Google Nexus 4 Challenge: Day 7

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| February 20, 2013

Seven days into the 30 day Nexus 4 challenge, I'm still enjoying the build quality of the latest Google device.  Designed by LG, it features glass and other premium materials - and given the inexpensive price point, it's a very solid competitor in the premium smartphone space.  The 8 GB version is available for $299, and the 16 GB version is available for $349.  Both prices are without a contract.

Still, I feel as if there's a better software value that comes from TouchWiz, Sense, and other user interfaces on the market.  There will always be stock Android fans - and for those people, the Nexus 4 is as good as it gets (though I wish it had LTE enabled out of the box).  For the mainstream consumer, there's a lot of value in some of the phones that are available at carriers nationwide.

In the next video, I'll cover Straight Talk more at length, along with my thoughts on using the device in Barcelona for work.  What do you want to see?  Tweet me @PhoneDog_Aaron and let me know!

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