Come Together: iPhone, Meet Sense UI

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| August 17, 2009

The ever-sharp Ross Miller over at Engadget Mobile found himself a video that's like the mobile phone version of Reese's Pieces: iPhone OS and HTC's Sense UI theme have come together like chocolate and peanut butter thanks to the Jailbroken awesomeness of Justflikwalk, a Redmond Pie deviantART member. No, you won't get all of Android + Sense's widget power on your iPhone just by installing the them, but you will get a nifty time/weather widget and a cool quick launch tray, amongst other things.

Click over to Redmond Pie for step by step install directions for your Jailbroken iPhone (only), or just sit back and watch the video goodness.

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