Google Nexus 4 Challenge, Day 21: Currents, camera, and Straight Talk

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| March 6, 2013

In day 21 of the 30 day challenge with the Google Nexus 4, we're going to talk about Currents, the camera, and the Straight Talk service.  My SIM card is running off of the AT&T side, and my HSPA+ speeds are ranging between 3-5 Mbps on the download.  The benefit of Straight Talk is, in essence, you're getting the proposition of AT&T (or T-Mobile) cellular service for far less money per month - $45 for unlimited calls, text, and data (though they do throttle). 

Google Currents is something I'm starting to use more and more on the Nexus 4.  Much like Flipboard and BlinkFeed on the HTC One, it aggregates news into a clean application.  It gives a whole new look and feel to Google's applications.

The camera is another focus for this video, and overall, I'm still not impressed with it in comparison to some of the other high-end smartphones on the market.  It's decent enough considering the phone's price point, but I find pictures to have a ton of noise, even in the most well-lit environments.  Photosphere is a fun feature, but don't really see a practical use for it.

Stay tuned for the final updates in the challenge!

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