Jose Pablo Islas
Jose Pablo Islas Yea right lol
Patrick Matteson
Patrick Matteson Nope
Moira Washington
Moira Washington Hell naw!
Richard Canales
Richard Canales Sure, as long as I didn't have to use it.
Sam Rick
Sam Rick Big boobs FTW!
Mijael Machaca Morales
Mijael Machaca Morales No
Sylbert Joseph
Sylbert Joseph Sure...back when they released the storm. With their current lineup of phones, no way.
Frank Zambrano
Frank Zambrano Hell yea i want a torch 9810 from sprint
Linda Strasser Hale
Linda Strasser Hale Sure could.
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru Never!!
Michael Anthony Langworth
Michael Anthony Langworth 30 seconds yes, but 30 days would be like stuck in prison
Alonzo Tollini
Alonzo Tollini I'd rather carry an iPhone and that's never gonna happen either.
Brian M McCoy
Brian M McCoy No!
Andrew Lai
Andrew Lai Yup, been using it for quite a while now haha
Joe Zazueta
Joe Zazueta yes they make Great paper weights and emergency hammers...
Andres Alberto
Andres Alberto Sure, I need something to hold my papers at work
Curtis Ritter
Curtis Ritter No I had the 9810 for about 5 weeks and went back to android
Carlos Velazquez
Carlos Velazquez I have a blackberry style, and I had the curve too! I have to say I am disappointed. I wish I would have spent my money on an Android. Don't make a mistake and get something else different.
Daniel Cuadrado
Daniel Cuadrado I'd rather carry a calculator!
Jason Chandler
Jason Chandler I was a blackberry user for 10 years but I am now a iPhone user
Randy Halphen
Randy Halphen No way!!!
Leonard Chung
Leonard Chung ....nightmare...I've gone through 2 blackberries and though they were "usable" phones....no more
Jacob Grumbles
Jacob Grumbles Oh and the answer is hell no . Gina please elaborate on what your blackberry could do that your Android can't. Oh and what Android do you have ?
Ridha Fardian
Ridha Fardian Nope..
Jacob Grumbles
Jacob Grumbles I had a pearl for about 6 months then my friend gave me a g1 when he upgraded to the vibrant when it first came out and I haven't looked back since . I've had 13 Android phones since .
Orly Maravilla
Orly Maravilla u didn't go through the 30 days...fail!
Gina Guerra
Gina Guerra Yes I would. I just went from a BB to Android about a month ago and was very disappointed. There are a lot of things that an android doesn't do that a BB does and I was very surprised about that since Android is supposed to be so "advanced". I'm still getting used to Android but I have to say that it is not all that great either. Not like people hype it up to be.
Prince Raz
Prince Raz i would give it a try but Im an ANDROID :]
Alvin Tran
Alvin Tran No. But if you give me one for free, it would make a great chew toy for my dog.
Jaime Espinoza
Jaime Espinoza If Phonedog provides the Phone and Service ,I'll carry what ever for a month.. :)
Kanwar Singh
Kanwar Singh Noooooo !!! Never !!
Patrick Scot
Patrick Scot Hell no
Raul Salas
Raul Salas I would carry it. Carry it right into a garbage can.
David Kimberlin
David Kimberlin maybe... if you glued it 2 my hand... I had one for about 5 hours... took it back... horrible
Mario J Mora Jr
Mario J Mora Jr It would make a greay paperweight!
Joseph Jernigan
Joseph Jernigan No
April J. Anguiano
April J. Anguiano I had the original BB Pearl and I absolutely loved it. However, my BB love affair ended there. Never wanted another model & folks are right, RIM needs to get with the times. They are not "In Motion" at all, they are stagnant.
Vincent Jean
Vincent Jean I was a big blackberry person, had the Pearl, curve a few times. Bold many times... but bb compared to my current phone is night and day.. but I sometimes miss my bold no lie lol. But it was time to move on. To answer the question. . Nope
Sophie C. Gonzales
Sophie C. Gonzales I have 5 months left with my Bold 9700 and I can't wait to upgrade to Android! BlackBerry need to seriously update their App Store and OS, otherwise they could be in serious trouble.
Jesus Salvador Delgado Martinez
Jesus Salvador Delgado Martinez Yes i could
Ian Boyd Mitcheltree
Ian Boyd Mitcheltree 30 days? Nothing. Easy. I would complain the whole way, and demand a reward at the end, but I could do it.
Ricardo Carrizales
Ricardo Carrizales I have for about 5 years.
Tizoc Alarcon
Tizoc Alarcon Yes, if I could root it and put an android OS on it
Joe Kirsch
Joe Kirsch Hell NO. Blackberries contain 0% fun, true fact.
David Cipollone
David Cipollone Simple answer... NO
Jordon Haye
Jordon Haye Yes
Kim Kemma Heart
Kim Kemma Heart I've had a blackberry for about six months and coming from an android....I HaTE iT!!! ((Missing my android market))
Don Scaflus WizMatic Bennett
Don Scaflus WizMatic Bennett @ dorian that's so kool...
Nick Koval
Nick Koval Nope
Michael Cann
Michael Cann Noooo
Paul S. John
Paul S. John BlackBerry does have Google Maps lol
Applé Ajfone
Applé Ajfone Yes as long as i dont have to use it. :-)
Josh Veerkamp
Josh Veerkamp Nah, the juice would start to get on my hands and everything I touched, then after a few days would start to go bad.
Dorian Delandro
Dorian Delandro @ Colby Nokia is on the up and up... Whereas Bleackberry is going to keep doing what they're doing (Have you seen the intro video of the new CEO?). The only thing that might save them is when they release their new OS, BBX 10 and them porting Android apps to their app store.
Armin Nayeri
Armin Nayeri Hell no..Not a chance.
Don Scaflus WizMatic Bennett
Don Scaflus WizMatic Bennett Yes... I luv the torch 2
Sue Edwards
Sue Edwards I've had a Blackberry for about 4 years and I really like it, so carrying one for a month would be a breeze!
Carlil Ares Jean
Carlil Ares Jean I would start smoking to calm down if I did, so........I'm gonna have to pass on this one
Jacob Ryan Fortner
Jacob Ryan Fortner I am right now because I don't have enough money for a real phone lol... Blackberry Tour 9630 here..
Bronson Chad Thomas
Bronson Chad Thomas I thought RIM was goin' away? I mean, they're barely holdin' on!
Michael Miller
Michael Miller No.
Clint Gamache
Clint Gamache And I would have my Nexus in the other hand..
Jared Elick
Jared Elick No. Definitely not.
Roger Schubert DeOliveira
Roger Schubert DeOliveira no because I need googlemaps
Clint Gamache
Clint Gamache I would carry it, but I would not use it...
Delores McEachern
Delores McEachern I owed a BB for a year the 8520 it was nice but the Android family was calling me
Colby Fink
Colby Fink BlackBerry is going the way of Nokia, I think.
Alvaro Sanchez
Alvaro Sanchez No.....:
Amie Lee Greenway
Amie Lee Greenway No, I couldn't. Maybe one of the 9900 serious but not that piece of crap Torch. My dad has one of the 9900 series and it's extremely nice but I mean, seriously, Blackberry Torch = EPIC FAIL.
Eddy Reyes
Eddy Reyes I carried a bold for over a month, and due to their terrible app world, sold it
Anthony D. Booker
Anthony D. Booker Noooo!!!, Windows all the way Sydney ;)
Jorge Rios
Jorge Rios If itis an Att Bold 9900 i do...
Antonio Vazquez
Antonio Vazquez I can barely carry one for a full minute, so no
Matt Pankey
Matt Pankey No.

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