I've made it through nine days with the BlackBerry Torch but I can't tell if this challenge is getting easier or harder. The low app selection is still frustrating but I've found a few more apps that I like. I downloaded a custom theme and a new lock screen. The idea of themes are nice but I wish they weren't so expensive. I guess I'm just used to Android where you can easily customize your device with free apps and themes. I'm also weary of customizing an OS too much, which is one of the reasons why I switched from Android to Windows Phone. My theory is If I don't like the way it looks, then why am I still using it? That doesn't make sense to everyone, but it's the way I feel.

I'm starting to accept what BlackBerry OS is and what it isn't. It's all about function, not form. It's not pretty but it works. Form is important to me. I've said this many times, I want my phone to be beautiful. BlackBerry was just not made for that. That's not a bad thing, but it just doesn't suit me personally. I'm starting to form the opinion that those who are fans of BlackBerry have never used another OS. True, the OS is functional - email works, it's great for social networking, and it has a great notification system. But every major OS on the market has those same great features and work just as well. Based on my experience thus far, there's nothing that puts BlackBerry over the top in those areas or in any other areas. So far, I don't see what all of the fuss is about.

I'm still keeping an open mind. Despite my frustrations and the fact that I've been very tempted to take my SIM card out of the BlackBerry and put in back in my phone, I'm not going to give up. Stay tuned for my next update. Hopefully I'll have more positive things to say.

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"Could you carry a BlackBerry, or are you more of an Android/iOS person?"

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Paulie McLovinn Blackberry and Apple are both fruits. One bite and they're done. But Android on the other hand.. dominates!
Larry Breder defintatley a blackberry. Security is my main concern.
Toni Brown Blackberry? Aren't they like phones of the 90's? They still make them?p
Kirk Ngo Android all the way
Anonymous BB will always be around as long as people need a reliable secure phone. Everything on BB can be encrypted.It also pushes email instantly and is the best phone for a businessman on the move. Period.
Bradley E Watson Blackberry is the father of all smartfones im surprized they still make those...
Kevin Dalton honestly.... i love the blackberry torch form factor, but im an ios guy...
Nick Sciancalepore Android, but I wish I had a windows phone to fool around with
Nancy Brandes Blackberry needs to step up if they still want to exist or they will be out for good.
Anonymous used to own a blackberry, switched to android and love it, but honestly i do miss a lot of things about my bberry. i might go back to bberry when i can upgrade
Jose Angel Santiago Blackberries zzzzzzzz!!!
Drew Page definitely an iOS guy. No Blackberry here.
George Isenhart My first smart phone was the Palm Centro which is not too unlike a blackberry and I thought it was pretty good, Then I got the Pre which was also pretty cool but My Epic does all I need it to do and then some so I would say that a blackberry would be ok but I'm rather partial to My Epic 4G.
Dimitri Goin definatley blackberry all the way
Taimoor Akhtar Android! ;-)
Joel Moran Does Android has a messaging app like the BBM?and don't tell me What's up cause it it's not for free,Android drains battery fast,love my Torch 9810,the best e-mail and instant messaging,i don't miss iPhone at all.
Melissa Wynemia Kritzell android for the world.
Keith Thomas The only reason to get a BB, is so you can take that call from 2002.
Sumeet Deshmukh Android, feel freeee
Jeff Steiner I would carry a blackberry if a friend asked me to hold it for them....
Su Zahir I have both the BB 9900 and GS2. If I had to choose 1 for business I'm going with RIM. Android has weak email security which cost me over 10K. I play games and stuff on my tablets
Maegan Babcock I've never liked the blackberry's design much. I love my iPhone with ios though.
Hnizam Maz Its time to plant the berries..its as good as a tree.
Hector E Craig Blackberry? They still make those?
Nate Albert Android all the way no doubt!
Ryan DeClue I was pretty impressed with the blackberry storm to be honest....
Michael Singer Neverrrrrrrrr nexus s forever :)
Joel Diaz I had a bb once for 3 days. I returned it and got an android phone instead. I've been sexy ever since.
Nathan Allen Android is better than blackberrys os
Sam Rick Sydney is soooo hot.phone is melting
Sam Rick RIM sux.Android all the way!
Birftard Johnson Of course I could !!! They aren't that heavy.
Freddy Vasquez I love my HTC hero, but I will like to try an IPhone . I just got me an iPad so far so good. Will see.
Paul Alexandru I'm more iOS/Android person....
Flako Ramirez Windows phone baby
GladisnFidel Jose LOL. People still use Blackberries? Hahaha! LONG LIVE Android!
Wendy Lindop No. Tried blackberry. Didn't like it at all, I felt it was unintuitive and boring.
Danu Carrión Perales I've used basically all os but haven't owned meego or wp7 but I must say blackberry is a pain in the ass, the constant crash, the slow browser and internet speeds despite being hspa+ can drive anyone nuts soon enough
Cheryl Lowery iOS for this ole girl :)
Cy Ferrer Stick with android!
Nisan Vue Nope, I've had one before and never again. I'm have an Epic 4g Touch running the Blazer 3.7 rom ICS'd out and I've never been happier with my phone choice.
Yasir Sohail GNex ftw.
Dayan Inclán I had wanted a Blackberry until i discovered Android.
Steve Mallon They still make blackberry. Lol
NinerLady Lopez Never owned a Blackberry so have to go with Android
John Mead webOS all the way. I see a comeback with open source I hope.
Jorge Cotto Android!!!!
Timothy Parry Jr. Blackberries have poor battery life and the OS stinks, don't know why anyone would want a RIM device at this point
Chrissy Small Android!!
Bill Thomas blackberry is a dying dinosaur.....IOS for me
Dominic Dejesus I can use any lol
Cassandra Fraser Meant to say ready lol
Cassandra Fraser Was faithful to blackberry for many years. On Android now and easy to try ios or even windows phone I'm open to trying everything.
Ryan Newman Either BB (currently have Bold 9930) or Windows Phone. Android is still the wild west when it comes to performance and app compatibility (deny it all you want, it is). Had an iphone and it reminded me why I don't own anything Apple. Though, credit where its due. The thing performed really well and a boatload of useless apps.
Luis Coppin honestly I like BB but once Android came out, I had to get one. Loving my Bionic right now. Rock on Android. My wife is all business so the new BB Bold will be her weapon of choice.
Arturo Cifuentes the only way I would carry it if its a free month to month phone buy if I have to pay for it I'm sorry to said hell no ill just wait for bbm to get on the Android mark
AJ Goren No, yes, and no.
Zay Jose From a iphone4 to a g2 to a blackberry bold 9900 man I miss my android
Aaron Couts If blackberry would join up with Google instead of denying the inevitable, that would be one powerful match.
Cory Wilson Once the new blackberry hit the market it's over
Nathan Cooley Android all the way!!!
Gary Bowling Android or IOS person! BlackBerry sucks!
Kyle James Sherman Windows Phone is where it is at! :)
Chris Cobeen android... nuff said :D
Michael Miller I'm hating my iPhone. I can't stand how dumbed down this thing is. I guess I could see myself with a blackberry opposed to being stuck with this pos my 2yr old daughter is too technologically advanced for.
Kevin Vernon Was BlackBerry, then like a rat deserting a sinking ship, I went to Android last year.
Hunter Remington I am loving WP7 on my Radar, but my EP touch is still a beast. Multi-Os for the win.
Mark Belkowski blackberries are a dead platform.
Faye Gavin <3<3 my Antroid
Brandon Le Wow. Soon this will turn into an OS war. Let the trolling begin! XP
Karl D. Green I love android. I have ANDROID,MY KIDS HAVE ANDROID. Even my babymomma has android. ANDROID is the sheeeshit!
David DiPilla Black barry is corney lol
Stefan Daniel Android and IOS
Mustin Jiller i had an android now bb, wouldn't mid trying out an iphone sometime in the future. phones a phone to me regardless of the platform
Jake Soble I love my android. My dad has a blackberry and loves it but I hate using it! Its downright complicated and a pain in the ass to navigate. Just something as simple as taking a picture seems like it takes 10 times longer than my droid!
Anonymous next, "Would you carry a Palm Treo?
Aaron Kelty I'm a Android user and I can say I would carry a Blackberry it's depends what you use the phone for I use my phone for social networking, YouTube and music I don't care about a bunch useless apps.
Evan Lazar android all the way. Its the best.......cause with blackberry the only thing u can do is chat chat and cht and look at ppl business on pin or fb etc. Android there r tons of things you could do on there.
Aidan Follestad I'm an Android person, specially since I develop apps for Android.
Sara Stenberg Blackberry still exists?
Michael Perez I had experience with all. Android has its "never been finished and never will be finished" development and iOS is awesome because of the simpleness. Windows phone 7.5 is pretty awesome and Symbian is just another great os. Blackberry....more of a messaging phone that freezes every hour.
Steve Wyatt Why do we waste time posting about BB? They had there time in the sun and now its over, enough said.
Jose Guerrero Apple sucks
Jose Guerrero im moreof an android
Dima Aryeh I'm an Android guy. Carried a Torch 2 for a month. I LOOOOVE the keyboard and trackpad. But... the software drove me mad by the end of the month. Got a Galaxy SII instead.
Jordan Brown I love iOS I could never carry a BlackBerry, but especially never an Android.
Corey Backhaus Bb and apple suck Android is best! I have taking google maps for navigation. Apple = just a map. Lol
Philip Weißner why just android and IOS is named the big one ?? WP and of cause Symbian are big ones...
Malik Huntington Brock I hate Blackberry but I love Android and always willm
Jake Aspenleiter day 9? I feel sorry for you, I couldn't last 1 day
Daniel Cuadrado Love Android, Windows, and IOS, Blackberry's are for old business men.
Luis Lopez What's a BlackBerry?
Will Ross I have had my blackberry torch for over a year now and i cant wate to get my i phone this summer and thats where i will stay team apple
Michael Alvarado Castellano Apple I the best plus comparing app's n game's I believe apple wins cause Android really needs to catch up
Brandon Le I am an android and apple user. Never a blackberry.
Miroslav Dmitriev Android, Blackberry sucks!
Charlie Piotrowski Never Blackberry, never Android, forever an Apple Fanboy
Ken Tate Been Blackberry for years, but only for 20 more days...heading for an iPhone or Android device!
Zach Cline Blackberry sucks
Dustin Carney I could never carry a bb, I need a Android phone.
Pero Gojkovic i am more fan of Android :)

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