Cam from TodaysiPhone makes a guest appearance on PhoneDog to show off his shiny new HP Pre 3!  Featuring a 1.4 GHz processor, 3.6-inch display, and webOS 2.2, it's a decent device.  Too bad HP isn't making it (or webOS, for that matter) anymore.  It's nearly impossible to find now, but Cam got his just in time to do a quick unboxing.  Farewell webOS, we'll miss you!

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"Would you buy an HP Pre 3 if you could?"

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Phil Kappes YES YES YES!
Martin Kaptein Definitely yes:)
Ross E. Hell yea!!!!!
Xingchi Ding yes I will
Alain Bellemare Yes, if the price is low like $100 no contract
Aaron Jefferson No because they killed web os!!! If it was cheap then I would think about it
Isaiaz Tapia Yes!!!!
Lazaros Efthimiadis No no no!it is already barried.
Phillip Ith SGS2 FTW !
João Silva $50 of course yes!!!
Todd Bradley Yes I was happy with the Pre, so yes.
Joey DeCrescenzo For $50 yes :-)
Mason Hartley Nope hp needs to sick with laptops
Rod Stringer ah..... no
Vic Espinoza Yea. if it had nodern componets, 4.5" touchscreen and app support.....
Nahtanoj Divad Htrab Nope. Because the company ditched it, so will the developers.
Dylan Wacker If it was $50 - $80 off contract, for sure!
Asher Enciso I will miss webOS too...
Marlenia Mosley so sad there last phone.
Zach Cline Absolutely not.
Flako Ramirez No GS2 FTW
Christian Crawford Too bad tha hp is gone from the pc and phone market they could have really maid it and be a succesfull phone or pc! We will see who is the next big phone or pc company
Carl Joseph Bialorucki I would if it was on the cheap =)
Melody Sanko I enjoy the webOS operating system, I like my Pixi, I was rather holding out for a Pre3, but now, who knows? I'm looking at the Motorola Photo since your review said it has such great reception and I live in one of those fringe/dead areas with the pixi.
Brad Freeman I would but I'd buy the extended warranty
Buckaroo Banzai I wouldn't buy HP period.
Nathan A. Relken YES! I want one really bad! I am in love with webOS!
Benjamin Padilla No unfortunately. What's the point at this time? The best OS of all time gets killed by stupid corporate decisions. I doubt it will ever be resurrected again...
Adrian Salazar If it was on the cheap and no contract I wouldn't mind getting one as a backup handset
Michael Breeze HP makes plastic pieces of crap
Josh Pieters Samsung needs to buy webOS and put it on new phones with a dual boot for Android. Hahahaha. Pipe dreams
Brian Keith He looks like aaron
Anonymous For $10.00
James Patterson You OS loyalists can keep your monotony and stagnation - variety is the spice of life.
Brandon Ricker I would rather switch to blackberry then webos lol I kid I would if HTC didn't make the sensation
Tony Abiama If they sell it for $20 it'll fly off the shelf... Actually, don't even think that would help.
Jason Ramos Nope. webOS is dead. Let it go
Josh Evans I really like the Pre, but not knowing whether it will be supported in the future or updated puts me in the mind of the Kin series from Microsoft. So I probably would not.
Shlomo Hayut Wouldn't touch hp....they sell junk
Domagoj Delimar Right now, probably. I need something to get me through until somebody else starts making new webOS devices. However, if H-P announced a manufacturer that would make them, I'd wait to see what they offer. I'm still using the original Palm Pre.
Mandel McGuire For what it does; yes. But knowing what it lacks & won't ever have; no. I wonder if Michael Bunker still has his Pre'¿
Molly Markiewicz i'm upset about this!!!!
Jamil Oquendo Nope, I can't work with a smartphone with less than a 4 inch screen. Total dealbreaker.
Yaguang Pei I totally woulld
Molly Markiewicz hopefully HP has updated the app store and some of the innerworkings a bit so the phone can interact with other phones a little better...
Chris Cain McKalpain not any more...
Molly Markiewicz yes, i love my pixi, i want an upgrade. - looking at a droid right now..
Hubert John Abiera Yeah, if it was cheap enough. The multitasking and the business aspects of the phone is intriguing.
Andrew Johnson I would but no US 3g dealbreaker
Andrew Johnson I would webOS is awsome
Matthew Ryan Vargas I would if webOS was still being worked on, sure it has a homebrew community, but for how long? and will they try and fix everything? doubt it:/
Michael Ford Yes I would, the phones are already manufactured,hp might as well sell them
Brent Legendre absolutely
Josh Pieters YES! Can you sell me one?
Gunny Wallen Absolutely. I'm actively searching for one.
August White Yes! I would kick the android habit for good.
Chad Richter Damn right I would. Been waiting since february.
David Mendez Hell no
Ismael Sergio Molina I would yeah, if it was still properly supported though. I need an alternative as I'm getting sick of Android and I want more of a selection then just WP7.
Sean Jensen id buy it if i had more apps. webOS is a fantastic operating system
Laura Arellano Yes to go with my touchpad :'(
Mark Coppock Nope. No apps, no way.
Justin Duino yes so it could go with my touchpad
Mark Coppock Nope. No apps, no way.
Melissa Wynemia Kritzell No. I had the original pre and it was to buggy, no flash and hardly and apps. I'll stick with android.
Trisha St.Denis DEFINITELY YES!!!!!!! I've been waiting for it to be released so I cld switch to vzn but noooo. Now I'm stuck getting droid 3 or incredible 2... Blahhhh
Kevin Pizana Yes...in a quick second...:-D
Michael Mikhail not at all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :/ 700 bucks, 8 gigs = iphone is cheaper :P
Jamie Thomas yes for $50 no contract
Marrion Bell Fuck! !! No they wack
Grant Joseph Tame Negative...
Ian Jamieson Nope iPhone 4 tw
Angel Miguel Peguero only if they continue to support it
Marjorie Mora I would because I think HP has been around awhile, I was doing some reading up on there company, I think everyone is being to hard on them. I think they will turn it around to make a come back with a little help. I know a lot of people will disagree. But thats my opinion, Ty *+*
Kevin McNeece If I do will the discontinue it?
Kenny Tate I will never switch from my iPhone.
Robert Colesby I would definetely. Most of the people saying no have probably never played with a pre2. It is an amazing os on a phone.
Mathew Kennedy Yes yes and yes
Michael Mikhail not at all :/ !!!!!

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