Dell Mini 10v running Android and Ubuntu

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| Published: May 21, 2009

In this video, a Dell technology strategist talks about the new Mini10v and displays three of them running on Ubuntu, Ubuntu Netbook Remix, and Android Cupcake. We aren't shown anything else, and Mr. Anson makes it clear that no Android-based Dell products have been announced. Nevertheless, it's encouraging to see them actively working on... something Android.

Dell's relatively massive support of Linux started with a user submission to the company's Idea Storm website, where visitors vote on what product features, services, etc., should be implemented. In 2006 - thanks in no small part to a concerted effort by Diggers - Linux desktops became the most wanted item on the site. Dell responded by getting a product together in what must have been record time. Laptops and netbooks followed. Nowadays, Android is a rapidly growing topic at Idea Storm.

Via Android Uploads