Aaron gets some hands-on time with Google's Nexus 7, designed by ASUS.  Featuring a 7-inch HD (1280x800) display, it offers Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box.  It's still early, but so far, it looks to be a bit more fluid than Ice Cream Sandwich.  It's a very quick hands-on due to the number of people that were crowding (read: attacking) the display units (not to mention we'll have full coverage very shortly thanks to Google's generosity).  Pre-orders start now, and it's coming to Google Play in mid-July for $199.  Stay tuned for more!

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Mayank Jaiswal Any news of Nexus 7's availability in regions of Asia such as India and China..?
Bryan Prime Ipad is cool... but u can buy 2+ of these for a ipad
Daniel Sanchez Ordered one already. Looks great. Can't wait for it to start shipping.
Omkar Pawaskar how do i order this 1 in U.S?
Jublee Nanda How does a "Google Now" feature work in this without a 3G Connection?
Alaa Attar I'm just wondering if the international version on the s3 support the Arabic keyboard ? Any idea?
Shawn Parker no SD spot. same size as the kindle fire. and the fire has SD slot
Corey Hockett @Gerald Ragira the iPad does not have cloud storage...iCloud is a backup system....completely different. So what your telling me is that you don't even have an iPad? If you did you would already know this......fucking moron
Sergio Rubio Well priced....I can see it being bought by many
Grzegorz Kaczkowski Yepp price looks good,tech.spec.also much better than cheap made in China
Marcus Cadwell Nope. ipad is still the way to go
Jon Kabat I gotta say....I'm waiting for the Surface.
Erik Rosli Oh, for the guy who even mentioned Microsoft Surface... well it comes with a $599 price tag, while the Intel version would cost $999. Not everyone can afford that bro. Compare that to the Nexus 7 with a $199 / $249 price tag.
Erik Rosli For what the Nexus 7 offers for its price, it's definitely worth buying! I haven't even exceed using 8GB on my galaxy tab and I hardly use the rear camera for pictures. The lack of micro SD may be a hindrance to others (you don't see iPad consumers complain), but there are alternative such as cloud storage, ie dropbox. And again the pricing, it's genius!
Eduardo Ordaz heck yeah i would.
Peter Doyle Your saying real tablets like tablets actually do stuff, I have had an iPad and Motorola. Xoom. After the novelty has run out they do nothing more than a phone (Even less to be precise). The 7 inch form factor allows portability: tried carrying your iPad to college? You look like a dick, + iOS is so lame. ASUS has the right idea, a cheap quality toy that will sell. Allows people to purchase content from the play store for amusement
AC Edwards Like it more than I thought I would. I'll stick with my Galaxy Tab 10.1, but at $199, this is a pretty good buy.
Gerald Ragira I'm not saying this tablet is bad. I disagree with anyone who says this is better than ipad. Not even one day. What you pay for is what you get. $199 for 8GB surely! That isn't much. The screen is so small too. The good thing is that it won't lag as it has powerful processor. For starters not bad for someone who wants a tablet experience. Real tablets are 10" plus. Save your money and buy something real.
Issac Sanchez 12 core gpu.....nuff said...
Antonio Vazquez Ehh no SD card slot made it a deal breaker, but than again, quad core for only $199.99. That's a good deal no lie
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I'll stick with my iPad
Gerald Ragira @Matt Chumaceiro Heck yeah I know what i'm talking about, 7" screen have you ever seen 7" compared to 10".. Thats just a bigger smartphone! Seriously.. What's the PPI density? It can't match iPad's retina PPI. Lets take the 4G out then. You are talking about cloud storage doesn't iPad have cloud storage? And Asus is nowhere near Apple the only match is the ROG laptops by Asus.
Jun Hong Ppl are saying that I pads are better than this. And price wise this is almost half the price. With a faster processor. And people saying ipads are better because this dosnt have a sd slot. NEITHER DOES A IPAD
Mike Keslinke It's 300 dollars less then the iPad. The rear camera isn't an issue because I wouldnt want to hold up my $500 iPad up to take a picture anyway. Get a camera or a smartphone with the 300 dollars you save
Matt Chumaceiro @Gerald Ragira Are you new to the mobile industry? Let me start off with 4G, almost nobody would buy this with cellular data plans nowadays, a back camera is useless on a tablet, 16 GB is fine for a tablet made for CLOUD STORAGE, and are you REALLY going to act like an ASUS product is bad? ASUS has the BEST video cards in the business, the Prime still reigns as the best tablet, and their motherboards are legendary. It's obvious you have no idea what you are talking about.
Justin Cartier Yes I do, can you say iPad killer?
Ryan Wade Breton For $200? I like it better than the Kindle Fire. But I'll stick with my New iPad.
Alex Hunt Love the nexus 7! After recently getting the galaxy nexus, the nexus line is where true android/google shines!
Kay Njuguna well dont worry jose Merlos i can see a lawsuit form apple pretty soon banning the sale of these item..they just halted the sale of the Galaxy tab a few days ago...apparently the rectangle shape is owned by Apple!!
Gerald Ragira No SD card slot, No 4G, No Back Camera, only 7", 8GB or 16GB on board, made by Asus Lol and you say it's #great than iPad. GTFOH LMAO. Waste of money you would rather buy Microsoft Surface!
Jose Merlos I was set on buying it but the lack of SD stop me from it.
Michael Schneider I hope Sprint gets the note in October
Steven Roman Meh, im gonna buy my HTC one s
Nicholas Ether yes, wish it had sd card though
Tony Abiama It seems OK... I was hoping for a new Nexus phone to be announced... but maybe it'll come later in the year
Shin Wolf Hey guys its $199 only, not bad. If you want the "REAL TABLET" that you want pay $400
Zachary Daniel Meyer Lol r u really going to be taking pictures with something that huge? I think not
Péter Kiss Nexus Q is better :) Old idea in great design.
Zach Cline @ Luis- No it isn't lol
Ari Preziosi No rear-facing camera? Who needs that anyway....looking forward to it! When will it arrive on Singapore shores?? Jelly bean...yummy! Lolxx
Randy B Hoopes not even close Luis
Aaron Nazareth Fernandes Pretty good, even though it doesn't have a rear camera, but can't complain for that price point in the market.
Luis Hernandez better than any crappy ipads
Paul Pollock Ya no sd slot I pass
Mahmood Salam Al-Doori It's brilliant and promising at the same time
Driss BenMakhlouf Yeeees I Doooo !!! ;)
Mahmood Salam Al-Doori @ Issac shinde: Asus
Kevin Vernon I would preorder one if it had an SD card slot.
Joshua Streeter It needs 4g.
Ken Gorab @Wutthichai Rit-Uan And way better too!!
Isaac Shinde who made it ?
Dan Garcia Very excited about it! Pre-ordered the 16gb version earlier.
Patrick Fjaestad Fast Yes i do ! :D
Wutthichai Rit-Uan Yeah, cheaper than any apple product :-P

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