HTC made it a point to mention the HTC One X's camera (along with media features) at the One series event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.  In HDR comparison shots with the iPhone 4S, the One X appeared to hold its own, and offers some cool features like a speedy 0.7 second shutter response time and an f2.0 lens.  Aaron takes it for a test drive!

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"Super fast camera on the HTC One X. Is that important to you?"

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Dev Lavaniya
Dev Lavaniya Don't really care about the shutter speed that much .. but m astonished with the kwl features and camera quality that provide with this and One S
Francesco Vincent Parisi Noeske
Francesco Vincent Parisi Noeske yes, usually sport mode is not enough or makes bad pictures
KoDy Designed ByCrime
KoDy Designed ByCrime But let's all face it its an htc so the screen quality will look like shit compared to super amoled hd and super amoled plus lol they are still using lcds WHAT A JOKE! htc fans are constant bluffers in the face of defeat!
KoDy Designed ByCrime
KoDy Designed ByCrime Play time is almost over SAMSUNG GALAXY S III enters the room and banishes all inferiority which is pretty much EVERYTHING
Warren Saunders
Warren Saunders the one X is a serious piece of kit
Drew Page
Drew Page yes, very. My iPhone 4 takes pretty good pictures, but the camera app is kinda slow.
Ben Conover
Ben Conover yes! I can deal with no Tegra 3. It's battery isn't big enough for it anyway.
Kristopher Davis
Kristopher Davis http://briefmobile.com/htc-one-x-snapdragon-s4-krait-vs-nvidia-tegra-3-comparison
Kristopher Davis
Kristopher Davis +ERVIN ESTEBAN finally someone knows the truth! Everyone thinking there GS2 will compete..ha!! The dual core S4 Krait is a beast ..power of the tegra 3 quad but super good battery...atleast we and the others that know this will be enjoying it while others drool! Just hope Sprint hurrys up and announces one!! Crap I hope they announce any new high end Android!!
Ernest Marvin Esteban
Ernest Marvin Esteban The US version is not just a dual core snapdragon. It's a dual core KRAIT. Krait is the qualcomm equivalent of cortex A15. It's as almost as powerful as tegra 3
Radit Nopcharoenwong
Radit Nopcharoenwong So this has nothing to do with this, but my Galaxy S2 (tmobile) keeps glitching and the camera quality is horrible especially for being an 8mp camera...does anyone have this problem?
Tom Parker
Tom Parker The shutter speed on the Galaxy Nexus is fast, but the pictures are crappy.
Elvin Burgos
Elvin Burgos You don't realize that you want it until you experience it first hand. I love the shutter speed on my galaxy nexus
Anonymous Jordan you're completely wrong. The At&t version will use the S4 processor which completely blows the Exynos out of the water. The S4 is even more powerful than the Tegra 3, despite being only dual core. And it's compatible with LTE. I'd say the At&t version is most likely better in every area except battery.
Kristopher Davis
Kristopher Davis @Jordan manna konesavanh...if you really think that the processor in the GS2 can compete with the S4 Krait in the US one X u are definately wrong!! Do some research...the S4 performs just as well as the quad core tegra 3 and has substantially better battery.
Paul Ledbetter
Paul Ledbetter Faster then my Vivid? It's fast as heck!
Jason King
Jason King The quality of the picture is more important. But the phone looks great. The main focus should be on a more powerful battery.
Jordan Mamba WorldPeace Konesavanh
Jordan Mamba WorldPeace Konesavanh P.S Galaxy S II's 1.2 Ghz Exynos is more powerful than anyother processor. Even the 1.5 Ghz Dual Core. Except Quad Core
Jordan Mamba WorldPeace Konesavanh
Jordan Mamba WorldPeace Konesavanh Ok so when I heard that the "Quad-Core" One X is coming to ATT. I thought it was an end to my GS 2's most powerful processor in U.S. Then I heard it has a Dual Core Snapdragon. You officially ruined my desire to upgrade. Thank you.
Rene Garcia
Rene Garcia GNex takes super fast pics but not high quality , for a HQ picture it will take 1 or 2 seconds.
JanuaryBeauty Richards
JanuaryBeauty Richards of course. sometimes u b takin a picture an it takes forever to load
Eric Casanova
Eric Casanova No tegra 3 is
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez Nope
Ayoub Hage
Ayoub Hage Hell yeah
Lucian Pa
Lucian Pa Very. Specially while video rec..A++ Has to be good quality though &at least 8mp
Joel Rivera
Joel Rivera HtC Sensation is sufficient
Brandon Armenta
Brandon Armenta Not reeally
Kalob Martinez
Kalob Martinez Muy!!
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz The 1.5GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 is waaay more powerful than the tegra 3. Quad core isn't that much faster than a dual core processor. The processor is actually great.
Kalob Martinez
Kalob Martinez Muy!!
Cory Wilson
Cory Wilson How about the phone with 41mp
Richard Ameen
Richard Ameen Aint gonna be that fast for the US version anyways since we're getting the crappy one without the quad core tegra 3
Philip Matuszak
Philip Matuszak If ya got kids, camera and speed is key, those little bastards are fast and always seem to evade good pics
Kyle Cordiano
Kyle Cordiano As long as it takes good picures idc how fast it is.
Gilberto Lopez
Gilberto Lopez As long is pic looks great. Don't care about how fast it is
Richard Ameen
Richard Ameen Fast shutter lag. Probably faster than the iphone 4s and gnex
Brady Wassam
Brady Wassam Hopefully the One X gets more than 1X reception. I'd call it the Four G.
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Better and bigger screen is most important
Ernesto Moreno
Ernesto Moreno It is a phone right? If I cared about the camera that much I'd buy an actual camera.
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago I focus more on picture quality!!!
Justin Plecko
Justin Plecko It doesn't matter to me unless they made it so the phone doesn't crash 5 times a day and the battery doesn't die after a few hours of use... oh wait the battery can't be replace! EPIC FAIL!
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider nope
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru My iPhone 4S is very good for me, but the Galaxy S3 seems to be for me,,,,
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru No
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz This phone is cool. But this phone is for my mom and the S3 will b 4 me.
Mark Fisher Jr.
Mark Fisher Jr. Hell naw. I don't give a dam about a camera on a phone.
Luis Lopez
Luis Lopez No, not really. I love my iPhone 4S's camera.
Mateo Delgado
Mateo Delgado The incredibly fast shutter speed on my Galaxy Nexus is just as good : p
Daniel McCarthy
Daniel McCarthy Very important, I tend to use my phone for photographing gigs I go to since with the right settings, my camera can look just as good as my SLR minus the obscenely unnecessary resolutions. Shutter lag sucks, especially when it takes literally 5 seconds(Motorola phones)
Victor Rios
Victor Rios As for your question, somewhat yes...but I'm sure 4.0 will fix that issue.
Victor Rios
Victor Rios Samsung GSII all the way FTW!
John Cruz
John Cruz yes it is
Donte Dial
Donte Dial No pointless no shutter lag is fine lol
James Ortiz
James Ortiz Gnex is faster
Hansel Starley
Hansel Starley That's yesterday news (literally), is all about the 808.

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