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Welcome to the official ticket number listing for the 100 iPad & Tablet Sweepstakes drawing.  For those that missed the event, the recorded live broadcasts can be viewed using the links above.  Congratulations to our winners!
Find your ticket numbers at: http://bit.ly/pdogsweepsapp under the MY ENTRIES tab.  Compare them against the winning ticket numbers below. (You need to be logged into Facebook)

Drawing 1: January 17th, 2011 8pm ET

Ticket numbers are assigned in sequential order at the time of entry.  Entries placed before 8pm on the drawing date were drawn utilizing random.org's number generator, and valid ticket numbers ranged from 1-12896 to 1-287982.

  1. 1-108136 Winner: Juan Rodriguez of NY
  2. 1-132774
  3. 1-187499 Winner: Eli Eisenberger of NY
  4. 1-61013  Winner: Muhamad Izuan Ismail of Singapore. 
  5. 1-100985 Winner: Rishy Phillip Chacko of IL
  6. 1-176375
  7. 1-68380
  8. 1-39003 Winner: Sergio Roche of CA
  9. 1-132525
  10. 1-13029

Drawing 2: January 20th, 2011 8pm ET

Ticket numbers are assigned in sequential order at the time of entry.  Entries placed before 8pm on Jan. 20th were drawn utilizing random.org's number generator, and ticket numbers ranged from 1-12896 to 1-336214.

  1. 1-22462 Winner: Robert Newton of DE
  2. 1-294560 Winner: Chris I. of NY
  3. 1-154354
  4. 1-156263 Winner: Hong Phuc Le of The Netherlands
  5. 1-332595 Winner: Ariel Duldulao of NV
  6. 1-213009
  7. 1-188718
  8. 1-312250
  9. 1-53874
  10. 1-319183 Winner: Josh Segill of MA

Drawing 3: January 24th, 2011 8pm ET

Ticket numbers are assigned in sequential order at the time of entry.  Entries placed before 8pm Eastern Time on Jan. 24th were drawn utilizing random.org's number generator, and ticket numbers ranged from 1-12896 to 1-364205.

  1. 1-333710
  2. 1-309532
  3. 1-216535 Winner: Matt Abundes of CA
  4. 1-262138
  5. 1-303191 Winner: Mohammed Almusimie of Jordan
  6. 1-40000 Winner: Vlad Gorengaut of IL
  7. 1-253008
  8. 1-300786
  9. 1-315985
  10. 1-134822

Drawing 4: January 27th, 2011 8pm ET (Final Drawing)

Ticket numbers are assigned in sequential order at the time of entry.  Entries placed before 8pm Eastern Time on Jan. 27th were drawn utilizing random.org's number generator, and ticket numbers ranged from 1-12896 to 1-383794.

  1. 1-31752
  2. 1-219173 Winner: Jarrel Watt of FL
  3. 1-84971
  4. 1-86570
  5. 1-144106
  6. 1-207752

UPDATE: Why 36 Tickets and not 100?  Just less than 180,000 LIKES were entered during the sweepstakes entry period.  As we often stated in our posts and the listed Terms and Conditions (http://bit.ly/100ipadtabletsweeps), one tablet for every 5000 LIKES would be added to the sweepstake drawings up-to 100 tablets.  This equates to the 36 ticket numbers randomly drawn.  Important side note: 

WINNERS ONLY: Send an e-mail before February 7th at midnight ET to claimprizes@phonedog.com.  We'll need your name, mailing address, copy of legal identification, Facebook Profile ID, and your choice of a tablet.  To our winners that have already selected tablets in the Facebook application, if you'd like to change your tablet selection, you're free to do so when you e-mail the address above.  Winners can expect a reply within 72 hours.

Complete sweepstakes information can be found at: http://bit.ly/100ipadtabletsweeps

Congratulations to our winners!

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"ARE YOU A WINNER?: The winning ticket numbers for tonights 3rd drawing of the 100 iPad and Tablet Giveaway have been posted. Compare your ticket numbers at http://bit.ly/pdogsweepsapp to the winning numbers posted at http://bit.ly/officialnumbers and"

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Thanks for your participation! :)

John Doss Another drawning gone... :( still no luck...
James Stewart my cool name unfortunately didn't win me a prize...lol Congrats to all the winners!!
Austin Jae Wow Susie, guess you've never heard of sarcasm.
Susie Tracey All you people whining and complaining are pathetic. Bitching about Phone Dog's generosity is truly sad. @Austin Jae.... you're not going to look at Phone Dog again because you didn't win? Did you lay on the ground kicking, screaming and crying? Looking at your profile pic makes me think you did. Grow up. Congrats to all the winners! Enjoy your new tablets!
Caroline Rhodes They said up to 100 tablets. And free is free whether you win or someone else wins. Most contests use number generators so it is fair.
Caroline Rhodes Congrats to the winners! I still have one chance to score-:)
Justin Zollar Why are you don't Thursday!!!!! That is Only 40 tablets! You said 100
Misty Erdman I still can NOT see my numbers when I look at my entries. I have tried different computers, different browsers, etc. No luck! For all I know i may actually be a winner! Does anyone know of another way to find my entry numbers?
Rabia J Malik My tickets number ranged from 1-11 but in all three draws there are no number starting from 11 ....... m disappointed :-(
Suchan Dongol I have no hope at all..
Jackie Sampson UGH...I was just 11 numbers away :( Oh well better luck next time :)
Simon Andersson Do I have to update me entries or something or will it do it automatically?
Maria Colón omg last drawing I was like 20 away from a winning number!!! aarrgg!!
Isaac Esac J Lol I really I want a tablet I hope I get one tomorrow
Tito Rodriguez C' mon lucky nbrs!
Facebook user @James Stewart: You have a cool name!
Alisa Young Forget it found it :)
Facebook user @Jantar K: Did you notice any problems with your numbers? Are you watching the LIVE drawings? We couldn't be more transparent in our giveaways, and we'd hope that anyone who complains about a free Sweepstakes would be more reasonable before making such baseless claims. Good luck in Thursdays drawing
Alisa Young okay, I entered but don't know my number, where the heck do I find it?
Facebook user @Victor H: You clearly did not read the post at http://bit.ly/100ipadtabletsweeps that detailed the sweepstakes fully. Are you aware of any sweepstakes that offers so many tablets with odds better than 1/5000. The amount of prizes and the odds of winning are incredibly fair. Good luck in the next drawing
Tito Rodriguez @James... Ouch.
Tito Rodriguez It's not if you win or lose guys... It's how you played the game.
Facebook user @Delano: Its a random number generator. Whether you have a low number or higher number, the odds are all the same.
James Stewart I missed it by ONE number...d'oh!
Delano Jennings Im in same boat as others here who entered early on and have been screwed by the "random"numbers generator. I think I saw 1 number drawn that was close to me. By close I mean thousands away, but all others are tens of thousands away
Faryal Mallick Not even close
Helen Bradley yeah and how do they include our bonus entries for each additional friend we invite - we arent given ticket numbers for those entries
Delano Jennings I'm with Kevin and Charlie and all the others who feel this was not done correctly.
Kevin Schomer i'd be fine with you hand-picking winners such as myself.
Charlie Pryor Your contest isn't fairly done... you aren't including all possible tickets within the drawing... Over half my ticket numbers start with 1-120.. your MINIMUM numbers are HIGHER than that... that's not fair play
Jaz Lasa All my numbers were 99 thousand something and not close one time this crap is so fake. Theres all kinds of people saying they won but all of sudden their numbers changed and they contacted you guys but you guys never reply. No wonder why Noah left!!
Kelly Ruiz Ouch! Missed it by less than 110!
Austin Jae If I don't win I am going to never look at phone dog again.
Diana Smith Hill No, all my number are 17,600 or 17,900 series numbers.. nothing that low showed up yet.
Carina Reyes why is Jan 27th the final drawing date? its not supposed to be 100 ipad winners
David Hilgendorf I've been 500,000 numbers away every drawing lol.... And I've received tickets at different times. I know my luck ain't that bad, but I would be happy with being 100 numbers away
Kris K. Blomgren WOOOOHOOOOO!!!!! ididn't win.
Jenn Lewis I wish I were a winner....if the winning iPads don't get claimed, are you going to draw more numbers??
Steve Priole I guess being one of the first 14k people doesn't account for anything =oP
Jesus Q Velasquez phonedog come on make me a winner
Aaron Delgado Nobody won stupid phone dog no offense!!
Brandon Smith Don't worry Jerri. I think it's way more painful to be less than 100 numbers away.
Jerrilynn Breitwish Atherton It seems I entered way too early....all but 1 or 2 of the numbers drawn have been over 100k!!

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