Can Sydney dougie? We'll find out in this video. (Not that you should have to even wonder since this show has clearly proven that Sydney is full of swag. Whatever.)

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"Do you know how to dougie?"

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David Hanych
David Hanych Nice moves...
Terry Oakes
Terry Oakes nope...
Alex Ochoa
Alex Ochoa Hmmmm... Na
Luciano Ace Escobedo
Luciano Ace Escobedo If awesome and epic had a baby u would be it! Cuzz ur effin epiclyawesome! If that makes any sense at all!?!
Cristian Henriquez
Cristian Henriquez Sydney, you know how to dougie lol
Seir Valencia
Seir Valencia whats wrong with your penis?
Gary Petretic
Gary Petretic Awesome!
Francis Mogote
Francis Mogote I hope Sydney never gets married... So I can continue freely fantasizing about her. Lol
Neil Hussey
Neil Hussey I could see her camel toe when she did the dougie. And very nice it looked too.
BigChuck Rossetti
BigChuck Rossetti Shuffle?? Really?? It's the white folks running man from the 90's... and it was supposed to be a joke about how white people can't dance... they said it in their interview... (and btw... that was a horrible dougie)
Andy Cruz
Andy Cruz yup
Jason King
Jason King #Fail
Misho Monaselidze
Misho Monaselidze The most beautiful woman in the world, this is Sidney
Joshua Spaugh
Joshua Spaugh Sydney obviously dosnt, can you spongebob? my math teacher sponge bobs and she is like 50
Alexander Sharp
Alexander Sharp Everyone needs to learn how to shuffle. The doggie is old
Alexander Sharp
Alexander Sharp I do.
Hrvoje Cuculic
Hrvoje Cuculic sidney u are a strange plant:)
Stephanie MeineLiebe
Stephanie MeineLiebe Hahahahaha. This!!!!!
Joanne DiBenedetto-Beal
Joanne DiBenedetto-Beal thought u said doggie? lol
Orga Price
Orga Price Not bad, Sydney... not bad.
Jonathan Morris
Jonathan Morris Lmao! no you didn't ask that!

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