The Samsung Galaxy Note II is one of the most talked about devices this year, and Aaron takes a look at seven of the best software features in the iconic device.  As if Jelly Bean out of the box wasn't enough, Samsung brings some great software upgrades to both the software in general and the improvements from the S Pen.  What features do you find most useful?  Sound off in the comments section below!

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"What do you like most about the Note II?"

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Shoaib17 Fast motion video recording
Jose Villa Don't know yet.
K Iford Cooper Question, can the Galaxy Note II do video and picture editing. I'm debating on getting it but I really need that feaure. I was told that the Note I had it but the Note II doesn't. Please help with info...
Adriene Berish counting down the seconds until i get one!! :-D
Adriene Berish oops PhoneDog, you made an error!? you meant to say "What's not to like about the Note II", :-D
Arham Abbasi YES Mario Angeles
Monee Davis From watching the vids on this phone I would say the huge tablet like screen the down and the ability to truly multitask like watching vids while texting and sending quirky notes to social media sites like facebook
Mario Angeles Can we use the web during a call ???
Ed Seitzinger I just love them i(diot)phone ppl
David Moreno Has anyone mentioned this is the first superphone that can open 2 apps any the same time?? That's what's I've been waiting, hopefully I can one hand it lol
Arvind Katiyar its getting biger and biger like a samsung TV
Teresa L Smith Everything!
Mario Angeles Will the note 2 US versiĆ³n will come with the quad-core processor??
Tiger Panomthonichakul note 2 is obviously my new phone, yet i cannot leave my precious s3 !
Cristian Henriquez Wouldn't know, Verizon better hurry up with this phone
Fred Haynes Errrrrrthing
Aubrey Bon-Terrell Beauford What I like about the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the software options it affords. No longer being trapped by just one to three ways to enjoy a cellphone. It brings something refreshing and new to the buffet
Jose Calderon Samsung has branded you guys so hard in the ass. They just want your money, not your happiness.
Robert Sanson will be my phone for a while when I get my hands on it. love everything about it.
Wutthichai Rit-Uan To monkey people= Buy what you like and shut the F++K up, it is your money...
Marti Ruiz exynos proccesor , no pentile, true multitasking, big screen, battery life, im noy a fan og the stylus , i really like small bezel phones
John Zanatta I like that after a bit of time, the developers should have most of the features running on the Note1.
Ron Scott You can even split the screen and do 2 things at once! *drools...
Ron Scott With a 1.6ghz quad core processor, S pen, and a high definition Super Amoled that no loger uses pentile, I'd say it's more like S3 when you piss it of and it turns into a super phone. They should have made it green, because it's a hulk of a phone. Most buyers won't even have uses for all the awesome things it can do.
Doc Barbarossa It's a larger version of the S3.....that's it!!!!
George H Nguyen Wat I think of the Note 2? I think it sounds great, I can't want to get my hands on that beautiful phone/tablet. The phablet. Lol
Anne Brooks They're jealous. After all the only difference between a 4s and iphone 5 is an extra row of icons.
John Elizondo Lol iSheep keep attacking -.-
Lawrence Lepes The pixel density isn't as important as people think. You take two tvs; one is a 32" LCD 720p HD TV, and the other is a Samsung 60" LED 1080p Full HD TV. Which one has the higher pixel density, and which one has the over all better screen quality!
Anne Brooks I had the original note and thought it was great, what put me off was how heavy it was and being squarish it felt awkward so I traded it for an S3 which is fantastic. However I love the size of the screen on the Note 2 and now being lighter and a much nicer shape I bought one. I thought the S3 quad core was fast but this beats it hands down. Multitasking in any shape or form- no problem.
Thomas Boehnlein That it's not pentile. I can finally buy Samsung again!!!
MinnieMouse Lovingu Waddell Yes please hurry up and release the Note 2 for the USA soon.
Kenneth Bernales @rene Saenz: i think at&t will start selling it on october 27
Kenneth Bernales all of its features
Rene Saenz Jr. I just want my note 2 now....at&t release date??????????
Ian Baylon Who's the guy that says android has slow processors, little that you know that the iPhone 5 gets crushed in benchmark tests by ANY android phone, word.
Sameer Biala @lawrence: leave it. . I come across fan boys all the time who have their eyes closed towards all the good stuff Aaron keeps posting. Anyone who has seen the videos should know that android phones today have surpassed iPhone devices in all departments. . Yet every other day, I'll meet someone who wud say -- my retina screen is awesome, nothing compares to it. My processor is the fastest etc etc etc. . Just stopped arguing on these issues now. Not worth it.
Susan Hugus Looks great. Not a fan of swype and I like Google's plain keyboard.
Mark Belkowski too big for me. my galaxy s 3 is kick ass enough with cm10.
Lawrence Lepes @ Daniel Villareal- Are you kidding me? Slow Processors? Lets compare the processors of the Galaxy Note 2, and the Iphone 5. The Galaxy Note 2 has a 1.6GHz QUAD Core Processor; in case you don't know, that is 4 cores. The Iphone 5 has a 1.3GHz DUAL Core Processor; in case you don't know, that is TWO cores! 1.6GHz is faster than 1.3GHz. So how is the Iphone 5 processor faster than the Galaxy Note 2 processor? IT IS NOT! You were either misinformed, or your math is horrible! Check your facts next time!
Miguel Bleau note 2 the best ever its just stupid for ppl to even mention iPhone on this thread shame on u for that retards
Arnt Petter Andersen That I don't own one...
Joel Larsson The 1, 6 Ghz procesor, Jelly Bean and the size!
Pam Hallman the camera flash
Sameer Biala Don't think people realize that Note 1 was a runaway success for Sammy. Having sold millions of Note 1 handsets, i don't have an iota of doubt in my mind that this is gonna be way more successful than its predecessor. Then again, it's not meant for an average Joe. So why complain? If someone doesn't like the size, don't buy it.
Jacob B Dupuy IPhone 5 aka iPhone 4S XL what a joke js :X
Daniel Ayala phone of the year
Mahmoud Helmy it's a big phone !
Daniel DaSilva iPhone 5 is the same as iPhone 4s.
Nathan Wright Everything but the size haha
Sameer Biala For me, it's the amazing battery life and super smooth OS-processor combo. Upgraded from Note 1 & cudn't he happier ! Haven't experienced a full day's battery since ages and on top of that we have this awesome performance. Phone of the Year !!!
Rich Hernandez that they didnt decide to call it a "phablet". stupidest name ever
Bryan Bagayas everythaynnnnnnnnnnnggggg
Daniel Villarreal nothing i don't like android devices cheap plastic and slow processors lol iphone5 all the way ;)
Todd Donna When is the note out I hear oct 21 release date is this true ?

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