Aaron gets a first look at the HP TouchPad, the company's first webOS-powered tablet computer.  It has a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 9.7-inch display, and more.  The coolest feature of the device is "touch-to-share," which allows for content to be transferred between the TouchPad and the newly announced HP Pre 3.  It'll be available in 16 GB or 32 GB flavors when it launches later this summer.

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Ninh Rango
Ninh Rango No, really no...Although it have 1,2Ghz dual processor, but Speed is really slow..
Sam Bahhur
Sam Bahhur I always said apple will never be beat, but this thing looks AMAZING I want one TODAY! if this had the same apps as the iphone/ipad i think this might win....well I havent seen the ipad 2 yet so we will see.
Pedro Luis Perez
Pedro Luis Perez No. The new ipad will crush it.
Steven Mondazzi
Steven Mondazzi Wanted one up until they said "avail this summer" - total BS! Remember how long the original Pre took? It will be friggin xmas b4 it's out.
Michael Carioti
Michael Carioti Waiting to see what HTC drops at their event. I think they make the best hardware next to Apple. Now if I can get webOS on an HTC device... I'm sold.
Tony Frank
Tony Frank nope, ipad all the way
Devlin Robear
Devlin Robear Nope, iPad 2. Unless there is no change to the iPad, I will consider......
Syko Loudermilk
Syko Loudermilk I think the xoom is beast but its 800.00 wtf?
Farley Williamson
Farley Williamson Will wait and see.Never been apple fanboy.Android still rough around the edges.Webos no.
Jason Wyche
Jason Wyche Xoom, Playbook, Ipad 2 ?????? I will wait and see which one fits my needs.
Gino Dimacali
Gino Dimacali More or Less, does it also have a camera at the back?
Bryan West
Bryan West Nope. Waiting on a htc beast
Clint Winstead
Clint Winstead It's VERY impressive and is the only REAL competition thus far for the iPad. I more interested in the Pre3. ME WANT NOW!
Jabin George
Jabin George Looks kool. But have to see with the price. Like to see hp steppin up the game.
Lewis Hachmeister
Lewis Hachmeister Nuh uhh....nope.
Andrew Chandler
Andrew Chandler No. Android fire me, thanks.
Laurence Kit de Castro
Laurence Kit de Castro i hate their hardware but that doesnt concern me much.. webos? hmm.. try hitting a competition with the android market and appstore first. actually im just waiting for xoom or the ipad2, i think i might pass for this one..
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz not really mmmm maybe
Jordan Mosley
Jordan Mosley Yes, and I think it will be cheaper than ipad.
Steven Bright
Steven Bright My iPad is only good jailbroken. The evo got me away from the iPhone with Android finally. I Can do everything with my evo and the Android store that I had to jailbreak my iPhone to do. So this new OS from Android just for tablets looks very promising to steer me from my iPad.
Johnson Jacob
Johnson Jacob The only tablet devices I'm even considering is the Apple iPad2 or whatever it's called, and/or the Motorola Xoom... in their top of the line versions... to me the others are all mediocre...
Prabhjot Singh
Prabhjot Singh no wayz....... actually lot more tablets are available with better os and hardware configration.....
Anthony Douglas
Anthony Douglas Agreed Manny
Juan Fortunato
Juan Fortunato Yeshhh
Andrew Lipps
Andrew Lipps No ipad all the way
Ray Layton
Ray Layton Nope, I would jump on a win 7 offering but I'll probably go Android with the tmo g-slate...
David Hsu
David Hsu i just want a Motorola Xoom when it comes out....ppl are saying itll be priced at 800$ but with all the complaining ppl are doing i think they wud be wise to drop the price some :P also 800 is just a rumor
Phil Sheperd
Phil Sheperd rather wait and see the next gen ipad
Cody Hartwick
Cody Hartwick PlayBook!!
David Nguy?n
David Nguy?n I would if not for two big.reasons...HP quality is terrible. Their support is even worst and an OS with lack of apps or developers puts it in a NO column.
Ekie Belang
Ekie Belang What,no keyboard??I'll pass LOL
Statizz Jhagroe
Statizz Jhagroe manny is right r u really gonna walk on the street with a ipad ( not me ) i rather walk with a iphone has the same features . its cool 2 have a ipad but 4 home (on the couch ) or meeting or family but my opinoin iphone
Marcos Cruz
Marcos Cruz Nope. Apple! Well no I'm not a fan boy I just kinda don't like tablets they haven't wow me. Except the xoom but $800 are u serous! Plus a month payment just to use wifi. WTF?
Jonathan Michael
Jonathan Michael Nope. By summer it will be buried with competition.
Federico Fernandez
Federico Fernandez It will have to offer new and best things than the GOLD STANDARD for everything TODAY, APPLE. and the price of course
Rewilson Cabbab
Rewilson Cabbab I'll wait for the app market and price. if the price is right and not binded to a contract, i might buy one. tablets on a 2-yr contract is stupid and will be the fall of tablets.
Cole Kurkowski
Cole Kurkowski Yup
Manny LaughsAlot
Markell Simms
Markell Simms If the iPad 2 doesn't meet my standard than im goin for it :D
Federico Fische
Federico Fische Looking at the demos posted in different sites for the HP Tab, it felt like seen the Samsung tab running Froyo, a port of a phone into a tab. For tabs, iOS (iPad) and Gingerbread (Xoom) look more like a complete OS in a tab, rather than a port of a phone OS to a tab, like the HP product. I like webos on a phone, but not so sure that without modifications, it will be a good match for a tab.
Naveen Bhatia
Naveen Bhatia Love hp, but web os concerns me.
Seth Dorian Vall
Seth Dorian Vall duhh idk im buying the second it comes out
Thomas Tenkely
Thomas Tenkely Nope.
Esa Edvik
Esa Edvik the stupid name is enough...
Juwon Howard
Juwon Howard Depends on price
Hector Yael Marquez
Hector Yael Marquez Price and apps would be the dealbreaker. Its beautiful I just don't know about hardware quality.
Walt Alan Wilcutts
Walt Alan Wilcutts If it's not priced any higher than an iPad it's a yes. I have an iPad that my gf would love to inherit if buy a TouchPad. Pre3 might even make it into the rotation.
Otis Khounlo
Otis Khounlo I like my iPad.
Raymond Sandoval
Raymond Sandoval Still undecided !!
Jon B
Jon B Hell yes!
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Might be nice, but I know the price will be off the wall expensive. So even I'd take the WebOS just to have a break from Android, I'll most likely not get it.
Ross Silva
Ross Silva YES!!!!
Jaron Reid
Jaron Reid Yes !
Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson what good apps do they have? if they can get some apps then yes
Anh-Tuan Le
Anh-Tuan Le HoneyNook
Adam Loyal
Adam Loyal no. the quality of hp in general is poor and is really bad in their touch screen desk tops. my moneys better placed on higher end hardware.
Levi G. Calderon
Levi G. Calderon Yes!
Juan Jose Rios
Juan Jose Rios yes
Brandon Foster
Brandon Foster Probably but really depends on price point.
Templo Uno
Templo Uno yes i am, but i first want to see what the iPad 2 has in store for us...a lot of competition now for Apple
Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson They better not pull a Moto with a $800 introductory price. Otherwise I'll either consider this or the playbook.
Jaron Donovan-James Grammer
Jaron Donovan-James Grammer Hecks yeah! :)
Mohamed Ahmed
Mohamed Ahmed No
Brandon Murray
Brandon Murray oh yeah, as long as its reasonably priced.
Justin Young
Justin Young Is the price right?
Dave Vitti
Dave Vitti No

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