Aaron unboxes the Google Nexus 4, designed by LG and complete with Jelly Bean.  Featuring a 1.5 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 CPU, the Nexus 4 sports a 4.7-inch IPS HD display, 8-megapixel camera with 1080p HD recording, 2,100 mAh battery, HSPA+ connectivity, and Android 4.2.  It's available starting at $299.99 without a contract, making it an incredibly powerful smartphone for a great price.  It's unboxing time!

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Dzwinner Djazair What fanatic nexus fan boys are saying about GOOGLE (and not LG) Nexus 4 : no sd slot -> not a deal breaker no removable battery -> not a deal breaker no USB OTG mode -> not a deal breaker no availability -> not a deal breaker no robust phone -> not a deal breaker no LTE -> not a deal breaker 8GB of internal storage -> not a deal breaker F**k google and f**k Nexus brand even for 100$ less SGS3 stays on the top
Mohamad Ali Kassem HELLS YEA !
Naj Khan can you nubox your self now
JoeDavid Savannah Garcia Love it... no doubt!
Vicente Reyes I love the nexus line. But I also love Motorola's new phones as well
Dilshan Karunarathne no still love iphone.....
Javier Delgado @Tylor zollman you can talk all you want about how LG sux...but here we're not talking about an LG phone...we're talking about a nexus...so you should consider that the nexus only have a LG logo...nothing more... updates are from google... if you bought a crappy phone from LG with LG UI or LG OS...you failed..
Jake Patterson perfect! i'll take a subsidized iphone 5, sell it full retail, buy this, and smile from profit...
Tylor Zollman @Cary Mompoint I have held the nexus 4, I have owned every nexus except this one... I have owned 4 LG phones and I now am a proud owner of a GS3! You can say all you want but LG DOES NOT build as nice of phones as HTC or SAMSUNG. The only reason LG is getting any recognition is because this is a Nexus phone. If it weren't it would be another $99 phone for T-Mobile. The specs are nice, but with it being an official Google phone (with the Nexus name) it should be much better. The Nexus name is quickly fading and the Galaxy name is becoming the big man on campus!
Shawn Gergler Note 2, fastest and best battery
Michal Baginski I love it ... Happy owner ;)
Victor Chan Any good deal through out the market now!
Cesario Brito Jr. No. Google and LG failed with non removable battery and little storage. Fanboys make me laugh.
Johan Bjäreholt Well, havn't touched one yet but it seems like a dream phone. Vanilla android <3 If i get a new phone that is not a nexus device i will install CM10 on it anyway so why not just buy an cheap vanilla android phone with epic specs? Then i can also be sure it gets enough updates and open source for its hardware so i don't need to care about the CM devs not being able to make smooth updates!
Cary Mompoint Jr I love how all the people commenting dont even own a Nexus device! I have had my Nexus 4 since day 1, and I absolutely love it. All those people who are saying that LG cant build a good phone, have not actually held a Nexus 4 in their hands. As for the "No LTE" comments, it has been proven that LTE does in fact work on it in Canada, since they use Band 4, and in the U.S. that translates into it working AT&T in certain regions of the country where they use band 4 for LTE and definitely for T-Mobile next year, once they launch LTE. The phone is super fast, very fluid, the screen looks amazing ( makes my HSPA Galaxy Nexus look like crap), and I get great DOwnload speeds on T-Mobile's HSPA 42 network in my area. I average 18Mbps and am quite satisfied with that. Also with Unlimited Data, I just keep everything on the cloud. So if you havent actually used one then your comments are pretty much baseless. Also, Ive owned the N1, Galaxy Nexus, and now Nexus 4 and will never buy a non-nexus phone again.
Juwon Donte I'll stick with my s3 and note 2..no lte no sim card slot your stuck with an 8 or 16 gb version LG dropped the ball as usual
Joernie Berrios Hey Aaron how about unlocking the Bootloader,Root it and flash CyanogenMod 10.1...;-)
Tylor Zollman Not a fan.. Should have let Samsung or HTC make the phone. LG is not up to par with those two yet.
Colin P. Collins ordering soon
Joshua Andrus Love it. Just got 27 mpbs down on T-Mobile.
Chris Roberts Ill stick with my GS3 AND MY NOTE 2.. :)
Abdul Rahman Who don't??
Magnus Larsson LIKE? I fucking LOVE IT!
Mitchell Feigley I have one and it's by far the best phone on the market. Lack of LTE doesn't matter because it supports HSPA+42 which is available in many more cities and gets me 10+ mbps download speeds which is plenty fast enough.
Cyrus Mak LTE works fine in Canada for the Nexus 4
Daniel McCarthy The Nexus 4 is a 700$ phone for 300$, can anyone honestly justify another 400 to get a Samsung counterpart. Also LTE is garbage. Huge battery drain for a very tiny benefit over HSPA+
Jaime Chipres LG YOU SUCK NUTS!! No LTE! Garbage
Jason Ramos Nope. No LTE and LG makes it? Nah. I'll wait for the next Nexus
Nathan Parks Haha lte is the deal breaker? Jerry is a tool. Hspa + 42mbps is just as fast as lte. I get 25 Mbps and it doesn't kill my battery. You're why horrible marketing still exists. You buy in to whatever you hear.
Joe McDonough GS3 !@#$/
Joey Pesante Activate it with an lte sim**
Joey Pesante ...lte works on it in canada. And I'm assuming if you can get metro to activate a lte sim for the motion 4g you could probably use it with volte on metro
Gary Lancaster You're such an iSheep Aaron.
Jerry Blancas Nope. Phone is an official fail with out LTE.
Tony Avila haters in deed.
Zach Cline Galaxy nexus is outdated lol
Nathan Parks Ha look at the haters in here. The nexus is one of the best phones available even if it were 600 dollars.
K.j. Littlejohn Lol U should be sorry for keeping true android enthusiasts waiting
Joernie Berrios About time!!
Abram Wenevermet Dennis No.. by the time you buy the latest android a new one comes out a week later.
Tim Moore I'm a mainstream user for the most part and all I will ever get is a Nexus. If there is an issue it gets fixed fast. You get the big updates fast and you don't have worry about the overlays like Touchwiz or Sense causing problems. Went away from it for the Sensation and what a mistake that was.
Kyle Cordiano I'll stick with my Galaxy Nexus until it stops getting updates.

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