In this Five on Friday segment, I'm talking about my favorite Android smartphones.  The pace of Android is absurd; every month, there are countless releases.  It's important to note that this list only includes phones that are released as of today (so sadly, no Galaxy S 4 on this list).  Beyond that, the list includes popular manufacturers that you'd expect to be on the list - HTC and Samsung primarily, though there are a few surprises.  Regardless of where your Android loyalties lie, you'll probably like at least one smartphone in this list.

Let me know which smartphones you'd put in your list @PhoneDog_Aaron!  Have a great weekend.

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Miles Justin McNairy Note 2! Even S4 or HTC One can't beat it! Nothing is better except upcoming Note 3!
Zaka Ur Rehman Note 2, S3, Htc One
Mark Belkowski Why does it matter to you? I enjoy trying out new devices. Its called a hobby.
Anthony Bailey So are you just a typical 'spec whore,' or do you actually need more power, considering the Note II is tremendously powerful as it is???
Marlon Milligan Htc one, htc droid dna , note 2, sony xperia z , & Nexus 4
Chuck Wilson HTC one
Devin Martinez I have a note 2 so how can I be a itroll like u say. & I'm smart enough to no what's good & what's ok. Oh also last time I herd Samsung was the one paying people to hype up their phones and put down others...you troll
Tyler Hell Note 2 GS 4 HTC ONE GS III HTC EVO 4G LTE
Mark Belkowski Smaller yes. More powerful, yes.
Anthony Bailey LOL. You're the only one who sounds like an iTroll on someone's payroll. You iSheep are too stupid to even know you're stupid! :P
Anthony Bailey You're going from a Note 2 to a smaller screen phone with less capabilities???
Myron Black you need to suck it mate
Mark Belkowski Note 2 for sure. Thats until i get my s4.
Billy Deeson *NOTE II* enough said,there is no other.....
Jason Geiger Note 2, S4, htc one, nexus 4, S3.
Gabriel Silvestre 1st - samsung galaxy note 2 2nd - samsung galaxy s4 3rd - htc one 4th - samsung galaxy s3 5th - nexus 4
Joseph James Gabo HTC ONE black, HTC one silver, HTC ONE 32gb, HTC ONE 64gb and T-Mobile HTC ONE
Devin Martinez I'm using the note 2 it's cool but my god overrated half these idiots that comment on here are probably on Samsungs payroll. iphone & iOS take it by a mile...no joke
Krishna Gupta Note 2, Canvas HD, Canvas HD Pro, HTC One, HTC Butterfly.
Tony Passalacqua Note 2, Note 3 when its released, S3, and of course the S4. Samsung just knows how to do it
Don Turner HTC one now.... Galaxy S 4 soon
Anthony Jackson Most definitely the note 2
Hunny Vandan xperia Z, wt19i, htc one, nexus 4, and upcoming ZTE with nvidia tegra 4 rooted :D
Ricky Bonilla You need a rosette stone mate
Michael Scott H EVO 3D, Droid Razr, Galasy S3, Galaxy Note and now my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and waiting for The Galaxy Note 3.
Amer Ahmed I don't even think I've ever used 5 android phones long enough to decide
Travis Bowen Edge to edge ftw
William Plotner My top 10 in order. HTC One, Nexus 4, Note 2, Optimus G, GS3, HTC One X+, Xperia Z, DROID RAZR MAXX HD, S2, LG Opitmus One. And an honorable mention, Motorola Atrix 4G. The first "Superphone" and my first smartphone.
David Slawter Motorola Droid Razr MAXX HD or Sony Xperia Z
Michelle Womble Still Note 2. I'll but whatever can top it when it comes out. Prolly the 3, if I can make it that long. Usually only last 8 months before I need my Tech fix.
David Keith Gobert I still have the MT4G.
Grzegorz Kaczkowski N4,SGS4,HTC One,Xperia Z,Xiaomi Mi2.
Joe McDonough Note 2 ,gs3 , spectrum 2, z10, HTC one
Myron Black android sucks wen i been thre 12 in less then 6 months pal
Steve Hirjak HTC One!!! FTW!
Nick Sanford sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks
William Plotner How can you think the S3 even competes with the One? The One has a bigger battery, better and higher res screen, much more powerful CPU and GPU, All aluminium build, better audio, Dual stereo front facing speakers, better rear and front facing camera
Myron Black iphone iphone iphone iphone yphone
Dale Junior Note 2, htc one, galaxy s 3. Not decent phones after those. Z10 is terrible.
Derek Aguiar note 2, fucktherest!!!
Pamela Cooke Corkum Note 2, Galaxy S3, S4, HTC One
Jody Warrick Note 2, Galaxy 3, Uh.. that's it!
Fred Roeder Jr Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S3, HTC One, Motorola Atrix HD,
Lonell Riddick Note 2 galaxy 3 and 4 when it comes out. Htc 1 behind them
John Jackson motorola electrify and note 2

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