Dog Pound Episode 27 - iPad 3 announcement, Galaxy S III specs, and more!

Sydney Myers
Teen Lifestyle Editor from Dallas, TX
Published: February 28, 2012

We're back with a new episode of the Dog Pound and a new format! Sorry for missing last week; I was unavailable so we didn't have an episode. I mentioned in the last episode that this show is now six months old. Since we've hit a milestone, I decided to use a new format, just to keep things fresh and interesting. From now on, I'll still be featuring your comments but I'll also be covering the news from the past week. Let me know what you think of the new format!

In this week, we discuss news about the iPad 3's launch date and its specs. We've also got news of possible specs for the Galaxy S III and the possibility of T-Mobile getting the iPhone. Speaking of T-Mobile, LG just announced the Optimus 4X HD, a smartphone with a quad-core processor and a 4.7-inch True HD display, and it could be coming to T-Mobile. On top of that, there's more news and more comedy in this episode!

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