Aaron unboxes HP's TouchPad, the first webOS tablet and a device that could be a serious competitor to the Apple iPad 2.  Specs include a 1.2 GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor, 9.7-inch display, front-facing camera for video calling (no pictures), and webOS 3.0.  It's nice to see HP - and more importantly, webOS - in the tablet game, but it suffers from some random hangups that a device with a dual-core processor shouldn't have.  Is it worth it anyway?  We'll find out.

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"Would you buy the HP TouchPad over the iPad 2?"

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Amar Kohli Never!
Rene Rivas Almost every new tablet out there has better specs than the ipad 2 , so why arent they outselling it? To me its very simple.... Because iOS has much, much better apps than any other OS. Android is tryng to get there, but to be honest the android market is a mess, to many crapy apps that are useless, I know there are many quality apps in android, but never as good and as organized as apple's app store.
Antony Vijai Bought samsung galaxy tab 10.1 ..returned it as soon as I found the lack of apps and a random freeze while switching between two apps. I own an android phone but when it.comes to tablets nothing is even closer to ipad2. I saw lot of reviews on touchpad. There is no way I will trade my ipad2 for anything. For touchpad, NO WAY! Although thinking of checkin web OS phone after my contract with at&t is up! Any suggestions? I think web OS is cool. I have used iOS and Android. Want to try web OS.
Jason King Noooooooo Wayyyyy ... Why do these companies insist on put out unfinished products ...i don't get it ... The Playbook and the Touchpad, both great starts , the operating systems are great , the hardware is great but both are not finished products .. You look on the blogs, you look at the reviews and there are simple things that you cant do.. but fixes are in the works right ??? So in the mean time you have to suffer thru the growing pains??? NO WAY. Its 2011 when you buy your technology it should do everything its suppose to right out the box , Done deal. How can you spend the same amount of money for a product that cant beat or even match the "industry Standard" iPad 2. These companies have to make you NOT want to buy an iPad , That's there mission and they are not succeeding at all ...
Alex Stafford I will never buy any hp product ever again, except their printers. 3 laptops in 3 years all because the motherboard goes bad. And now that the warranty is out on the one I've got now the wireless card doesn't work half the time and most of the time I have to fight to get it to turn on. And so far I've never had any trouble with my apple products.
Miles Richardson I Would Prob Buy the iPad 2 cause im more Familar with Apples Interface more then HP TouchPad but when i saw the Vid its pretty nice except for thoes Slight Lags and Freezes you been Experiencing
Tim Davis If it ran Android... maybe
Levi G. Calderon Yes I would! WebOS rocks!
Brandon Friedman Yes. What would Chuck Norris say
Mark Carruthers Ummmmm.....NO.
Jonathan Rash i never buy apple products because they do not give you what you want and the ipad price taq is bullshit the ipad is not a device to use it more of a learning device maybe thats why apples ipad will never be good for work
Peter Kis I have the Asus Transformer - great tablet but way too big. I'd love to have a Touchpad, alas, HP doesn't sell them in Switzerland :-(
Mathieu Colbert nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnooo-!
Joel Gomez Somehow my comments got deleted. Ill say it again. Ios is crippled. It relies too much on web apps to compensate for its many limitations. Android tablet is best bet.
Marleny Reyes Awai Absolutely YES
Mark Fetters can you pair it up with a notebook (HP) iPad is really cool not going to lie but Android seems so much more open
Zach Carolin Fuck that
Aldo Atemis @Ramon Quintero thats so true
Travis Lamar Pachan Definitely that over the ipad but I'd chose the transformer over the touchpad. And a Sahara slate over everything since it's has an i7 quadcore CPU 4gb or ram and a 160 sad
Mark Anthony Colindres Love WebOS to death but I would go with the iPad
Nils Palenius Yes of course
Zach Cline Touchpad sucks.
Kyle Cordiano Jon jerico how did you over clock yours?
Roy Taylor I demo'd the HP at best buy on release day. The build is tackier than the iPad, and the operating system needs work, but it does seem a decent competition.
Raghav Tankha how about NEITHER XD
Hansel Starley NEVER!!!
Dalton Aeschlimann Yes. I'd buy any tablet over an iPad.
Sabina Krasnov No I would not buy one, why should I when iOS 5 is comic and ipad2 doe everything I need and more.
Fonzy Paniagua I can't believe people are still saying ipad is the best >.< ... they seriously need to step out of their little apple world and step back into reality and realize that their ipad has been beat.
Aaron Early The only tablets worth anything in this world are android tabs. There's a reason why apple is number two these days.
Kalob Martinez Yes I would buy the hp touchpad over the crapple ipad2 any day!!!
Jens Frömmer Never ever ;) but it Looks cool - Maybe in near Future?
Mordechai Luchins Yes. Yes I would.
Marvin Rodriguez i'll wait for HTC 10.1 tablet. If it ever comes out.
Austin Pruett iPad 2 I have it. I also like apple cause there thinner,and more popular
Kathy Pearlman If I could afford it. I wouldn't save enough for an iPad...Even if I could!!!!Q
Joe McCann NEVER!
Jonny Coolkid Nope just because it says hp
Ben Krupke I would buy a pile of dried up dog turd over an iPad
Erica Reid I would not buy a pad no matter who makes it because I think its a ridiculous waste of money and I love technology and even I wouldn't get one. Why would I pay 700 dollars on a device I cannot even make phone calls on? Just to say I am cool because I have one? Whatever...
Tom Chavira Ill buy the tablet they sell at Walgreens over the iPad.
Deron Drake Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 is king of the hill
Guillermo De León I'd buy anything over iPad.
Jon Jerico Calanio No thanks to either of them, rocking an ASUS Eee Pad Transformer overclocked to 1.6 GHz here.
Garret Byrne Apple iPad any day, Android tablets still don't look that great and the playbook was looking nice except for one of the most stupid things I've ever heard no mail except through your BB phone, fail.
Anthony Damiani Honestly... i really like the zoom but not sure if i would trade my ipad 2 for it specially since i have iOS 5 with iMessage, iCloud, wifi syncing, facetime over 3g, etc.
Vicente Trevino Fuck no, you crazy, never
Zach Ortstadt As much as I like webOS I'd have say iPad 2. Of I had the choice between all tablets I'd get Android. No questions asked.
Luis Robles Figueroa No... I am not an apple person but this one apple takes the cake.
Anthony Damiani Sucks... just like every other wanna be ipad. The problem is that manufactures dont listen to what people want.
Joshua Nwankwo Love WebOS (Underrated), but no.
Bruno Kabahizi Yes, I would. And I hate that Blackberry totally stole WebOS and put it on the Playbook.
Ramon Quintero Agree with cody. Ppl are so stupid to realize that the ipad is just an overgrown ipod touch. It does the same exact thing as the ipod touch but on a bigger screen. I juat feel sorry for thise stupid ppl.
JM Mora No F way...
Jamille Browne Id buy any tab over the ipad 2
Aldo Atemis iPad 2 isnt a customizable device. Android is better than the iCrap 2.
Walt Alan Wilcutts I already did.
David Kimball Never!!!
Cody Sulouff Only retards would buy the iPad.... Look at the specs and operating system/ customization.... The only thing the iPad has going for it is the name apple
Sergio Nayar This weekend I played with the Playbook and Touchpad, Playbook felt quicker and more responsive, but for me the winner is ths Asus Transformer... No iPad for me thank you!
Nick Kalman If I would be buying tablet right now I would consider hp touchpad against ipad. But since I have ipad already I don't think I would switch to touchpad. Would never buy Android tablet cause Android sucks.
Oliver Ojtj sir what came out in FIRST DRAWING ?? please help
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I love my iPad & also like android but in my opinion android has a long way 2 go their devices are still buggy & most apps aren't compatible with certain devices..
Gil Capate Wtf jake francis, playbook is made by RIM. Were talking about HP touchpad
Clint Winstead If HPalms app store was up to par, I'd say yes everyday & twice on Sunday. But as of right now, the iPad is the way to go.
Brandon Thompson If you're drunk then maybe...iPad 2 is amazing
Louis Bevans @Jake flash is important if u going to be online. I got the xoom. No apple for me.
Steve Milby yes because of my idol manny pacman
Joel Gomez Ipad is too crippled. Mediocre device. Very basic internet. Too dependent on web apps to compensate for ios' many limitations. Android tablet would be best bet.
Javier Segura I would get anything with WebOS or an iPad. Better than Google's crapware
Blake LeBlanc Hell NO!
Michael Monnin I don't see the value of a tablet over a laptop. Tablets appear far too frail and light laptops.
Jake Francis Hell to the no! And playbook sucks. There only selling point is flash...
Tony Mongkhoune too bad i jus bought an ipad.... technology impossible to catch up with
Keith UnCool Nicholson I dislike the iPad but id take it over the touchpad
Ian Swinton No.. iPad 2 ftw
Gaurav Bhattacharjee No ways. iPad 2 all the way
Clint Gamache I wouldn't buy either, I'd buy the ASUS Transformer.
Aaron Delgado yes i would
Nic Gruwell neither… waiting for ipad 3
Jason Yu dislike ipad
Josh Richardson no. ipads are the best.
Zack Enos Apple limits their products way to much android is all about you
Dan Peterson I wouldn't. I would by The Playbook.
Justin Zollar how about over the motorola xoom? No.
Ishy Pas Wouldn't take either, I have a perfectly good laptop. I don't really need a gigantic pad.
Aldo Atemis iPad is Apple Crap. Android Tablet
Anthony Evans Jr I wouldnt get either one
Nathan Crenshaw ipad all day.
Edy Guerilla no. Im looking f0r galaxy tab 10.1v

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